It’s 3-Years This Month That I Started Doing A Daily Mindset Practice And I Will Never Go Back!!!

This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook memories, as I often do–with intention–after I’ve done my morning routines, just to see where I was in life in previous years. It’s interesting to look back and see how much you’ve grown.

And this morning I was reminded that early August 2015 is when my whole life and business changed.

It all started with a 7-day mindset challenge run by a coach I was following at the time. I’d always been interested in mind-related stuff and her claims that having a daily mindset practice would change your life and business were powerful enough to nudge me to at least try it for 7 days.


Not only did those 7 days totally shift my mindset and my way of thinking, but I felt totally in alignment and tuned in and connected to myself and the Universe, and things began manifesting in my life and business that had never, ever happened to me up to that point (things like, getting a car for practically free, $15,000 cash within 45 days, my best launch ever for my annual NaNoWriMo story planning workshop, and more).

After those 7 days, I committed fully from that moment on, I would do a daily mindset practice and it would be non-negotiable going forward.

And except for a handful of days over the last 3 years, I have been insanely consistent. I work on my mindset in some way, shape or form, EVERY SINGLE DAY. No excuses accepted.

It’s non-negotiable.

When I look back at how I used to think and feel before August 2015 and how I think and feel now, it’s almost hard to believe we’re comparing the same person. It’s like I’ve gotten a complete hard drive upgrade.

Over the last three years, I’ve become mentally stronger and a hell of a lot more confident. I have a much deeper trust in myself and in the Universe. I manifest things with much more ease. I feel good, every single day (not all day every day, but every day).

I am more connected to my soul. I’m more connected to the energy of our Universe. I’m more in tune with my desires and dreams and I’m owning them at a whole new level.

I’ve also taken more action than ever before. Created and launched more than ever before. And made more money than ever before.

I attribute all of it to having a daily mindset practice.

Period. End of story.

Without my daily mindset practice amping me up and focusing me in, I become scattered and frazzled and more easily disrupted by life chaos. But with it, I become energized, intentional and handle life chaos like a champ, while still maintaining all I have going on.

My strategy for becoming bulletproof to hate, criticism, judgment, fear, doubt, distractions, etc. is to work on your mindset daily.

When your mindset is in place, everything else just becomes easier. Easier to handle, easier to deal with, easier to push through and overcome.

And if there’s something you can do to make your life and your business EASIER, why not dive in?

So that’s what I did. It was harder at first, because it was new and there was more Resistance to it. But I kept going, because I liked how I was feeling.

Day to day, I started to notice I was happier. I was feeling good more often. I was starting to shed my old ways of thinking and believing and being.

I was becoming a whole new me.

But what was really happening is I was unburying the me who was always there. By releasing the old, negative, limiting thought patterns and beliefs, I was able to access the real me.

The truth is, we aren’t born with these negative thoughts or limiting beliefs. We were born free and fully trusting in the Universe and in our own magic.

The rest of it is given to us throughout the course of our lives, from things outside ourselves.

And having a daily mindset practice gets you back in touch with your soul. It reminds you of who you actually are and what’s actually true.

And the more consistent you are with it, the more that truth will stick with you.

Until one day you wake up, and you feel different. Your first thought upon waking isn’t the negative shit it used to be. You don’t go through your day running negative storylines based on old beliefs and programming.

You’re being more intentional. You’re feeling good more often. You know what’s true for you, regardless of what anyone else says, thinks or believes. And you’re acting like it.

If you’re ready to start–or get back to–your daily mindset practice, here’s a simple 5-part practice I recommend; do the activities in the order that feels best to you:

  • Freestyle write–I recommend handwriting at least one full page, stream-of-consciousness style. But feel free to write more than that.
  • Meditate–this can be as simple as sitting somewhere comfortable, closing your eyes and breathing in and out slowly (ex: breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and release for 5 seconds). You can also use guided audio meditations (YouTube has tons) if you find that your mind wanders too much.
  • Visualize–close your eyes and imagine you’re living your dreams. Create the details in your mind. See them. Feel them. Hear them.
  • Set intentions–either verbally or by writing them down. I always start with the prompt: This is now true for me… and then I fill in the blank for a couple of pages with whatever comes to me. The idea is to write your intentions in the positive, present tense, as if you already have it now.
  • Movement–move your body in some way, whether that’s going for a walk, stretching, doing a workout at the gym or putting on some music and dancing. Bodies were made to move.

And if you’re in a hurry, you can do this whole practice in 10 minutes, just use a timer and do each activity for 2 minutes.

Do you have a daily mindset practice? And if not, what’s stopping you? Share in the comments.

Dream life or bust,


What If There Were No Rules, Obligations, Shoulds or Prerequisites For Being Successful?

So far I’ve had 104 writers sign up for my Master Story Structure workshop!!!

It was by far one of my BEST launches to date. And, funnily enough, it was also one of my EASIEST launches.

I had NO SALES PAGE. Just some copy on my Facebook page (or in an email) and a direct link to sign up via PayPal.

I made ONE video talking about the workshop.

I wrote SEVEN emails over the last two weeks, mentioning it at the end (plus sent a couple short reminder emails right before we officially kicked off).

I posted about it on my Facebook biz page a HANDFUL of times (plus shared those posts in my free 1% Writers Club Facebook group).


What did I learn from all of this? It’s time to STOP making marketing more complicated than it needs to be.

The online marketing world is FULL of people who are hocking tactics and “connect-the-dots” strategies (“if you just do these three things, you’ll be a success!”) and it SO DOES NOT work like that.

What works for one person may not work for someone else, and that is simply because we are all different. We value different things. We enjoy different things. We are excited and motivated by different things.

And so to say to someone “just follow this specific step-by-step strategy and you’ll sell tons of books or make tons of money” is just a little bit of BS.

Now this doesn’t mean I think people should stop sharing their strategies. No way! We learn by seeing what works for others and then creating our own version of it, one that feels good to us.

But trying to force ourselves to play by someone else’s rules or feel obligated to do certain things to be successful is nonsense. And it’s a big thing that’s holding authors back from doing the marketing that will help them sell more books.

If I told most business coaches about the launch I just had–without a sales page, without creating a ton of pre-planned marketing content–they would probably be horrified. Selling without a sales page is almost unheard of in the online world.

And yet I did it. AND it worked better than all of the launches where I pre-plan content and try to follow a strategy.

Which brings up a really good question… what if there were no prerequisites to being successful? What if you didn’t have to create success based on what works for someone else? What if you could just be you and show up every day as you and have that be enough?

The idea for my Master Story Structure workshop came to me as a Divine Download. I was watching a movie and for the first time since I started studying story structure back in 2009, the plot points ALL jumped out at me. It was like my brain finally fully got it, and it was using the criteria for each plot point as a checklist to show me where they were in the movie.

