The "Write and Publish Your Nonfiction eBook in 10 Days" Workshop Will Guide You Step-By-Step to Make It Happen!



A year ago I had an idea for a book I wanted to write—it was a book about how to create a habit of writing for at least 15 minutes a day and how I created that habit in my own writing life and sustained it over weeks, months and years. 

I just truly felt like this book needed to be out in the world for writers and entrepreneurs to read and take action on!!

Problem was, I kept procrastinating on it. Kept putting it off and acting like it didn’t really matter.

But the book idea wouldn’t let go. It followed me everywhere. It was always in my face, telling me that I needed to write it.

So one night I was hanging out at my husband’s band room when I had a thought—what if I just write the damn book right now, and then publish it later this week? 

I opened my MacBook and started typing away. I already had an outline that I’d made a month prior, so doing the writing was a cinch. I just had to follow the outline and put words on the page.

And that’s exactly what I did. I spent the next couple hours writing the draft of my book, The 15-Minute Writer

I was ecstatic about how fast the draft came together once I finally just made myself sit down and freaking write it. Over the next few days, I went back through the draft and revised it. 

Then I sent it off to my editor for a fast-turn around. Meanwhile I created the eBook cover and hired a formatter to do the layout once the book was back from my editor.

My editor sent the book back in 2 days. I made her changes and a few days later the book was live on Amazon. 

When I looked back at the journey to getting The 15-Minute Writer written and published I discovered something crazy: I did the entire process from idea to published eBook in only 10 days.


The truth is, it doesn’t have to take a year, six months or even a month to write and publish the nonfiction eBook you’ve been wanting to write and publish. It can happen much, much faster than that.


Because 10 days is long enough to make it happen and short enough to light a fire under your ass and keep you from being in your head too much. (Too much time causes you to lose momentum.) 

That's why I took my 10-day process and created…

Write and Publish Your Nonfiction eBook in 10 Days

This workshop will take you from idea to self-published book on Amazon Kindle in only 10 days.

Think of it like the nonfiction version of NaNoWriMo--but on steroids.  
This isn’t any old workshop. You won’t be sitting around watching trainings on how to write and publish an eBook. HELL NO!

You’ll be taking action EVERY SINGLE DAY for 10 DAYS, until you’re finished writing and publishing your eBook. And I’m walking you step-by-step through the entire process of writing and publishing an eBook. 

I’m talking: 

Outlining Your eBook
Having a good outline of the book you want to write before you write it is a MUST. (otherwise you’ll never get it all done in 10 days). I’m showing you how to make outlining simple and fun.

Writing Your eBook
Now that you have your outline, you’ll actually sit down and put words on the page, using your outline as a guide. And since you have an outline to work from, you never have to worry about staring at a blank page, wondering what to write, because your outline tells you what to write.

Hiring An Editor and/or Formatter and/or Cover Designer
You always want to treat your book as professionally as you would if it was being published by a traditional publisher. Which means hiring an editor and possibly a cover designer and formatter too. I’ve pulled together all the contacts and resources you need to hire a fast-turn around editor (and formatter and cover designer), to get your book into professional shape fast. 

Formatting Your eBook and Designing A Cover
In case you don’t want to hire someone to do your formatting and cover design (I will still always recommend you hire an editor, no matter what!!), I’m showing you how to format your eBook yourself and design your own cover with ease. 

Publishing to Amazon
One of the biggest things that stops writers from hitting “publish” is not understanding how to actually upload their book to Amazon. But as it turns out, it’s super freaking easy! 

I’m showing you exactly how to upload your book to the Kindle Direct Publishing site, so your new eBook will be available on Amazon.

The process you'll learn in this workshop is repeatable, so you can use over and over again to outline, write and self-publish all of your nonfiction eBooks (I don't recommend using this process with a novel). 

Who This Workshop Is For
I created this workshop for multi-passionate writers and entrepreneurs who want to get a nonfiction eBook written and published NOW. 

This workshop is for action-takers. It’s for writers and entrepreneurs who want guidance, accountability and group support to get their eBook written and published. 

It’s for writers and entrepreneurs who have felt overwhelmed by the idea of writing and publishing a book, and want a simple, step-by-step process that removes the overwhelm so you can build your eBook from idea to published on Amazon. 

