What If You Just Made It Your Responsibility To Do All Of The Stuff You Want To Be Doing?

As kids, we thrive by doing all of the stuff we enjoy. We deal with the stuff we’re forced to do, like go to school all day, but as soon as we were free and our time was ours again, the first thing we did was dive right back into doing the stuff we wanted to be doing.

For me, that meant I was writing, drawing, making stuff, performing, creating, teaching, playing. That was always the stuff I spent my time on.

But then something really weird starts to happen.

We grow up, become adults, and suddenly convince ourselves that the things we want to be doing no longer matter. We tell ourselves that we have to be “responsible” and prioritize the important stuff, before we can have the luxury of doing the stuff we really want to do.

This is a backwards way of thinking that actually stops you from doing the things you want to. It’s the thing that causes you to give your life for stuff you don’t even care about.

Meanwhile the stuff you really want to be doing–your writing, your creating, your unleashing–gets put on the back-burner for “one day.”

Except “one day” never comes. And years and sometimes decades later, you find yourself as an adult, looking around at your life, and wondering where things got so far off track.

Or maybe it was just me?

In 2008, I was experiencing what has often been dubbed the “Quarter-Life Crisis.” I was turning 25 that year and I was shocked at how far off I was from doing the stuff I really wanted to be doing.

I had a college degree, a great boyfriend, a great apartment that was walking distance to everything, a seemingly great job that paid well and it was actually in the field I earned my degree in. A dream for any young adult, for sure. I should have been happy.

But I wasn’t. FAR from it.

Because I always knew I was born for more. Born to do more and be more and all I knew at almost 25-years-old was the life I had at the time wasn’t it.

And if it was, well… kill me, please.

The boyfriend (now husband) and apartment were awesome. But that was about it. Everything else felt like a shit-show. Especially when it came to doing the stuff I really wanted to do.

I dreaded the idea of working at the same job or same company my entire life. That’s what my parents both did and that’s what I saw growing up. But I didn’t want that.

I couldn’t imagine choosing one job and one company and then just staying there forever. That wasn’t me. 

So there I was, in 2008, having a Quarter-Life Crisis because I had what most would deem a “dream job,” and maybe even a dream life, and I. Was. Miserable.

I didn’t care about the work I was doing. I didn’t care about forwarding the company’s mission. I didn’t want to put in extra effort or energy at my job like other people did.

I wanted to go to work, get paid, and then go home to do the stuff I really wanted to be doing. (Of course back then I was the Queen Procrastinator who rarely got anything done that I wanted to… but let’s not go there right now.)

All that ever really mattered to me was my writing and creative projects, even when I wasn’t doing them. And that was a big motivator for me finally quitting my job in 2012 to take my writing business full-time. (That and not wanting to leave my Poodle-baby alone all day anymore!)

I wanted to spend all of my time doing the stuff I wanted to do.

When I first quit my job, things were awesome. I was the happiest I had ever been up ’til that point. I no longer had to go to an office every day. I could get up whenever I wanted  and spend my day doing whatever I wanted.

Funnily enough, not a whole lot changed from when I was working a day job.

Sure, I was working for myself; I was choosing my projects; I was in total control of my time and location. But I had somehow created a 24/7 job working for myself.

Every waking hour, for the most part, was going to my work and my business. I was skipping social events to work. I was on my computer until minutes before I went to bed every night.

And I still wasn’t getting to do most of the stuff I wanted to be.

Well, this year, I got fed up. I got sick of not doing the stuff I wanted to be doing. I was over feeling like an employee in my own company.

I wanted more.

So in January, I committed that this was the year I would finally do more of what I wanted to do. I didn’t know how I would do that and run my business and keep it growing, but I just assumed, like everything else over the last 10 years, I’d figure it out.

It started with giving myself permission to go after my Hollywood Screenwriter dream. Then I wrote my very first screenplay. Then I revised it and began submitting to contests. Then I started getting back into filming and making videos.

And that led me to the realization that I had to stop separating my business from the stuff I wanted to be doing.

Because if there’s stuff I want to be doing, wouldn’t it make sense for me to do that stuff as part of my business? I had never thought of it like that before.

But now that I’ve made the connection, I’m on-fire with ideas and possibilities.

I’m now finding ways to incorporate the stuff I want to be spending my time on–doing more writing, more storytelling, making more videos and films, acting and performing, etc–into my day-to-day business activities. Because why not?

Why do we have to make things so hard for ourselves? Why do we keep trying to separate the things we want to be doing from the rest of our lives? Why?

Why can’t we just bridge that gap by giving ourselves permission to not only do the things we want to be doing, but to prioritize those things AND use them to enhance our daily lives and businesses?

Why can’t we accept that it’s NOT a luxury to do the stuff we dream of doing, it’s a RESPONSIBILITY?

But so often we don’t see it like that. We buy into the BS that there needs to be a specific outcome or goal we’re aiming for, otherwise there’s no point in doing the stuff we want to do. It’s OK to do stuff just for fun at a certain age, but after a certain age, fun is a luxury, not a priority.

As adults, it has been drilled into us that we can only do things if they have a specific purpose, but not just for the sake of doing them. Because it’s fun. Because it feels good. Because it excites and inspires us. Because it’s what our soul wants.