Usually what happens is, I watch a movie, easily see the Hook and First Plot Point (and even sometimes the Midpoint) and then when I’m finished watching, I figure out the general timing of all of the plot points for that movie and go back to find the rest.

But this time, I didn’t have to do that. The plot points all jumped out at me, with total ease.

I’m nostalgic, so that moment made me think back to where I was in 2009, when I first learned about story structure. And then I worked backwards to figure out what I did to get to this point, where structure is as natural for me as breathing.

I decided I should turn that list into a blog post about how I mastered story structure. And then…


An idea hit me like a lightning bolt: I should do a workshop showing you how to master story structure by walking you step-by-step through what I did!! In the workshop we would watch one movie each week and deconstruct it and then discuss via livestream.

It was genius!

So, what did I do next?


First I wrote down everything I knew about the workshop content right then, just to get it all down on paper.

Then I wrote a blog post, talking about all of the steps in how I mastered story structure. I sent it out as an email to my community, and at the bottom of the email, I mentioned the workshop, what it was all about and put a link to sign up. (I would normally create a sales page, but I honestly didn’t feel like this workshop needed one.)

After that I published the post on my Facebook biz page, then shared it over to my free Facebook groups, the 1% Writers Club and Dream Life Or Bust.

From there, I continued on each day, writing about my experience with learning story structure, sharing what I did, how I did it, talked about why story structure is so important for writers to master, etc. I sent these posts out as emails and put them on my Facebook biz page.

A few days into the launch, it was the middle of the day and I felt like watching a movie that I’d recently found on Amazon Prime (Two Night Stand, which I’ve watched about a dozen times since finding it). I gave myself permission to watch it, in the name of studying story.

After the movie was done, I felt inspired to make a video, talking about what I’d just done (watched a movie in the middle of the day!!) and why it was an important part of how I study and learn about storytelling. Then I talked about the workshop and told you where to find the link to sign up.

I posted the video on my Facebook biz page, shared it over to my free Facebook groups, and sent it out in an email to my community.

All of this “marketing” felt so EASY. It felt totally natural and just an extension of me being me.

Because I would’ve written about and talked about that stuff anyhow, even if I didn’t have a workshop I was launching. That’s how I started my blog back in 2008–by sharing what I was learning on my writing journey, in hopes it would save other writers time, energy and frustration on their own journeys.

In June 2016, I had this exact same launch/marketing experience when I sold 1,007 books in 30 days. It was SO EASY. It felt totally natural and like I was totally being myself and that was enough.

Now when I say it was EASY, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t work. I still had to take action and do marketing activities.

But it FELT easy.

I didn’t have to force it. I didn’t have to pre-plan a bunch of launch content or worry about “how” I was going to sell books (or spots in my Master Story Structure workshop).

It just happened naturally as an extension of me being me.

This is what I’ve officially dubbed Manifestation Marketing. When you show up every day as you and do what you feel called to do, that’s when things magically start to work better than ever before.

I know this. I’ve known this. And yet somehow I keep forgetting.

This launch reminded me. When you work from alignment and flow ONLY, things become EASY.

And going forward, I’m no longer available to operate my biz in any other way.

STOP making marketing (book or otherwise) more complicated than it needs to be. Focus on doing what feels good to you.

Focus on being who you are and sharing and selling from that place, instead of thinking you have to create some mechanical launch plan or follow someone else’s strategy.

That’s it–that’s all you have to do. Marketing really can be easy when you do it the Manifestation Marketing way.

It’s such a dream to be able to do work I love and that feels like a natural extension of being who I am. No forcing. Just ease, flow and alignment. It feels so good.

Dream life or bust,


Why I Believe Authors Need to Care About Art First and Money Second

I recently signed up for a trial of Kindle Unlimited (KU), the on-demand service from Amazon where you can borrow books, read them and the author gets paid based on the number of pages that you finish. It was a 30-day trial and there was a book I wanted to read that was available on there so I figured–what the hell? and decided to give it a try.

But after I finished reading the book I originally signed up for, it was almost impossible to find anything else that I wanted to read. All of the books I was interested in weren’t available on there.

And it kinda annoyed me.

Not just because I wasn’t able to find stuff I wanted to read (after all, what’s the point of paying for KU if nothing’s available on it?). But also because it bugs me that so many authors don’t see the value in it.

All of my books are available on KU (except one because I accidentally put it on Kobo years ago and you can’t use KU if you sell your book elsewhere). And the reason is because I care far more about my message and getting my stories and ideas out into the world than I do about making money.

That’s right. I said it.

I’m an author who honestly doesn’t give a fuck about making money from my books.

Now, will I take money from my books? Of course. I would be totally dumb not to.

But is money the reason I write my books?

Hell no.

Actually, make that HELL NO.

I write my books because I can’t not. Because if I didn’t, I’d be killing my soul.

Writing my books and releasing them out into the world is a part of how I fuel my soul and my purpose on this planet. I can’t not write books.

But if I never made another cent from them, I wouldn’t care.

Writing books is art. It’s soulwork. It’s making an impact on the world.

It’s NOT about making money.

Yet so many authors focus on the money. And that’s why they don’t put their books on KU. Because they won’t get paid as much as they would if someone buys the book.

I just think that’s selfish AF.

Authors should care more about their stories and their messages and getting their books out to the readers who need them.

Art first. Money second.

Again, I’m not at all against making money from your books. You should make money from your books.

But money ain’t the most important thing.

And when books aren’t available on KU–especially self-published ones–it sends the message that money matters more than art. That readers should have to buy your book to experience the transformation and the story. Or else miss out.

Well, I call bullshit on that.

I actually make plenty of money from KU because I get hundreds (and often thousands) of page reads every month. And I so enjoy all of the people who are getting to experience my books and have their lives changed by my stories and information.

I believe that authors should diversify. That they shouldn’t just focus solely on making money from their books.

And I stand by that.

Books and the stories and information in them should be available to any reader who wants to read them, regardless of if they buy it or borrow it on KU.

Authors never complain about the people who borrow their books from the library. And they don’t get paid a penny for that.

Yet so many refuse to put their books on KU.

Being on KU is actually better than no one buying your book. It’s better than the library. And the payout is better than music streaming where musicians get a fraction of a penny when people listen to their music via a streaming service.

I’m all about authors doing what’s best for them. But I also believe authors need to really think about what they got into this business for.

Was it just to make money? Or do you actually care about your readers?

I care about my readers. I want them to indulge in my books in whatever way makes the most sense for them, whether that’s by purchasing their own copy, borrowing it from the library (yes, my novel is stocked at several libraries) or renting it from KU.

At the end of the day, I’d write my books for free anyhow, because I can’t not. That’s just who I am.