What You Get With This Workshop

Upon signing up you'll receive access to the workshop pre-work and private Facebook group. 

The 10 days of writing and publishing officially starts on March 26, and there is a week to do the pre-work and a week of follow-up support after the 10 days ends. (See workshop schedule below.)

This workshop comes with: 

> Daily checklists so you know exactly what to do every single day 

> Training on how to outline your eBook so you can write your first draft faster and more effectively 

> Guided MP3s that talk you through the most detailed parts of the process, including the most important things to be thinking about or to consider at each step along the way

> Contacts and resources for fast-turnaround editors, cover designers, formatters and more—so you don't have to waste time researching your options.

> Video walk-throughs to show you how to format your eBook, create a kick-ass cover and how to upload and publish on Amazon

> Access to Author and Book Coach, Jennifer Blanchard--so you can ask questions, get feedback and have support along the way 

> A private Facebook group so you can connect with Jennifer Blanchard and the other students in the workshop on your 10-day journey (+ lifetime access to the group) 

> Lifetime course access and updates—anytime I run this workshop live you can participate (if you want to) or anytime I make updates to the content, you get to them emailed to you. 

I’ve run this workshop live three times and every time more than half of the students who signed up wrote and published their eBooks (you can read testimonials from some of them below). This happens because breaking things down into step-by-step pieces removes the overwhelm and motivates you to take action, and the shortened time period forces you to get out of your head and leaves no space for doubt.  

I know that if you follow along with this self-paced eCourse and do the work, you WILL end up with a published eBook on Amazon. 

Workshop Schedule
Here's the schedule for the workshop:

March 19 to March 25: Pre-work--Outlining your eBook and prepping to write starting March 26.

March 26 to April 4: The 10 Days--Writing and publishing your eBook

April 5 to April 15: Finish Up Support--An additional week and a half of support and guidance as you finish your eBook, publish it and get it out into the world.

'Cause you know how much I love to give a little something extra!

> FAST ACTION BONUS--the first 10 people who sign up will be able to send Jennifer their eBook outline (via email) to review and get detailed notes and feedback on (a $297 value)

Sell More Books Masterclass (a $97 value)--the recording from this two-and-a-half-hour masterclass will show you everything you need to know to find your ideal readers and sell your books.




Sarrah October Young
Wrote and Published "Get Off My Feed!" During This Workshop

"Writing an eBook has never been easier. Jennifer's tried-and-true system helps you build your book from the initial idea straight through to publishing without missing any steps. If you are ready to finally write that book, Jennifer will give you the kick in the ass you need to get that shit done. I wrote my first eBook using her system, and I'm already working on my next one. It works."


Joanne Young Elliot 
Wrote and Published "Find Your Writer's AHA!" During This Workshop

"If you're a procrastinator and dream of publishing a book, you have to check out Jennifer's eBook course. I swear I don't know when or if I would have ever published my book if I hadn't. She walks you through all the necessary steps to get your book out there. Doing this took away the overwhelm and fear about the process. Once you learn it, the world of authorship opens up to you. I can't wait to publish my next book! Thanks Jennifer!"


Mary DeRosa Hughes
Wrote and Published "Gratitude Adjustment" During This Workshop

"I had been wanting to write an ebook for years. I loved the idea of creating something and just putting it out there, with no publishing house standing in the way telling me I wasn’t worthy to be an author.  Turns out, I was worse than any gatekeeper. Because every time I would begin to approach the process, self-doubt would start screaming like a banshee: You don’t know anything about the  format. You can barely do a Facebook post without screwing it up, and you’re going to put an entire book on Amazon?  Cover art? You have the artistic talent of a two year old (and that is an insult to toddlers everywhere). You’d better stick to buying Kindle books instead of publishing them.

But finally, I got tired of standing on the sidelines while everyone and their grandmother was putting their books out there into the world. So, I made the decision to take Jen’s “Write and Publish Your Ebook in 10 Days” course. To say it was a game changer is a massive understatement. Not only did it put me in the get-it-done-NOW mindset, it provided every single tool I needed from how to turn an idea seed into a full-fledged book, to formatting, design and how to use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Without this material and the support that came with it (an awesome Facebook group led by Jen), I would not be the proud author of my first ebook.