But, oh no. Those aren’t “real” outcomes.

Being happy? Having fun? Feeling good? Getting excited and inspired by our lives? Doing something simply because our soul wants to?


That’s not allowed. We’re proper adults now. We have bigger, more important priorities than that.

And so you go on, living a life that doesn’t make you feel good, doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t allow you to wake up feeling excited and inspired.

All the while telling yourself that “one day” you will finally do the things you want to do. That “one day” you will finally care more about what you want to do than the stuff you’ve been told you have to do.

But it’s never gonna happen.

Not because it can’t actually happen, but because when you continue to “one day” your life and the things you really want to be doing, you’re basically programming your mind to push them off and to delay your happiness and satisfaction for later.

How’s that been working for you so far?

Not quite what you thought it would be. And yet you keep going with it instead of course-correcting.

You’re allowed to course-correct, did you know that?

You can decide right now, today, that you’re no longer available to live a life where you don’t spend time doing the stuff you want to do. And then you can start living into a different life.

A life where you have full permission to do what you want to do AND a life where you make it a daily priority to do so.

The choice is yours. It always has been. It always will be.

So, what do you choose?

Dream life or bust,


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The Big Mistake Way Too Many Writers And Creative Entrepreneurs Make

Something that is way too common in the writing world is new or emerging authors who focus all of their marketing efforts on promoting and growing an audience around one of their books. I see creative entrepreneurs do this a lot too–focusing their marketing efforts on growing a following around one signature offer or product.

This may work at first, but the problem comes in when you attempt to create or launch something else.

It’s like you have to keep starting over with every launch. Sure, you may have people who bought the book (or offer or product) you’ve been promoting who buy from you again, but if what you’re launching now isn’t like the previous thing; if it’s not a book in a series or about the same topic or similar in some way; the chances of them buying are slimmer.

Why? Because they don’t really know you. They may like your previous book/offer/product, but they’re not sure if they fully trust you yet.

You sold them on that one book/offer/product, but you didn’t totally sell them on YOU. And when you’re selling something, whether it’s a book or a course or a coaching program, people are always buying you and your energy, NOT your book/offer/product.

It’s time to STOP separating the product/offer from you. The goal is to build a fanbase of people who know, like and trust YOU, not just your book/product/offer.

When you sell people on you, they’ll buy whatever you’re selling, no matter what it is, because they’ve already bought you.

And what they really want is you and your energy–the book/offer/product is just a Bonus; a cherry on top of the sundae.

So how do you sell them on you and not just your book (or offer or product)?

You document your journey and share it with them. You use your words to create powerful content and channel empowering messages that your ideal audience needs to hear. You connect your words to an insanely awesome Call-to-Action to buy something from you (your book, your product, your offer, etc).

For example, let’s say you’re writing a novel. Instead of waiting until you’re ready to publish to start telling people about the book and promoting and marketing it, document and share the entire journey, from where you are right now all the way through publication.

Doing this causes a two-fold result: people get to know, like and trust you along the way, and when you’re ready to sell something, they’re ready to buy it.

It takes SO MUCH work and effort and energy to only market your books, products or offers. It’s SO MUCH easier to just document and share your life, your creative process, your work and/or your business on a day-to-day basis.

When I finally got this–when I finally accepted that I, as the writer, the author, the creator, am the source of the creative work and that I can’t keep trying to separate myself from it and stay “behind the scenes”–that’s when things started taking off in my business.

I started documenting and sharing my entire journey–not just the writing part of it. I started writing powerful messages on a daily basis and connected them to a call-to-action to join my workshops or sign up for a freebie I was offering (or whatever I had going on).

And I started selling more books. And I started selling more spots in my workshops. And I finally started making consistent money in my business.

Writers, authors and creative people underestimate the power of just being who they are and letting that be enough.

This likely happens because writers and creative people often grow up being bullied by kids who don’t understand them; being called “weird” because they’d rather write/paint/draw/create than watch TV or play sports; or feeling totally lost and alone because no one else is like they are. (That was my life story growing up.)

And somehow along the way, we start to buy into the beliefs that we’re not good enough and that being who we really are isn’t safe.

So you hide out–behind your computer, behind your creative work. You shy away from being visible and showing up in the world. You focus all of your marketing and promotion efforts just on the book, the product, the offer, and not on the person who created it.

But the truth is, if you want to be a successful author and/or creative entrepreneur, then you must show up. You must be visible. People must know you, like you and trust YOU, not just your book/product/offer.

This can happen fast. For some that connection can happen in an instant. And the way to make it happen is to show up every day and unleash your words, your stories, your message.

Your words have power and energy. And your ideal people can feel it. It pulls them in. It magnetizes them. They can’t look away. They crave you. They want more.

And when this happens, they’ll buy whatever you’re selling, just to be part of what you have going on.

Dream life or bust,


What If You Decided You Were Already There And You Just Acted That Way?

Over the last couple of years I’ve learned a lot about identity work and how to hack your way to the next level (’cause who has time to up-level slowly?! HA). And the easiest, fastest and simplest hack I’ve come across is this:

Pretend you’re already there and then act like it.