My writing is my soulwork. And unleashing it on the world is a must. Regardless of if anyone reads it or not.

If you’re an author who refuses to have your books on KU or hasn’t yet looked into yet, I highly recommend you consider it. I highly recommend you tune back into your “why” and figure out what you really care about… your message, your impact, your stories… or the money.

Dream life or bust,


A Message From My Soul To Yours

For the days when you feel stuck, stagnant and like nothing is ever, ever, ever going to fucking change… there’s this. A message I just downloaded. From my soul to yours:

Maybe you’re not there yet. Maybe you’re still figuring it out. You’re still dealing with your stuff. Maybe you’re still not making the money you want to make.


At least you’re in the process of it. At least you’re dealing with your stuff. At least you’re moving forward every single day and you’re doing what you can from where you are.

It’s AMAZING, because most people are not willing to do that. Most people won’t look at or deal with their stuff for years from now or maybe ever.

And here you are dealing with your stuff right now, and in the next five years, you’re just gonna see more and more and more of what you want unfolding. By the time the next five years unfolds you are gonna be living your dream. You’re gonna be rolling in the Benjamins. You’re gonna be experiencing the dream life. You’re gonna have it all.

And the things you’re dealing with right now are gonna feel like nothing. Like no big fucking deal, because YOU’VE GOT THIS.

You’re on it. You’re doing it. You’re dealing with it. You’re overcoming. You’re moving forward. You’re creating. You’re figuring it out.

And you’re doing a really good job.

You’re willing to do the stuff that most people are not willing to do. But you are, because you know what you’re meant for. You know what you came here to do. And you know who you are.

THAT is what matters.

Not what anybody else thinks. Not what anybody else believes. That shit doesn’t matter.

Because at the end of the day, no matter what they think; no matter what they feel; no matter what they believe about you…


You KNOW who you are. You KNOW what you’re meant for. You KNOW where you’re headed and you KNOW that you’re not gonna stop.

You’re not gonna give up and you’re just gonna keep going, because it is this or something better. And there is ONLY Plan A.

Dream life or bust,


Not Finishing The Things You Start Isn’t a Bad Habit or the Result of You Being Totally Undisciplined; It’s This…

I want to ask you a serious question right now. And I want you to answer honestly. No matter what.

Even if you’re scared to admit it out loud. Even if you’re judging yourself or afraid of judgment. Even if you don’t want anyone to know the truth.

Are you ready??

Here’s the question… How many unfinished projects do you currently have?

This doesn’t just mean creative projects. I mean ALL projects. That closet you’ve been decluttering for years now. That novel draft you started. That phone call you’ve been putting off. That TV series you’ve been meaning to watch the rest of.

It’s SO EASY to start things. Most people don’t struggle with starting (although some people do, and that’s a whole other convo).

Most people start things with total ease.

They get an idea for something they want/need to do. They start taking some action. Maybe they write the first couple chapters of that novel. Maybe they declutter their closet for 15 minutes. Maybe they watch the first three episodes of a TV series that interests them.

But then they never finish.

And years down the road… the unfinished novel draft still sits on their computer; the closet is still cluttered with crap that you no longer need; the TV series is onto the next season and you haven’t even finished the first one yet, etc.

Not finishing isn’t a bad habit. It’s not even the result of you being totally undisciplined. (Although it becomes these things.)

Not finishing is a PATTERN.

It’s one you learned early on in life–some way, some how–and it continued to follow you into adulthood. And then it became what’s normal for you. And then before you knew it, you’re starting things, starting things, starting things… but it all remains undone.

Sound familiar?

Luckily, a pattern can be broken. It’s not set in stone. It’s not unchangeable.

But it takes a willingness to break it.

And many people don’t have that willingness. Especially as they get older.

Instead, they continue to buy into the pattern that has held them captive, stuck in one place, for years.

Then to make it easier to deal with the stuckness and unwillingness to change, they tell themselves nonsense things like, “I’m too old; It’s too late; I don’t have the time; I’ll never get around to it; I don’t have what it takes; I can’t do this; it’s just not in the cards for me; maybe in another lifetime; maybe it’s just not meant for me; maybe [insert whatever bullshit excuse you’re using for why you don’t finish what you start].”

On and on and on the excuses roll. And it’s RIDICULOUS!

Because all you ever had to do to break the pattern is to FUCKING FINISH!!!

That’s it.

It’s easy.

It’s simple.

If you want to break your pattern of starting things, but never (or rarely) finishing them, all you have to do is FINISH. Choose something undone, make it a priority to take action on it every day until it’s done, and then do it.

Period. And when you do, you’ll have broken your pattern of not finishing.

Which will then motivate you to want to finish more stuff. Why?

Because finishing the things you start feels really, really good!!

Unfortunately, we’re taught that feeling good is bad. We’re taught that if we feel good for too long or if too many good things happen to us or if we’re too productive, too good at something, too whatever, eventually the other shoe will drop.

And so it’s easier to avoid finishing then it is to get to the point where you FEEL GOOD. Where you feel happy and excited and damn proud of yourself.

Finishing feels good. There’s nothing better than finishing something that you’ve started. Even if it’s something super simple.

But you must give yourself permission to break your pattern. To stop hiding. To stop waiting. To stop worrying about not knowing every step along the way. To no longer make excuses or allow yourself permission to not finish.

In the end, it’s all up to you.

You get to decide. You get to say what’s true for you. You get to create whatever reality for yourself that you desire.

And if you desire to be someone who finishes; if you desire to have a reality where your projects always get completed, then you must break the pattern of not finishing by fucking finishing.

It’s time.

If you’re brave, share in the comments how many unfinished projects you currently have (no judgment!!) and what you’re going to do about it.

Dream life or bust,


SquareOne: 11 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started My Online Business


This is a long post, but I promise you that if you read it and fully take it in, it will save you so much frustration, cut years off the time it takes for you to build your dream business, and you’ll create more success a lot faster.

The stuff I’m telling you about here isn’t random. It’s not wishful-thinking stuff. This is the stuff that actually matters when it comes to being, doing and having the online business you desire.

This is what I wish I knew when I started my online business back in 2007. Over a decade later, I finally know what really matters and what it really takes to create the success you dream of.

So often we convince ourselves that what matters is taking action and mastering strategies and following a plan and connecting the dots. And while it’s true that some of that matters some of the time, it’s not what actually matters in the grand-scheme of things.

What matters in the big picture is a lot of stuff you’d typically dismiss, because it doesn’t feel practical enough and we’re told that to be successful, you must do a whole lot of practical stuff.

But what if it could be easier than that? What if it could be a hell of a lot easier than that?

What if you didn’t have to follow a bunch of rules or implement a bunch of strategies that don’t feel good to you? What if you could tap into what’s already inside you?