So, if you’re on the fence about this course, I can’t encourage you enough to take the plunge. You will walk away not only feeling confident in your abilities as a self-published writer, you will have the tools at your fingertips to repeat this process again and again. Don’t waste another day. Go for it. You’ll be so glad you did."


Jim Turnbo III
Finished Writing and Published "Brainhacks: 10 Simple Strategies to Keep Your Mind Strong For A Lifetime" During This Workshop

"I've been sitting on this "Brainhacks" book for the last 16 months. It was slowly hacking away at my brain. Never thought I would finish it. Too many thought processes to go here. But I finished it! The information is so valuable it would be a shame to let it sit tucked away. Thanks to Jennifer, I got the kick I needed to get it done. Getting a good quality book published ready for people to digest is very hard. Only a few will do it. But if you come into this class with an unstoppable attitude, failure becomes obsolete. The price of the class will easily pay for itself. I will use the 10 template for all my nonfiction writing."


Wrote and Published "Confessions of a Retail Whore" During This Workshop

"An absolute must in getting your writer juices flowing. Jennifer Blanchard takes a no-excuses approach to getting us off our procrastinator asses. A detailed writing course by a phenomenal coach. I haven't been filled with this much adrenaline in forever! And I did it! Thank you, Jennifer!"


N.B. Bostrom
Wrote and Published "Your Brain Is Your Tool" During This Workshop

"I have been writing and not finishing books for over twenty years! I would get an idea and go running off to start my great book, then watch it fade into the ether of doubt and despair after thousands of words being written. I did this so many times, after a while it had become more habit than anything else. I was truly beginning to lose hope that I would ever finish a book, none the less publish something.

But lucky for me, I found Jennifer Blanchard’s blog which led me to her course, “Write Your Nonfiction eBook in Ten Days”. I hemmed and hawed for at least a week before I finally dove in and decided it just couldn't hurt. Because I was tired of never finishing and always stalling with no idea what to do.

And I must say it’s the best decision I have ever made in my writing efforts! I finally had a process with concise steps to follow, and someone to answer questions as needed. And what truly amazed me was just how simple yet engaging each step was. She provided all the information needed to come up with an idea and then build it up to a full book.

Just as important, Jennifer got me to focus on my mindset, thinking in a positive way about my writing instead of the past doubts and fears running rampant. With her help, I finally got out of my head and started doing each step, following through even when doubts surfaced. To say it was amazing is an understatement! I began writing with much more purpose because I had definitive goals each step of the way.

And when I wasn’t writing, she provided additional information, to include formatting, book cover designing, options for choosing beta readers and editors…everything needed to get my book ready to publish using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Each process cleanly lead to the next, and every time I did something I felt renewed encouragement and hope that I could actually do this!

And yes I finished and published my first book on Kindle! That feeling cannot be matched! Jennifer’s course got me going, kept me going, and helped me with every step to finally get a book completed. Her course gave me not just the information I needed, but the support to push through and finish. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the direction and encouragement to finally finish and publish a book! In fact, I am using this course a second time to write another eBook, and am more than half way through!

If I can do this after twenty years of failing, then I have no doubt this course can help anyone complete their book. So I encourage anyone who has been working towards publishing a book to take this course. It is completely worth it!"


Emily Maher
Wrote and published, "The Meaning Method: Transform Writers Block Into Creative Epiphanies," during this workshop

"When I first encountered Jennifer Blanchard, I had no idea what I was doing but I wanted so badly to publish my book and become an authorpreneur. So I joined the "Write Your E-Book in 10 Days" course and community. 

This was my gateway into the publishing world. Suddenly I had clear guidance on how to follow through with my writing process, make clear publishing decisions. I even received bonuses that helped me figure out how to market my book and make sales. Failure was no longer an option because Jennifer also provided awesome mindset work and a community of like-minded authors with similar goals. She also jumped into the Facebook group on a daily basis and gave live coaching. This course went above and beyond my expectations. 

After I took that class I published my book, connected with the first few hundred people on my e-mail list, and was able to launch a coaching business for myself. Jennifer gives you everything you need to be successful. If you're ready to implement the ideas contained in this course, you can use it to launch yourself into a whole new lifestyle. "

Workshop Investment: $197 (or 2 monthly payments of $99)