So simple. You just imagine you’re already there–wherever “there” is for you–and then you take action as that person right now.

For example, if your “there” is being a bestselling author, you would pretend that you already are and then you’d act from that place by doing things like you would if you were there. So you might hire an assistant to help you with book-marketing tasks or maybe you’d start tracking your book sales numbers every day or doing the daily mindset practice you know you’d have as that bestselling author. Maybe you’d do all of the above, and more.

The point is, if you can imagine yourself there, having already achieved the end result, you can act your way into receiving the things you desire.

When I decided I was gonna become a bestselling author, I immediately began acting like I already was. I decided to write and publish more books, because I knew that’s the author I’d be. I decided to up the accountability in my life and business, because I knew bestselling-author me would have more support. I decided to purchase Bestseller Ranking Pro software to get the inside information I needed to learn more about hitting #1 on Amazon and what it actually took in sales numbers, because I knew that was information bestselling-author me would definitely have. I created and launched a mastermind group called the Bestselling Author Mastermind (now the Multi-Passionate Mastermind), because I knew bestselling-author me would not only have a group like that, but would be sharing the behind-the-scenes of the journey getting there.

The actions were clear and they were easy to take, because I was just acting my way into being the bestselling author I had already decided I was.

So it came as no surprise (OK–it was still a surprise!) that one of my books hit #1 in my category on Amazon within four months of me making the decision that I was already there and then acting from that place every day.

It’s what I’m now doing with my Hollywood Screenwriter dream. I’ve decided I’m already there, and now I take action every day as if I am.

I’m currently writing my second screenplay of the year, because Hollywood Screenwriter me would always be writing (or developing) a new script. I’m learning more about and practicing the art of filmmaking and telling stories in a condensed amount of time, because these are skills Hollywood-Screenwriter me would have. I’ve become a member of Stage 32 and have subscribed to their monthly Writers Room membership, because it gives me inside access to pitch and get feedback and learn from Hollywood and industry pros and because Hollywood Screenwriter me would definitely have those kinds of connections and access. When I look out my balcony doors at the hills of Austin I pretend that I’m looking at the Hollywood sign from the balcony of my badass condo in L.A. and every morning when I see it I say, “Good morning Hollywood.”

As more actions reveal themselves to me, I’ll begin to incorporate them into my life.

By acting like a Hollywood Screenwriter in whatever ways I can right now, I’m up-leveling my identity, how I think about myself and taking more aligned actions on the path toward that dream. To me, that’s what it means to live your dream life.

It means doing more of the things every single day that you know you’d be doing when you’re living your dream life. Maybe you can’t do everything today, but there are always things you can do from where you are with what you’ve got.

And then you just grow from there.

Dream life or bust,


You Will Finally Arrive At The Point Of No Return If You Just Keep Going

This week is a BIG week for me. Not only is it my 35th birthday (!!!) but I’m officially closing in on the date that began my decade-long journey to becoming the writer, author, screenwriter,  coach, entrepreneur, etc. that I am today.

September 22, 2008. That was the date I set in January 2008 as the deadline for writing the first draft of my first novel. My 25th birthday.

It didn’t happen without struggle, falling off track or putting in the effort. But it happened.

After nine months of showing up, putting in the work and finding ways to hold myself accountable to doing what I said I would, I finished the first draft of my first novel (while sitting on the couch in the dark, by candle light, on my laptop with a dying battery, during Hurricane Ike).

It was the ultimate overcoming of my procrastination. But my journey didn’t stop there.

And ten years later, as I approach the anniversary of my very first official writing deadline that I actually hit, I almost can’t believe that person in 2008 used to be me.

It feels like a lifetime ago, and when I look back on it, I honestly can’t even believe there was ever a time when I put BS like laundry and cleaning and dishes and TV before my writing. It feels foreign to me. Like I’m looking back at someone else’s life, but not mine.

Except that was me. And that really was my life. In 2008, I was the Queen Procrastinating Writer. (Hence the name of my blog back then, Procrastinating Writers.) I really did put EVERYTHING before my writing.

It’s so easy to look at your current reality and tell yourself you’ll never get there. That other people can do it, but you can’t. That there’s something fundamentally flawed about you.

I know that way of thinking oh-so-well. I used to think those same things. I used to believe that my procrastination was going to be the death of my creative dreams.

Because I had no idea how to overcome it.

Every day I was steeped in fear and doubt and uncertainty. Every day I wondered if I really had what it took. Every day I compared myself to writers who were more productive than I was.

And I never felt good enough.

But thankfully, my desire to have the end result–aka: a published novel–drove me forward. Even when I was scared. Even when I felt shitty about myself. Even when I procrastinated so badly I never thought I’d make it happen.

In all the chaos, I somehow continued to believe that the dream came to me for a reason: because I was meant to achieve it.

And so I did. I finished the first draft in September 2008. I spent a year rewriting it, and then I decided it wasn’t working (because it was an episodic narrative, not a story) and I set it aside to work on another story. That story ended up becoming SoundCheck, the first novel I published, in May 2015.

But just because I’d achieved the original goal didn’t mean my procrastination magically went away. Quite the opposite.