The things I’m about to divulge to you are the spiritual, intuitive way of doing business. It’s not for everyone, but it is for you if you want more:

  • Ease
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Fun
  • Ideal clients, students and customers
  • And, of course, more Money that comes to you with ease, freedom, joy and fun

Are you ready?

And let me just add, you can feel free to ignore everything I’m saying here, call me crazy and go back to searching for a more practical way of doing it. But trust me when I say, if you do, you’re just setting yourself up for struggle, frustration and taking a whole lot more time to achieve the results you want.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Dream life or bust,


Principle #1: Feel Good

I know, I know. It sounds SO simple. And that’s because, it is.

Feeling good is the number one priorty you should have in your day every single day. Period.

When you feel good, you are connected at a vibrational level to all of the things you desire to be, do and have.

Alternately, when you feel bad, you’re resisting and pushing away all of the things you desire. And that will be the thing that stops you from getting what you want.

We live in a vibrational, energy-based Universe. Which means how you feel emotionally actually matters more than what you do, physically.

And how you feel will influence the vibration that you put out into the world.

People can feel your energy. They don’t even have to be in the same room as you in order to do it, either. They can feel it through a written post. They can feel it through a livestream. They can feel it through a video or an audio.

Energy is contagious.

But no one wants to be in the energetic space of someeone who feels bad, is playing a victim or who just has a negative mindset in general. So if you’re going out there marketing your offers while feeling desperate or worried or fearful, that’s the energy being fused into everything you do.

And, well, your ideal clients aren’t in that energetic space. And they’re most definitely not going to hand over their money to work with you when you show up in the world with negative energy.

The way to create ease and flow and to have everything you’re doing in your business work better, is to feel good.

Implementation Tip: Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day consciously raising your energetic vibration. You can do this in many different ways. Some of my favorites are: meditation, visualization, writing my reality and tapping (aka: EFT).

Principle #2: Work On Your Inner Game Every Day

It took me YEARS to finally fully accept that success is an inner game. We often think success comes from taking a lot of action, and while action does help, it’s not where success actually comes from.

Success comes from what you believe, how you think and how you see yourself.

It’s all an inner game. And this is a hard pill for most of us to swallow because we’ve been taught that we have to work hard for success, so it seems too easy that a simple mindset shift could really make that big of a difference.

But it does.

Your mindset is everything. It’s absolutely everything. And if you can accept this early on in your business and commit to working on your mindset every day, you’ll achieve greater levels of success so fast it might make your head spin.

I quit my day job in 2012 to turn my side business into a full-time thing. This is the total income my business has brought in over the last 6 years (before taxes and expenses)…

2012: $16,626
2013: $22,948
2014: $36,842
2015: $46,232
2016: $63,796
2017: $82,707

I started doing a consistent DAILY mindset practice in August 2015. So it’s no surprise to see how much higher my income started to jump from that point.


My business (and life) changed drastically when I finally committed to doing a daily mindset practice. Since then, I’ve only missed a few days here and there.

And I know without a doubt that is the reason I’ve been able to achieve the success I have over the last few years, which includes writing and publishing 10 books, hitting #1 in my category on Amazon multiple times with multiple books, making $82,707 in one year, manifesting $15,000 in 45 days and MORE.

If you take nothing else away from this, I beg you, create a daily mindset practice–one that feels good to you–and make it a nonnegotiable to do it every day.

Implementation Tip: Try my simple daily mindset practice that only takes 10 minutes to complete:

  • Freestyle stream-of-consciousness writing (3 minutes)–let whatever needs to come out, come out. No judgment. Just write.
  • Write your reality (3 minutes)–write out affirmative statements in the present or past tense about what you desire in all areas of your business and life; example:
  • Visualize your new reality (4 minutes)–put on some meditation music, set a timer and imagine yourself living in your new reality, focusing as much as possible on how it feels.

Once you get the hang of this and are doing it consistently every day, then you can tweak it for even better results.

Principle #3: Throw Away the Rules

I spent so many years in my business chasing shiny objects, telling myself I didn’t know enough, and looking for the ‘magic bullet’ solution that would change everything for me. Little did I know, that magic bullet solution was actually right in front of my face the whole time.

And all I had to do to activate it, was throw away the rules.

The rules of running an online business and doing marketing are things made up by other people. Which means they’re not real.

Yet so many entrepreneurs get caught up in operating their businesses by trying to follow all of the so-called rules.

When you get caught up in following all the rules or trying to do things how other people tell you that you should, you end up frustrated, resentful, chasing shiny objects, always feeling like you’re not doing enough, and nothing you do works as well as you want it to.

So you have to give yourself permission to throw the rules out the window and do business in a way that feels good to you.

For example, the “rules” say that if you want to create a successful online business, you must have a website. But an entrepreneur-friend of mine made $500K in her online business in one year without having a website.

Which can only mean..the rules are made up. They’re certainly not things you should be using for the foundation for your success as an entrepreneur. 

Earlier this year, I gave myself permission to fully do business my way and on my terms. Here’s what that looks like for me right now…

  • For the last two months I’ve been saying NO to everything that isn’t a HELL FUCK YES!!
  • I don’t do client work, check emails, texts or social media) until 1 p.m. in whatever timezone I’m in.
  • Mornings are my ME time. It’s my time to do my mindset and energy practice, to do my soulwork and to get myself into a high-vibe, feel-good state before I go about my day.
  • I now have two FULL days during the week that are blocked out for writing and creative projects only. (‘Cause it’s time to amp that writing productivity up even more.)
  • Friday is a Flow day where I do whatever the fuck I feel like doing.
  • Saturday is an off day. I don’t do any work of any kind unless I consciously make the choice to do it in the moment. There’s no obligation.
  • Sunday is, again, a Flow day.
  • I only do client calls two days a week, and most of my client work for the week happens on those two days as well.

Implementing all of this even for a short period of time has made me happier, made my business more fun and given me a hell of a lot more freedom, which is, of course, the whole point.

Toss the rulebook in the fire. It’s time to write your own rules for your business.   

Implementation Tip: Make a list of all the “rules” you’ve been told you have to follow or that you’ve been following yet don’t actually feel good to you. Now give yourself permission to rewrite all of these rules and do things your own way. Tear the old list up and throw it away.

Principle #4: Get Into Alignment Before You Take Any Action

When things are moving slowly in our businesses or we’re not getting the results we want or we’re desperate for money, it’s so easy to forget what really matters and start running around like a chicken with your head cut off. But the truth is, doing anything in your business (or life) from a place of feeling frantic, desperate, scared or any other negative emotion will guarantee that nothing you do works.

No matter how hard you’re working. No matter how much effort you’re putting in. No matter how much time you’re giving to it.

