TODAY ONLY: Get 6 Top Writing Books for 99 Cents Each

I’m SO excited to share that I’ve teamed up with 5 other amazing authors to give you a killer deal on some of the best writing books out there–available today only for 99 cents each!!

Click on the covers below to access the deals: 






Each book is 99 cents… but only for today!! 

Know any writers? Share these great deals with them using the buttons below: 

38 Replies to “TODAY ONLY: Get 6 Top Writing Books for 99 Cents Each”

  1. Hi Jennifer! Love the idea of this offer–just a note that Crank It Out is actually $2.99 on Kindle.

    1. @Mary Ellen Really? It should be 99 cents today. I wonder if the switch over on the price hasn’t happened yet? I’ll have to check with the author b/c that’s not something I have any control over.

    1. @Michele I’m sorry about that… I don’t know what happened. All of the books were supposed to be 99 cents today. Maybe the price switch-over hasn’t happened yet. Keep checking back throughout the day, it should be 99 cents at some point.

  2. All the ones I’ve clicked on aren’t showing the book deal. Do you know the start and end times? and Timezone? 😉

  3. Great idea, but doesn’t execute as promised! None of them is 99 cents for me. I’ve clicked 3 and all are $1.24

  4. For the record, I just clicked through them all and they are all $0.99 now in Kindle version. I purchased a few plus the audible for those which had it for an extra $1.99. I love the Audible versions since they let me squeeze in extra “reading” while I’m doing those mundane things that must be done. Like dishes. Is there anyone on the face of the planet that truly enjoys washing dishes?


  5. Jennifer, is the one you mention not showing 99 cent price, “Prosperity for Writers”? Has it been excluded from today’s deals? Thank you,

  6. Prosperity for Writers shows up at 5.50 for me–perhaps Honoree only changed the price on the US store?

  7. Hi, I’ve bought 4 books from your promo. Alas. the Prosperity book by Corder shows up as $6.00. Would like to buy it if around $1.00. Thanks if you can fix. And big thank you for the great deals!

    1. @Claude Prosperity for Writers was also 99 cents but only for the Kindle version. If you’re buying outside the US there’s something else you have to do to get the book for 99 cents, you can contact Honoree and she’ll help you figure it out.

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