My procrastination was just as bad in 2015 as it was in 2008. I had just gotten better at pushing through and doing the work anyhow.

That comes with time. It’s not possible to journey to a goal and not pick up lessons and resources and tools along the way to help you.

And after a decade-long journey, I finally feel like I’ve reached the point of no return.

I no longer want to indulge my procrastinating behaviors. I no longer want to avoid the writing. I no longer want to deny my creative ideas.

I want to put words on the page. I want to unleash what’s inside. I want to put it all out there and be all of me. Always.

I’ve journeyed on this path for long enough now to know that doing my soulwork makes my life work. And I’m no longer available for my life not working.

I’ve reached the point of no return.

And you will too, if you just keep going. If you just keep overcoming the challenges and struggles. If you just keep showing up as consistently as possible and do the work, day in and day out.

No. Matter. What.

If you do that, you will eventually get there. You will eventually wake up one day and you’ll no longer recognize who you used to be. You will eventually be to a place in your writing and creative life where the idea of not doing the work will feel unheard of.

I know it’s hard to believe that right now, as you sit there feeling stuck, stagnant or like your procrastination and fear and doubt and Resistance will never go away. And if someone had told me I’d get to where I am right now back in 2008, I probably wouldn’t have believed them.

But it’s true.

If just you keep going, you WILL reach the point of no return eventually, and once that happens you will be all in on living the creative life of your dreams.

Dream life or bust,


How I Wrote, Filmed And Edited My First Microfilm In 4 Days

A couple Fridays ago, I received a Divine Download for a microfilm about moving. I was a week away from moving to my new apartment and knew that I had to start packing. I decided that would be the day I’d get started.

And then as I was writing my AM blog post, an idea came through me for a story about a frustrated woman who was moving and needed to pack her apartment. 

Something like that had never happened to me before, but I immediately saw the entire story play out in my mind, visually. I saw the different shots I’d need for the film. I even thought of a random-but-hopefully-still-funny ending.

Other than livestreams or quick videos where I just talk into the camera, I hadn’t filmed anything story-related before. (When I was a kid I used to make videos with my brother and friends, but those were always improv and never scripted.)

This was all pretty new to me, and so I decided to find some videos on YouTube to give me an idea of what I needed to know and do to make this work. After watching a handful of videos from a guy who teaches you how to make movies without going to film school (his name is D4Darious and you can find him on YouTube, in case you’re interested in learning this too), I decided it was time to put what I’d learned into action.

I immediately started storyboarding and scripting out the microfilm. And then right after, I downloaded a DSLR camera app for my iPhone, set up my tripod and dove into filming.

I had all of the scenes filmed in under two hours. Then I spent the next two days marinating on the story and on what I’d filmed, thinking about how I’d weave everything together.

On Monday, three days after I got the idea for the microfilm, I spent a couple of hours editing the video (with the very basic video-editing skills I have) and putting the story together in a cohesive way that could be shown in one minute. 

After I watched it over and over again, tweaking things here and there, I called it done. And then I started to share it around to my closest friends and family, just to get it out there. 

I went from story idea to finished microfilm in four days!!! And the crazy part is, doing something like this used to be totally unheard of for me.

A decade ago, when I was deep into my procrastinating writer behaviors, I would’ve come up with the idea; thought about it a bunch; wrote it down; thought about it some more; and then I would’ve thought about it some more; I may have even told myself I would eventually do it… but then it never would’ve happened. 

It would’ve been yet another story idea that sat in my mind, collecting dust.

My procrastination was SO BAD when it came to my writing and creative projects that I’d always come up with great ideas, but I’d never actually execute them. (Maybe you can relate?)

Fast-forward 10 years and that is no longer what’s true for me. I am no longer a procrastinating writer OR a procrastinating creative. Today, my writing and creative work are my top priorities every single day. 

I used to put nonsense like laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping and TV and all kinds of stuff before my writing, and so my writing never got done. But today, I put my writing first.

I wake up every morning, take my dog out for a walk, do my daily mindset practice, and then my first thought is–what’s the message for today? What do I need to write about? What does my community need to hear from me?

And then I grab my laptop, sit down in the big, red chair in my living room, and I put words on the freaking page. (And most of the time I also publish those words on my blog and/or Facebook page—and then share it around!).

My writing is not only a top priority at this point, but it’s also a habit and a daily commitment. To show up for myself. To share what’s on my mind. To do my soulwork. 

This didn’t happen overnight. It was years of procrastinating and putting everything else before my writing and creative projects. It was years of struggle and self-doubt and fear. It was years of sticking with it, even when I felt Resistance (especially when I felt Resistance!). 

And here I am today. Not only a productive writer and a productive creative BUT ALSO a professional writer and creative.

It is totally possible for you to get to this place in your own writing life, where you actually want to show up, want to sit down at the page, and want to put words on it. I’m not special in that way. 

If I can overcome my procrastination, ANYONE can!

We’ve somehow been convinced over the course of our lives that our writing and creative work is a luxury, not a priority. It’s something you only get to do if you have the time or if you get everything else done first.

But that is total fucking bullshit.

The truth is, your writing and creative work is NOT a luxury. It’s NOT something you only get to do if you have time or if everything else gets done first.