On the contrary, if you first get into alignment, you can literally take any action under the sun and it will work, because you’re coming at it from a place of alignment.

Alignment means you’re feeling good and your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and energy are aligned and on the same vibrational frequency as the things you desire.

I can’t even begin to describe how many years I spent in my business working from a to-do list that always seemed to get longer instead of shorter, endlessly chasing the next strategy that would get me there, and taking tons of actions from the wrong energetic space. It’s no wonder I struggled for so long.

These days, I get into alignment first and then I take whatever action I’m inspired to. No more to-do list. No more stressing out about the stuff I’m not doing. No more getting distracted by the shiny-object things I think I should be doing. And anything that I know actually needs to be done, but it’s not aligned for me to do it, I pass off to my team to handle for me. (See #6 for more on this.)

Take action from alignment and from a feel-good space and that’s it.

And when I don’t feel good or when I know I’m out of alignment, I don’t take ANY action in my business. Instead, I rest. I recharge. I take a nap. I go for a walk with my dog. I hit the gym. I watch a funny movie. I stretch. I listen to 90s music.

I do whatever I can to get myself back into a space of feeling good before I will take another action in my business.

Here’s an example of why: One Monday a couple weeks ago, I woke up feeling frantic. I spent the entire weekend having fun and I didn’t work at all, which also meant I didn’t do any sales activity to promote my workshop that was starting the next day. At first I started to make myself wrong for all the things I didn’t do, and then I almost jumped into action and started doing random things from that energy.

Thankfully, I caught myself right away and realized that I’d be doing myself a huge disservice–and nothing would work anyhow–to approach promoting my workshop from that frantic-feeling space. So instead, I spent a couple hours getting myself into feel-good mode and alignment, and then I asked myself, “what action can I take to sell more spots in my workshop?” The first thought that came to me was to send an email to the people who were in the last round of the workshop, to let them know it was the final day to sign up for the new round. Within an hour, 10 people signed up for my workshop and hundreds of dollars–cash–had come into my business. All of that from one email.

Do you think the outcome would’ve been the same if I had written and sent that email feeling frantic or desperate about selling more spots? Hell no.

It worked because I was in alignment and feeling good before I took action.

And, really, that’s why the idea to take that action came to me AFTER I got into alignment and feeling good, and NOT before. Because in a frantic, desperate energetic space, ideas like that can’t reach you. They’re not on the same vibrational frequency.

Like energy attracts like energy.

Get into a high-vibe space and then take action to your heart’s content. Repeat daily.

Implementation Tip: next time you have actions to take in your business, first get yourself into a feel-good place (alignment) and then instead of checking things off a to-do list, close your eyes and ask, “what action can I take right now to move closer to my goals?” Whatever action comes up, take it. Repeat daily for best results. 

Principle #5: Your Energy Matters

We live in an energetic Universe. Science has proven it. And, just like gravity, ‘like attracts like’ is a law you can’t get around.

Whatever energy and vibration you’re putting out into the world is what’s coming back to you. Always. No exceptions.

So it’s time to start being more intentional about your energy and the frequency you’re vibrating on.

People can feel the energy and intention behind the things you do in your business. If you’re promoting your offer while projecting a vibration of desperation or fear or worry about being seen as slimy or sleezy, that is the energy people will feel.

And no one buys from that kind of energy.

The number one thing people say to me when they sign up for my workshops or decide to work with me in a private coaching program is that they love my energy.

My energy is magnetic because I spend time every single day getting myself into a high-vibe space before I take any actions in my business (see point #4). So when I do a video, a livestream or even just write a rant-y Facebook post, people can feel that high-vibe energy coming through the screen.

And it magnetizes them. It makes them want more from me.

The same will be true for you when you start being intentional about your energy. Here’s a list of things you can try:

  • Clearing--grab a notebook and handwrite a stream-of-consciousness ramble for at least one page or until you run out of things to say. This gets the BS out of your head and onto the page so it doesn’t follow you into your day.
  • Reading affirmative belief statements–write out a list of new beliefs you’d like to have, and read them out loud to yourself
  • Writing your reality–in your journal, write out exactly what you’d like to be, do and have in all areas of your life and business. Write in the positive, present or past tense only.
  • Visualization–put on some meditation music, set a timer for 4 minutes, close your eyes and imagine yourself already being, doing and having everything you desire (or you can focus on one or a few specific things)
  • Guided meditation–if you’re not good at keeping your mind focused on your own, you can listen to a guided meditation or visualization that will tell you what to think about and guide you through a series of visuals.
  • Your Hidden Mind–this is a memory reconsolidation program that helps you create new habits and ways of being by reprogramming your subconscious mind. I personally use this daily and love it.
  • Tapping (aka: EFT)–the Emotional Freedom Technique has you saying a series of statements while tapping on several points on your face and body. This actually helps to reprogram your emotions on a deep, cellular level the more you do it. I do tapping as part of my daily mindset and energy practice. (Check out Brad Yates on YouTube–he’s great!)
  • Listen to Abraham-Hicks (or similar)–if you want to get into a high-vibe space fast, go to YouTube and type in “Abraham-Hicks Rampage.” Listen to whichever one stands out to you. There’s nothing that will get you in a feel-good space faster than hearing the truth about who you really are.
  • Dancing–move your body to whatever music feels good.
  • Working out–stretching, walking, cardio on a machine at the gym, doing body-weight exercises, lifting weights. Whatever feels good to you.
  • Laughing–watch a funny movie or a video on YouTube (there are tons). Laugh as hard as you can for as long as you can.
  • Smile and hold it for 30 seconds–yes, this is a bit of a challenge, but you’ll laugh and have fun trying, and that’s the point.

These activities will have you feeling good in no time. And when you approach your business–and life–from that place, that’s when stuff actually starts to work.

And, no matter what, make a commitment to yourself that you will not sell, promote or do any other public-facing activity in your business unless you’re feeling good and coming from a feel-good place. If you find yourself in fear or desperation, either wait or get yourself into a feel-good place before you move forward.

Implementation Tip: Spend 5-10 minutes doing 1-3 of the activities listed above every single day. This will get you into a feel-good energy and a high-vibe state.

Principle #6: Hire Help Early On

A huge mistake I made was trying to be a one-woman-show for so long. I ran my entire business all by myself for over a decade.

I actually used to wear “I’m a one-woman-show” as a badge of honor.

But then I realized:

  • I wasn’t truly being the leader I knew myself to be–leaders lead, they don’t try to do everything themselves.
  • I’d be a lot further along and making a lot more money, if I had hired help earlier on–doing everything myself has caused me to have organic, slow growth, because I’m only one person and I can only do so much.

Truth is, delegating was hard for me. I’m a control freak and I like things being done a certain way. It took me a long time to believe that there was someone out there who could do things in my business as well as I can.

