Always And Only Visualize The End Result

Visualization is something I’m getting more and more into lately, as I play around with the power of my mind to create my dream life. I didn’t used to think I was a visualizer. I remember watching The Secret for the first time and when Mike Dooley talked about pretending to drive the dream car and yelling “woo hoo!” out loud–it kinda freaked me out a little bit.

I used to do stuff like that as a kid. But to do it now, as an adult? I don’t know.

But more and more I was finding visualization was something I was interested in. So in August 2015 when a business coach friend of mine ran a mindset challenge, I jumped in and participated.

And that was the week where I shifted everything forever. Because I finally experienced visualization the way it was meant to be used.

When I was doing my visualizations in the past, I’d imagine how I’d achieve something. I’d see myself looking for an agent or writing the book that got turned into a movie. I’d see the things I wanted flashing in front of me–dream house, dream car, dream life.

But nothing really came of it.

During that 7-day mindset challenge though, she showed us a whole different way to visualize. And it was exactly like what Mike Dooley had said in The Secret: focus on the end result.

Imagine it as DONE. Think about what it will be like once you’re already there.

But whatever you do, don’t imagine HOW you’ll achieve it.

The How is never up to you. The Universe figures out How. Your job is to take action (of course!) and focus on the end result. Like, completely dwell on it.

What it would feel like. What it would look like. What it would taste/smell/sound like, if those apply. Really get into it.

Recommendation is 5-7 minutes a day.

The end result is where you want to focus during these visualization sessions. Here’s what I learned from my friend on how to do that…

1. Choose a goal you want to focus on–example: make $1,000 from your books this month.

2. Think of a way you can celebrate achieving that goal–example: get all dressed up and take your husband to dinner at the fancy restaurant you love.

3. During your visualization sessions, instead of imagining how you’ll sell $1,000 worth of books this month, you just imagine yourself getting dressed, driving to the restaurant and then sitting at a table, ordering whatever you want and clinking your glass of champagne with your husband’s and saying, “here’s to achieving my first $1,000 book sales month.” As if it’s ALREADY DONE.

(This is just an example–you choose the celebration/reward that feels good for you.)

4. Now you have to take action–this is important. You can’t just visualize what you want and then do the things you usually do every day and expect the $1,000 in book sales to come in on their own.

Sorry–doesn’t work like that.

This distinction is everything. It’s the place where I messed up the whole manifesting thing for years!

You have to now take action in your daily life AS IF YOU’VE ALREADY sold the $1,000 worth of books.

If you take the same actions you usually take–aka: no actions, most likely, or actions that aren’t aligned with the goal–you’ll get the same results you always have. This is why it’s important to get this distinction. Otherwise you’ll just keep repeating the same year over and over again with very little movement or change.

Sit down and make a list of everything you think would be true about you as a person and your life (writing life and life in general) if you had already sold $1,000 worth of books this month.

Well, let’s see. Maybe you’d have spent at least 30 minutes a day focused on your book marketing. Maybe you’d have bought that new computer you’ve been hemming-and-hawing over for the last few weeks. Maybe you’d have stopped watching 3 hours of Netflix a night and instead spent time reading and creating free content you can use to promote and sell your book.


Those are the actions to go and take RIGHT NOW. Buy the computer. Stop watching Netflix at night and start reading all those books piling up on your Kindle. Create free content for 15 minutes a day. Make 30 minutes of space a day for book marketing and then show up for those 30 minutes and DO SOMETHING.

What you do doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that you’re doing it. There are millions of ways to achieve the same outcome/goal. Millions. And no ones path ever looks exactly the same, yet they still achieve the same result.

So whatever actions you’re inspired to take or whatever you believe you’d be doing, being, having when you’ve already achieved your goal, those are the things to be doing now. This sends a strong signal to the Universe that you’re ready to have the result.

The Universe always figures out the How when you’ve taken enough action. And you never know how much action will be needed or which actions will be the ones that work, so that’s why you have to act on whatever inspired actions or ideas come to you. Those are always the ones that connect you to divine timing and what most others call “luck.”

Success isn’t a linear thing. You may feel called to take an action that doesn’t make any sense and yet it’s the thing that actually works. So trust the ideas and Divine Downloads you get and act on them.

By acting as if your goal is already DONE, it soon will be.

I used this exact process in 2015 to make $15,000+ in my business in less than 2 months. And I’ve been using it and tweaking my mindset practice DAILY ever since.

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