Your writing and creative work is your RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s your SOULWORK.

It’s your FUEL.


So often I hear writers and creatives complain about being “too tired to do their writing” or “too stressed” or “[insert excuse here].” But what they don’t realize is, doing their writing and creative work on a daily basis will actually GIVE YOU energy. It will WAKE YOU UP. It will REFUEL YOU.

It will create a feeling inside you that nothing else in the entire world can ever create for you. 

I finally figured that out. I finally fully accept that as truth. 

Now I’m finally fully committed to being the productive, professional, put-it-out-there-and-start-on-the-next-thing writer and creative I always dreamed of being. 

And it will only get better from here.

OH… and if you want to check out my very first microfilm, you can do that here. 

Go easy on me; it was my first time 🙂 

Dream life or bust,


It Never Looks How You Think It Will…Keep Going Anyhow

These aren’t things you’ll hear me admit often, but today, I’m feeling ALL of it. I’m exhausted. I’m stressed. I’m drained. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m in massive Resistance.

These are all signs that point to one thing… I’m currently up-leveling.

Anytime in my business or life where I begin an up-level, stepping into a new version of me and a new version of my life, the life chaos rears its ugly head. It shows up in my physical reality and makes it seem like everything is falling the fuck apart around me.

The real truth is, with every energetic shift and up-level you make, life chaos will ensue. And that’s because things are being shaken up to make space for the new version of you and the new things you’re now asking for and acting on.

But it feels like life has turned into one big shit-show.

That’s what I’ve been experiencing for the last two weeks, and then over the weekend, it got even worse. I made a move from the apartment I’ve been living in to a new apartment that is a serious upgrade from where I was. And everything seemed to go wrong.

I can’t find my passport. The movers somehow lost one of our boxes and it was the box that contained some of my favorite items. A couple of things got broken that I use on a daily basis and have had forever. The move took two full days instead of just one and cost way more money than I budgeted for.

I’m sore and I’m bruised, physically and energetically. I’m broken down.

And yet in the midst of it all, I’m still feeling positive that things are unfolding exactly as they’re meant to and everything that’s happened or is happening is leading me to the most incredible, prosperous, abundant, fun, joyful, high-vibe creative life and business than I could even imagine right now.

Trust. It’s a key factor in receiving the life and business you dream of having.

For the last two+ weeks, I’ve been getting a serious lesson in learning to trust, especially when I’m in the middle of a life-chaos storm so big I feel like it’s enveloping me more and more every day, sucking the life-force energy from me.

It’s fucking scary to keep trusting. And a lot of people would say it’s stupid to.

They’d throw in the towel. They’d give up. They’d give into the chaos. They’re let it derail them.

But not me. I flat-out REFUSE.

I refuse to buy into the chaos. I refuse to believe the lies that are being presented to me in my physical reality. I refuse to lose control of my emotional and mental state. I refuse to go down the tunnel of fear.

Because as I write this, I’m sitting in my new living room with high ceilings, a beautiful wood fireplace on the wall directly across from me, and a view of the Austin hill country and wide-open Texas skies from the sliding-glass door on the opposite wall that leads out to a enormous balcony. I feel different in this space. More empowered. More creative. More high-vibe. I feel like a new me.

This up-level is already worth all of the pain I’ve dealt with for the last two+ weeks.

The problem is when you experience the life chaos and the shit-show, like Murphy’s Law in your physical reality, and you make the decision to believe it. To buy into what you see with your physical senses instead of holding tight to what you feel inside.

That could all shift if you just realized that with every up-level there is always loss, there is always gain, there is always sacrifice, there is always receiving.

I’m reminding myself of that today, as I feel totally off from how I usually feel; as I see things in my physical reality and am experiencing things that aren’t what I’d like to be seeing and experiencing. I’m reminding myself that if you just hold tight to who you are now choosing to be and what you’ve decided is now true for you, it will force those things to eventually come through into the physical realm.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and the hideous AF. It all comes with the territory of up-leveling.

But if you just stick with it, and keep going no matter what shows up, and hold tight to your new beliefs and new ways of thinking and being, eventually it will all look different. In a really good way.

Dream life or bust,


When You’re Making A Belief-Shift, You Must Hold Tight And Not Give In To What You See In Your Current Reality

For the last eight months–but especially over the last two months–I’ve been hardcore working on improving my money mindset and financial situation. And things were rolling along nicely. July was my highest income month so far this year, and in August I improved my credit scores by 35 and 38 points!! Best of all, my money mindset has become a lot more solid.

So OF COURSE it didn’t come as a surprise  when chaos showed up in my money situation this month. (OK, that’s a lie… it kinda did at first b/c I forgot for a minute about how transformation works, but thankfully I remembered, and then I wasn’t at all surprised.)

My new beliefs and new ways of acting around money are being tested. Like a mothafucka. The Universe wants to know just how bad I want to make this change; just how committed I am to transforming my relationship with money this year.

When you’re working on changing your beliefs, life chaos is gonna happen. It’s inevitable. There is always a (temporary!!) period of chaos in your physical reality as your old results drop away and things rearrange themselves to support your new beliefs.