It took me a decade to finally get over myself and hire a Digital Content Manager to help me out. Now I’m delegating so much stuff to her that I’m actually in a place where I can focus on the things I’m best at.

As the CEO of your company, you don’t have the time or capacity to do everything and still be as successful as you want to be, and as a mentor once said to me, you should never be doing activities in your business that you can pay someone $15-25 an hour to do for you.

So even though it doesn’t seem to make sense–why should you invest what little money you have to invest right now in hiring help? Shouldn’t you be hiring a coach or paying for a workshop or something to learn more? And the answer is… maybe.

Maybe what you do need right now is a coach or a workshop that shows you what you need to know. And you should get one if you want one.

But you could also just hiring someone who can take over those tasks for you, so you can focus on money-generating and growth activities.

Implementation Tip: Make a list of all the activities in your business that you don’t love doing or don’t know how to do. Then find someone who knows how to do those tasks and fits your budget. You can start your search for a Virtual Assistant here:


Principle #7: Don’t Worry About/Be Afraid of Offending People

The #1 reason entrepreneurs don’t say what they really believe or think publicly? They’re afraid of offending someone.

Here’s the thing… you might. You might say something that gets someone’s panties into a bunch or that pisses them off. And you know what? That’s OK.

It’s OK for everyone to not agree with you.

In fact, you don’t want everyone to agree with you. And you don’t even have to care about making everyone agree with you.

The only people who have to agree with your opinion–and usually the only ones who will–are your ideal clients/customers/students/audience.

And how do you attract those ideal people to you?

By sharing what you really think, what you really believe and how you really feel about the topics that are of importance to you and to them. You must know what you stand for and what you stand against.

And you must be willing to go public with your message.

But you’ll never do that if you’re constantly worried that you’ll step on someone’s toes or make someone upset. People get upset about everything these days and there’s always someone who gets offended by something that seems totally harmless.

The point being?

Get over it. If you want to create a successful online business, you have to learn to be OK with not being liked by everyone.

It took me YEARS to finally be OK with saying what I really think. And to this day I still get emails from people who tell me that I swear too much. You know what I say to that? Too bad. I am who I am and I’m not going to be fake to my audience.

The point of having an online business is not to try and be all things to all people. And the entrepreneurs who do that end up nowhere.

Implementation Tip: Make a list of what you stand for. Make a list of what you stand against. Choose one item from one of your lists and write a post or make a video sharing your opinion. Post it publicly. Repeat daily for best results.

Principle #8: If It’s Not A ‘Hell Fuck Yes!’ It’s A ‘No’

So often when entrepreneurs first launch a business, they’ll just say yes to everything. Every client who wants to work with them. Every project that comes their way. If it will make them money, they say yes.

And here’s why that’s the worst thing you can do: Saying yes to everyone and everything is the fastest path to a business that doesn’t feel good.

When I first quit my day job to take my side business full-time, I said yes to everything and everyone. And not too far down the road I found myself working on stuff I didn’t care about. I found myself procrastinating and avoiding the work I had to do. I found myself bored as fuck.

I honestly felt like I was working another shitty day job, even though I was still working for myself.

And that’s because not everyone who wants to work with you will be an ideal client, and not every project that crosses your inbox will be ideal either. A very good rule to adopt early on is to not do things just for the money.

I know–it’s so hard! Especially when you’ve got bills to pay and you’re trying to get established as an online entrepreneur.

But when you say yes to non-ideal people or non-ideal projects, you end up working twice as hard for the same amount of money, and you feel annoyed, angry and resentful the whole time. And you’re blocking ideal people and projects from coming to you, because you’ll be too busy dealing with the non-ideal people and projects you already said yes to.

You have to know exactly who you want to work with and exactly what you want to be spending your time doing, and then commit to only saying yes to that stuff.

A good measurement for whether or not a person or project is ideal is to ask yourself: is this a ‘Hell Fuck Yes!’ person or project? Meaning, do you feel excited and passionate and so pumped up? Meaning, is this person or project something that makes you scream “Hell Fuck Yes!” or not?

Saying no to anything that isn’t a ‘Hell Fuck Yes!’ frees you up to only work with ideal clients and on ideal projects. And that’s the whole reason you wanted to get into business in the first place, right?

Trust your gut. Say ‘no’ unless it’s a ‘Hell Fuck Yes!’ Or you’ll regret it, I promise you.

Implementation Tip: Write “is this a ‘Hell Fuck Yes’ person or project?” on a Post-it note and hang it by your desk. Now whenever a potential client reaches out or someone hits you up about a project, you can use that question as a guideline for whether or not you say yes.

Principle #9: It’s Not About the Numbers

How many times have your heard someone tell you it’s “all about the numbers?” Probably a lot, because this is something online marketing and business people say all the time.

They’ll tell you that you must have a huge email list if you want to make money. They’ll tell you to invest time and money growing your following on social media or to advertise and grow your email list.

And while it’s not totally wrong–after all, you do need to focus some of your time on growth activities–it’s total bullshit at the same time.

The numbers don’t actually matter. I know entrepreneurs with a huge list who don’t make as much money as they want to. I know entrepreneurs with a small list who make serious bank every month.

At the current moment (as I write this), I have 3,510 people on my email list. Which to most entrepreneurs is a very small list. And yet in 2017, I still made $82,707 cash in my business, mostly through email marketing.

You don’t need a big list to make a big income.

The income I made in 2017 surpassed what I used to make at my highest paid day job. And while, sure, I’d love to make more and know that I will, I still made quite a bit with a relatively small email list.

Point being, the numbers don’t matter. Period.

You can have 10,000 people on your email list and if you’re not adding value consistently, if you’re not giving them what they want for free, if you’re not nurturing them and allowing them to get to know you enough that they begin to Know, Like and Trust you?

Then they ain’t buying. Doesn’t matter how many people you have on your list.

On the other hand, if you do all of those things, even with a small email list, you’ll still make money.

Stop worrying and stressing about the numbers. The numbers don’t matter.

Implementation Tip: Focus on giving as much value as you possibly can and connect with your target audience often enough that they start to Know, Like and Trust you. If you do that, you will make money. No matter how many people you have on your list or following you on social media.

Principle #10: The Strategy Doesn’t Matter

When entrepreneurs first get into business, the first thing they think to do is learn strategy.

A strategy for growing their email list. A strategy for making money. A strategy for how to launch. A strategy for how to market their services. A strategy for how to sell more on social media.

And while having a strategy is important to launching, growing and expanding your online business, the specifics of the strategy don’t really matter.

Entrepreneurs get so caught up in following the steps or connecting the dots, but a lot of times what happens is, even if you implement said-strategy perfectly, you still might not get the results you desire.

And that’s because not every strategy is a good fit for every entrepreneur or every product/service.

