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Know What Matters. Do It Daily. Repeat.

Do you know what really matters in your writing life? What those key activities are that will actually move the needle in the direction of your dreams? Or are you just doing random stuff here and there, hoping you’ll eventually get where you want to go? I totally feel you if you’re still not sure […]

How To Be A Bestselling Author

While so often writers want to believe otherwise, most of what makes someone a bestseller is marketing. But while marketing is a hugely important part of the bestseller process, it’s not the whole thing. Because you have to also consider what got the writer to the point where they were able to do the marketing […]

How To Finish Revising Your Novel in 30 Days

The other day I told you my 30-day game plan for finishing the first draft of your novel. Except what if you’re revising a novel? Well, luckily the process isn’t totally different. But there are a few things you’ll want to do before you follow the 30-day-finish-your-draft process. 1. Start Fresh Off A Break A […]