It looks like your world is crashing down, but really things are just falling into place as you continue forward on your path as this new You.

When I started my daily mindset practice back in August 2015, things were great… for the first couple weeks. And then my car got repoed, I lost a long-time client due to budget cuts, and I had no money to pay my bills. Shit got crazy!

And it would have been SO EASY for me to give up and give in to what I was seeing and experiencing in my physical reality. It would’ve been so easy. And no one would’ve blamed me for it. Everyone would agree that the new mindset practice “must not be working” because of all the money chaos that showed up.

But, thankfully, at that time, I’d been doing the mindset practice long enough to FEEL on the inside that everything was gonna be fine. I just KNEW, on the inside, that what I was seeing on the outside was just residue from my old ways of thinking and being.

And the same is true right now.

What’s coming up in my physical reality right now is just residue. It’s residue of my old ways of thinking and being.

When you decide to make a change in your life, there will always be residue of the old that has to go away before the new physical reality can show up. That’s because your thoughts are CAUSE and your physical reality is EFFECT (NOT the other way around!!).

What you see around you in your physical reality right now is just the effects of how you’ve thought, believed and acted up ’til this point. So if you decide to change the way you think, believe and act, eventually your effects–aka: physical reality–will have to change too.

But not without a temporary period of shake up.

And so I had a choice. Over the last two weeks, as shit has gotten seemingly worse and worse, I had a choice.

I could choose to give up on programming these new beliefs and behaviors, give in to what I’m seeing and experiencing in my physical reality, buy into that nonsense and move forward with that as my story (the shit-show, struggle, lack bullshit I’ve lived most of my life around money).

OR I can remember who the fuck I am and who I now decide to be and choose to buy into THAT and believe THAT and not allow my inner peace to be swayed by anything I see in my physical reality.

After all, what shows up in your physical reality is OLD NEWS. It’s stuff that you created based on the way you thought and believed in the past. And now you can choose different and see something different.

I’m SO proud of myself for not caving. Yes, at first I did panic and freak out–as anyone would–when things seemed to be falling the fuck apart. But then I got my head back in the game and decide to TRUST.

It’s been VERY scary to do this. Especially because choosing to trust and surrender to what is hasn’t changed anything in my physical reality (yet).

But at the same time, I know there are only two options here: Go back to my old ways of thinking and being and let things stay the same as they’ve always been…

… Or hold tight to my new beliefs and ways of being, root deep into what I’ve decided is now true for me, and hunker down to ride out the residue-storm.

I choose the latter. No matter how long it takes.

This is the year I transform my financial life and relationship with money and I will do whatever I have to do to make that happen.

If you’re making a BIG change in your life right now–in any area–just know this: there will be a temporary period of time where shit hits the fan in that area and/or other areas of your life, and it’s a test. It’s the final test to see whether you’re really ready for change or if you’ll cave and just go back to being the old you.

Hold on tight. Surrender the outcome. And trust.

We’ve got this!

Dream life or bust,


Have You Ever Felt Lost/Stuck? Read This…

Have you ever felt… lost?

Like your whole world seems to be crumbling around you and you’re just trapped in the chaotic mess, looking for a way to get a handle on things again? Like you don’t even know who you are anymore?

You try to figure out what’s going on. You journal on it, say affirmations and meditate. You pray and ask the Universe to help you.

You feel depressed. Anxious. Resentful.

Everything around you stirs the pain inside you.

This goes on for days. Sometimes weeks. Even months. At worst, it goes on for years.

And the crazy thing is, there was always a solution. An answer sitting right under your nose. An answer so simple you ignored it all along, telling yourself there were better, more important things for you to be focusing your time on.

The answer, my friend, is to WRITE.

To work on your story. To spend time putting words on the page.

This is your soulwork.

It’s the fuel your soul needs to feel alive, to feel free, to feel happy and fulfilled.

And when you feel stuck, lost, depressed, anxious, resentful or any other negative emotion, it almost always comes down to you not doing your soulwork.

For some INSANE reason, when life chaos happens or we start feeling negative emotions, our creative work is the first thing we abandon in pursuit of an outside solution we think will fix things. We chase shiny objects, looking for the fix.

But the answer was inside you the whole time.

You just have to write. Work on your story. Spend time using your creativity and imagination.

And I promise you, when you do, all that other shit will drop away.

You’ll no longer feel depressed, anxious, resentful or anything else. The life chaos might still be there, but your feelings about it and perspective on it will have shifted.

You’ll feel filled up; refueled; ready for anything.

Whenever I find myself experiencing those emotions–which is unusual for me–nine times out of 10 I haven’t been doing my soulwork.

And in those moments, when I choose to show up to the page and give my soul what it needs to thrive, everything is better. I remember who I am. I know what I’m here for. I’ve returned home. I’m at peace.

This is why you must write every day.

It’s not just about creating a habit of it or doing it daily because that’s what pro writers do. It’s about giving yourself what you need to thrive, to be happy, to live a life of purpose and ease and freedom.

Everything else gets easier when you’re feeding your soul. Everything bad becomes a learning experience, and everything good becomes a bonus; a cherry on top of an already amazing sundae.