Let’s be real here–ALL of the strategies work, to some capacity. But whether or not it will work for you comes down to several factors that have nothing to do with the actual strategy itself:

  • What marketing activities do you actually enjoy doing?
  • Are you in alignment in your business, with this product/offer, with this launch?
  • Do you have total confidence and belief in yourself, in your offer and in the strategy?
  • Are you feeling good?
  • Are you in a high-vibe energy and are you projecting that out into the world?

There are so many variables when it comes to making a strategy work, that even when the person guarantees “if you implement this  strategy exactly like I did you’ll get results,” it still doesn’t actually guarantee that you will.

So rather than making a specific strategy the be-all-end-all in your business, and forcing yourself into playing by the rules and following the steps and connecting the dots, why not first connect with yourself and with the Universe and then decide what action to take? (Hint: go back and read #4).

ALL of the strategies work. But not when you’re feeling like shit, worried about money or with beliefs that say it’s not going to work.

Implementation Tip: Make a list of all the marketing activities you enjoy doing. For example, do you like making videos? Are you more of an audio person? Or maybe you enjoy writing? Figure out what you enjoy doing and what feels good to you and then use that as your strategy going forward.

Principle #11: Do You

The final thing I want to mention that is something I not only wish I knew back when I first started, but also wish I had implemented sooner once I did learn it. And that is, just do you.

At the end of the day, nothing will ever work in your business if you’re not making yourself and how you like to do things and what you want a number one priority.

When I first quit my job to turn my side business into a full-time thing, I basically treated my business like I was still working a 9-to-5er. I got to my desk at 8 a.m. and more or less stayed there ’til 5 p.m. And even years later, I was still forcing myself to skip out on social events to work all day and night, because I thought that’s what I had to do to be successful.

But the truth is, when you try to operate your business or your life by what someone else does or says or someone else’s standards, you end up miserable and resentful.

I loved that I was working for myself and that I had total control of my time and location. What I didn’t love was the fact that my business wasn’t fun, it felt like work a lot of the time, I wasn’t enjoying any social time or even living my life, and I was burning myself out while still not making the money I wanted to make.

I was modeling my business after all the things I’d been told over the years about what you should do when you work for yourself. Keep a schedule. Don’t stay up too late. Get up super early. There’s no time for socializing. You have to work all the time when you work for yourself. Don’t take any vacation time until you’ve hit the first $100k.

I had basically traded my day job for a day AND night job working for myself. And it sucked.

And finally this year I decided–FUCK THIS!!

I am DONE.

I had enough and was ready to fully create the business I actually wanted–the one I quit my damn job for in the first place. And that’s when things started to fall into place.

You have to do what works best for you. Always. And I wasn’t doing that in all the areas I wanted to.

For example, everyone says you have to do free calls if you want to get clients. But I hate doing sales calls. It feels totally ick to me. So forcing myself to do free discovery calls to get new clients never worked as well as it should have, because I hated doing it and it felt bad to me. (And, as we talked about in point #1, if it feels bad, it’s not going to work.)

So in 2016, I decided to stop doing calls and I instead signed all of my clients via email or Facebook messenger. That felt so much better to me, and to this day I still sign up my private coaching clients this way.

I also work with clients almost exclusively via email and Facebook messenger (text and voice). I used to do programs where I had to have a pre-scheduled phone call with each client once a week for 6 to 12 weeks and that eventually burned me out and made me hate my business. I’m not a phone person and I hate living on a set schedule. I prefer to do things via email, text and voice memo, and to have free-flow in my week. So that’s how I do it now.

This is what it means to do you. You have to figure out who you are, what you like, what you don’t like and then implement it, and you have to give yourself permission to pivot or change your mind whenever you want to.

Do you means you’re not trying to follow what anyone else is doing. You’re not even concerned with what anyone else is doing. You’re just doing what works best for you, always, in all areas and situations.

It took me a decade to finally start to just do me in my own fucking business. How insane is that?!

But now that I am, I’m so much happier, I have the freedom and flexibility I desire, and I feel so good. I feel high-vibe every day thanks to making these changes in my business.

And, of course, this is reflecting in my income and the level of clients that are coming to me.

On your entrepreneurial journey, one of the most important things you can learn to do is trust yourself. To trust your gut, your instinct, your intuition; to listen to it; and to act on it.

If you do this, you will never go wrong. No matter what anyone else says.

Implementation Tip: Make a list

Just to recap, here are the 11 Principles….

1. Feel Good

2. Work On Your Inner Game Every Day

3. Throw Away the Rules

4. Get Into Alignment Before You Take Any Action

5. Your Energy Matters

6. Hire Help Early On

7. Don’t Worry About/Be Afraid Of Offending People

8. If It’s Not A ‘Hell Fuck Yes!’ It’s A ‘No’

9. It’s Not About the Numbers

10. The Strategy Doesn’t Matter

11. Do You

What do you wish you knew when you first started your biz? Share in the comments.

Stop Fooling Yourself…If You’re Not Unleashing Your Creative Work, You’re Not Fully Expressing Your Soul

I see you sitting there. The course creator. The coach. The leader. Doing all the things.

Messaging and selling every day, like a good little entrepreneur.

You’ve got a following. Your community is engaged, always commenting on your ranty posts and livestreams. You sell spots in your programs with ease.

On the surface, you’ve got it all. Or so it seems.

But inside, your soul is dying a little more every day.

Because what you’re really doing, is creating yourself a shadow career. A business that, on the outside, appears to be everything you think you’ve always wanted.

Yet if you’re really honest with yourself, you know it still doesn’t feel how you thought it would.

Even though everything you’re doing is a HELL YES! Even though you’re selling stuff you actually care about. Even though you’re helping people.

Even though you’re making money.

Because while you go about your day, doing the livestreams, writing the messages, creating the content, selling the offers, your true soulwork, the creative work you were born for, is being snuffed out.

Silenced. Pushed down. Ignored.

You know the thing you really want to be doing. It calls to you, day in and day out. From deep inside.

The stories. The screenplays. The novels. The songs. The paintings. The skits. The dance routines.

The ART.

It’s all being shoved aside, so you can build your shadow career. The business that allows you to sort of do the thing you really want to be doing, but without any real risk.

And you somehow manage to convince yourself that you’re doing your art. That your self-expression in the messaging and the ranty blog posts and livestreams is enough.

Yet that hole is still there.

That unfulfilled desire to do the creative things. Your true soulwork. Your actual art.

The real reason you came here.

You feel it, every time you watch a movie on Netflix or see a beautiful dance number or admire a painting. It tugs at your emotions. It pierces something deep within you.

Something that’s been untouched for so long you’re not even sure how to access it anymore.

I totally get you. I was once in your shoes.