Now you’re doing what’s actually required for you to feel all the things you want to feel; the love, the happiness, the joy, the freedom, the ease, the flow…

Because doing your soulwork makes your life work. Period.

And when you can get on board with THAT, and commit to THAT purpose, and show up every day and do your writing for the mere reason that it will transform the way you feel inside–and, therefore, what you experience on the outside–that’s when writing will become automatic for you.

You won’t not be able to do it. You’ll sit down and write without even thinking about it, because that purpose, that desire to feel the way you want to feel, will burn through anything that might come up to try and get in the way: excuses, reasons, life chaos, all of it.

Dream life or bust,


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Multi-Passionate People Cannot “Grow One Thing First And Then Do Other Stuff”

Some of the most common advice you’ll hear from business coaches and in online business programs is that you should find a niche; find something you’re an expert in to focus on, and then grow that into a six-figure income stream, before you focus on something else.

It’s not bad advice. In fact, logically, it makes total sense: why wouldn’t you want to grow something to six figures and make it successful, before you divert your attention elsewhere?

But this advice is actually toxic for multi-passionate people.

Multi-passionate people CANNOT “grow one thing first” before doing the other things they’re passionate about. And when we try, we experience burnout, we get bored, we’re inconsistent, and we constantly question ourselves.

For a multi-passionate entrepreneur, confidence, freedom, fun, joy and all the other things you’re looking to feel in your life and business doesn’t come from making six figures doing one thing first and then expanding.

It comes from building a six-figure business (and beyond) around ALL of the things you’re passionate about.

Yes, it makes sense to focus on one thing and build it to six figures first. It’s logical.

But doesn’t it also make logical sense that you can do several different things–things that you enjoy, love doing and are passionate about–and have the total of what you make from all of these things add up to six figures?

Exactly. And while it may not make sense to an expert-preneur, it makes total sense to a multi-passionate one.

I totally get the reasoning behind the “do one thing first” logic: if you do a bunch of different things, they’ll each grow slowly because you’re splitting your energy, whereas if you focus on one thing first, you can grow it faster because all of your energy is going into it.

I get it, I really do.

And for a long time I operated my business in that exact way. I focused on one thing (story coaching–private and group). I grew it to a full-time income that totally replaced my day job income and then kept growing. I could easily see that I would eventually be making six figures from doing this one thing.

In 2017, I made around $82k in my business and most of that came from doing story coaching (doing it in multiple ways, but still all story coaching).

Except I was BORED AF. I was burned out. I hated my business.

I loved the work I was doing and the people I was working with, and I’m insanely passionate about writing and storytelling…

…but I felt like I was suffocating my soul by not doing all the other stuff I wanted to be doing.

The truth is, I could’ve kept going. I could’ve continued focusing on story coaching and 2018 would have been my first six-figure year from doing that one thing. Yay me.

But I didn’t want to do that. It didn’t feel like a Hell Yes to me. It felt like another year of shoulding myself and following other people’s strategies and rules, and putting the rest of my passions and ideas off for later.

And I didn’t like it one bit.

So I made a decision that most entrepreneurs would say was crazy. I cut off my biggest income stream.

I made the decision to just stop doing private story coaching, in favor of doing business in a whole new way. I wanted to build a business around ALL of my passions, following soul nudges and Divine Downloads, and doing more of what makes me happy.

Full permission. Zero judgment. Total freedom.

It’s been an interesting year. And as the one-year anniversary of my multi-passionate business approaches (in November), I look back and realize that I just had one of the happiest, best and most feel-fucking-good years of my life. Especially when it comes to my business.

#ThankYou #MorePlease

So while I totally get and understand the whole “grow one thing first” advice, I will no longer follow it in my own business or life.

I’m doing business in a whole new way and it feels amazing. Things just get better and better every day. I feel like I’m moving closer and closer to fully unleashing all of me.

I’ve had so many soul nudges and Divine Downloads over the last 12 months I couldn’t even use all of them. I’ve had more fun in my life and business than ever before. I’ve spent less time behind the computer working.

I’ve hustled less. I’ve allowed more ease. I hired a Digital Content Manager (that was a BIG ONE for me!!).

And, amazingly, my income hasn’t changed all that much. It went down a little at first because of how abruptly I cut off the income stream, but over the course of 2018, it has risen back up.

Only this time, the money is coming from me just being me, doing the things I’m passionate about, and creating and launching what I feel like creating and launching.

Will I hit six figures this year? There’s a pretty good possibility that I will.

But I no longer care.

It takes as long as it takes. I’m in it for the long-haul.

And at least now I’m actually enjoying the journey.

Dream life or bust,


This Is Why – Even After All You’ve Already Achieved – You Still Don’t Feel Successful

Before I quit my day job in March 2012 to take my business full-time, I would dream of the days when I would have the freedom to sleep in and go for walks on the water and do whatever the hell I wanted all day long. It seemed at times that it would always just be a dream.

But then I did it… I quit my job. I said fuck you to the man. I decided it was time to figure out how to work for myself.

And I did.

I built a near-six figure business doing something I was really, really good at. I was an expert-preneur. I’d created a niche around being an expert at storytelling and writing books.

I was writing and editing books and helping writers write books. I was getting paid to talk about fiction writing and story structure and honestly, there’s nothing better than that.

Writing and storytelling are two of my biggest passions and motivations in life. If there’s anything I am, it’s a writer and a storyteller. My business looked like a dream… from the outside.

But I felt like I was suffocating.

I felt like I had pigeon-holed myself into only being able to talk about and teach about and coach on this one thing, but there were SO MANY other things I wanted to be doing and being and teaching on and talking about.

I secretly hated my business.

I had somehow figured out how to build a sustainable business that made me enough money to continue working for myself and it was growing every year. I should have been happy. I should have wanted to see it grow and become more successful.

But I didn’t. I wasn’t all-in on it.

Because I knew there was more.

More of me to be expressed. More of me to be shared. More things I wanted to be and do.

And I didn’t want to be held back by choosing just one thing.

That’s why I never did. I just dipped my toe into the writing-and-storytelling coaching thing because I didn’t want to get so deep into it that it really did become the only thing I could ever do.

A lot of fear was leading the way during that time in my business, but I can clearly see now why I wasn’t all-in.

And then in mid-2017 I made a decision: Fuck this shit!!

I was DONE believing that I had to choose one thing or be known for one thing or do one thing. I was DONE trying to be more like all the expert-preneurs out there; the ones who found their niche and went on to make millions, while spouting to other entrepreneurs that niching down was the answer.

Don’t get me wrong–I want to make millions and I know that I will. Multi-multi-millions, in fact. (#DontBelieveMeJustWatch)

But on a soul-level; on a level that wasn’t even fully conscious to me, I KNEW that I didn’t want to make my millions just by being a Story Coach. It wasn’t what I was called to do in my soul.

Yes, I LOVE storytelling and I LOVE working with writers on their stories and that will never change. But I was burned out by focusing solely on one thing for so many years.

That works for some entrepreneurs. And people always tell you–“Grow one thing first and then work on others.”

I don’t disagree with that advice. It does work, I’m sure.

It just doesn’t work for me.

I’m multi-passionate. I have a whole different hard drive. And because of this, I have to operate in a totally different way from the expert-preneurs out there.

I have to build a life and business around ALL of my passions in order to feel fully alive and to actually go all-in. I have to be doing EVERYTHING I love to do, on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Or else I feel like my soul is being suffocated.

My soul is multi-passionate. It doesn’t want to do or be just one thing. It’s already many, many things, so choosing one is like a death sentence.

Multi-passionate souls THRIVE on doing ALL the things (not just some of them).

It took me a very long time to finally get this. But now that I have, I’ll never operate my business or life in any other way.

In late 2017, I launched Dream Life Or Bust, my t-shirt line and personal brand built around ALL of the things I’m passionate about.

Now I love my business. I spend my days working on multiple projects and creating and selling the things I want to create and sell. I make it a priority to do the things that make me happy as often as possible.

My business feels good. And I’m finally all-in.

But I’ve never been more all-in as I’m about to be. Because very, very soon…

I’m opening the doors to my brand new 1-1 program and mastermind group, focused entirely on OWNING being multi-passionate and using it to create a life and business around ALL of your passions so you can just get paid to be YOU.

This is something I’ve always felt was needed in the online space, except I was too afraid to be the person out there creating it. But I’ve always known that this is my path.

That I’m here to be a light for multi-passionate writers, creators and entrepreneurs who are tired of playing by everyone else’s rules and ready to do things their own way.

I’m here to serve the creative rebels and multi-passionate visionaries who know they were born to do BIG things in the world. I’m here to support them in getting out of their own way so they can finally do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing and being and creating.

If you’re a multi-passionate writer, creator or entrepreneur who’s already making money in your business or you’re on the fence with the business you currently have because you’re afraid to go all-in, there’s a reason you still don’t feel successful: you haven’t given yourself permission to be ALL of you.

You’re still trying to do things like everyone else is. You’re still trying to follow their strategies. You’re still trying to play by their rules.

And you’re getting mediocre results.

Why? Because those rules DO NOT APPLY to you!

You’re multi-passionate. You play by a whole different set of rules, ones you get to make up yourself. And guess what? The sooner you start to do that, the sooner you’ll feel successful.

I was walking my dog on the lake yesterday morning and thinking about how far I’ve come in the last 6+ years. I went from a corporate drone to a frantic self-employed freelance writer to a story coach with a thriving business that still didn’t quite feel right to the fully unleashed (and continuing to unleash) multi-passionate badass I now choose to be.

I stopped playing by other people’s rules. I started prioritizing feeling good and doing the things that make me feel alive. I threw away the to-do list and now operate from desire, ease and flow.

And it’s made all the difference.

If you’re a multi-passionate writer, creator or entrepreneur who wants to say fuck the rules, prioritize feeling good and doing things that fuel your soul, and throw away your to-do list in favor of soul nudges and flow, I MADE THIS FOR YOU!!!!!

***The Multi-Passionate Mastermind: Build A Life and Business Around ALL of Your Passions and Get Paid to Be YOU***

STAY TUNED… DOORS OPENING Thursday August 9 at Noon CDT.

Dream life or bust,