I had built a thriving business as a Story Coach, while my own stories went unwritten. Stuck in my head as thoughts and dreams. Never seeing the light of day.

When I finally woke up to what I’d done… built a shadow career helping people to do the thing I really wanted to be doing but wasn’t, everything changed.

My stories, my creative work, became a daily priority. It became the first thing I focused my time on when I sat down in front of my laptop each day. It became an obsession.

To finally do the writing, create the characters, tell the truths of life through a fictional story.

Publishing my debut novel was 18 years in the making. And for so many creatives, just like you, it’s even longer.

Because most never realize what they’ve really been doing. Most never see the shadow career (and life) they’ve built. Most have deluded themselves into believing their own bullshit about what really matters.

But that’s just what it is… bullshit.

You didn’t come here to be a coach. You didn’t come here to create transformational programs. You didn’t come here to message and sell and create valuable content.

That all may have become part of your mission here, as you took a look at the world around you and realized that you could help. But you came here to do your true soulwork–the creative work–the stuff that most people die with it still inside them.

The stories. The screenplays. The novels. The songs. The paintings. The skits. The dance routines.

The ART.

That’s what you really came here for.

Dream life or bust,


How To Feel Like You Have It Now (Even If You Don’t)

A couple weeks ago, I posted a question in one of the Law of Attraction groups I’m in on Facebook and asked people what their biggest challenge is with making the LOA work for them. And one of the most common challenges that came up over and over again, was not knowing how to feel like you already have the thing you desire to have.

Law of Attraction is all about emotion and feeling. It’s about creating a feeling inside of already having the things you desire.

By doing that, you magnetize the things you desire to you.

Why? Because we live in a feeling, vibration-based Universe where like attracts like. Which means if you’re on the same feeling vibration as the thing you desire to have, it will be attracted to you, like a magnet.

Problem is, most people on a day-to-day basis are focused on the absence or lack of the things they desire, and so the feeling frequency and the vibe they’re sending out is saying, “I don’t have what I want.”

And what does, “I don’t have what I want” attract? More of not having what you want.

There’s no way around it. That’s how our Universe works. And it’s an inclusive Universe, meaning anything you include in your focus and vibration will be what shows up for you.

Even if you don’t actually want it.

So how do you get around this? How do you get yourself on the vibration of what you desire to have?

You must FEEL IT, like you already have it right now. (Even if you don’t.) And that’s where most people get tripped up.

We’re taught a lot of useless, nonsense stuff in school and growing up, but one thing we’re not taught–which is actually something that’s important for us to know–is how to connect with our emotions and create feelings inside ourselves.

In fact, we’re often taught that feeling our feelings is bad or makes us weak (all nonsense, by the way).

So we avoid the way we feel. We ignore it. And instead of being proactive and creating our feelings intentionally, we spend our lives being reactive to everything happening around us.

But if you’re ever going to have the things you desire, you must learn how to be intentional about your feelings. You must find a way to feel like you already have the things you want right now.

And that’s the challenge. That’s the thing most people struggle with.

So I’m going to show you how to move past that and begin feeling like you have what you want right now.

1. You Must Be Very Clear On What You Want

You can’t be intentional about manifesting what you desire if you’re not clear on what it is you actually want. You must be very clear on it.

Grab your journal and spend some time answering the questions: what do I really want right now and why?

This is an important step–you must know what you want and why you want it. The “what” and the motivation for the “what” (aka: the why), is your job.

If you don’t know what you want or aren’t clear enough on it, you’ll never get it.

2. Figure Out How You Would Feel If You Already Have It

This is the challenging part, because if you don’t currently have something or you’ve never had it or experienced it before, it’s hard to know exactly what you’d be feeling if you had it now. This is when that skill of educating guessing comes into play.

You must make a hypothesis about how you think you’ll feel if you had it now.

For example, let’s say you want to be a Best Selling Author on Amazon. What feelings do you hypothesize you’ll feel when you get there?

Here are some options for what you might feel: happy, excited, passionate, motivated, proud of yourself, confident, badass.

Grab your journal and make a list right now of every positive emotion you associate with becoming a Best Selling Author (or whatever your goal is).

3. Figure Out Where In Your Life You Already Feel That Way

Now take a look at your list of the positive emotions associated with you having the thing you desire, and then figure out where in your current life you already feel those same feelings.

For example, maybe you have a dog who makes you feel happy and excited. And maybe you worked really hard at earning a college degree and it makes you feel passionate, confident and proud of yourself.

Grab your journal and list out everything you currently own or have experienced that makes you feel all of the positive emotions you listed out. It doesn’t matter what it is you currently have in your life that makes you feel those emotions, just find the things that do.

4. Use the Things You Already Have As A Starting Point for Creating the Feeling of Having Your Desires Now

Now that you’re clear on what you want, what you will feel when you have it, and what you already have that makes you feel that way, all you have to do is combine the two. My favorite way to do this is through visualization.

Start by closing your eyes and imagining all of the things you already have/have experienced that make you feel how you think you’ll feel when you have the things you desire (that you don’t currently have).

Really steep yourself in these emotions. Feel them as deeply as you can.

Once you’re really feeling the emotions of the things you already have, then you can start to bring in images of the things you desire but don’t yet have. Essentially what you’re doing is connecting the feelings of having it now with the things you don’t yet have.

And the cool thing is, the Universe can’t tell the difference between you feeling a certain way about something you already have versus feeling that way about something you want but don’t have. The Universe responds exclusively to the feelings you’re putting out.

So if you can associate the positive feelings you get from the things you already have with the things you desire to have, you’ll begin magnetizing those things to you.

The more time you spend doing this–I recommend at least 4-5 minutes a day, minimum–the sooner you’ll actually have those things you desire.

Now most people won’t do this. Most people want things, but don’t want them bad enough to do what it takes to get them.

But you’re different.

You know what you’re meant for and you refuse to accept anything else. For you, there is only Plan A.

This is how you get there.

Dream life or bust,


Your Worth Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With How Many Dollars Are In Your Bank Account

There was a time, however long ago, when you knew your worth. When you fully believed in yourself. When you valued your talents and the things you have to offer the world.

There was a time when you didn’t question your gifts. Didn’t wonder if you were good enough. Didn’t consider anything other than offering love and acceptance to yourself.

You were born that way.

You knew you came to this planet worthy and deserving of everything you desire and more.

But then the outside world came in and programmed you to measure your worth against external factors. Factors like how much money you have or how much success you’ve earned or how many people are following you or whether or not enough people bought your latest offer.

And it’s total bullshit.

Hear this and hear this good: your worth has NOTHING to do with how much money you make, how much money you have in your bank account, how much you sell or your level of success. Not now, not ever.

Everyone is worthy. Everyone has talents, gifts and value to share with the world. Everyone.

You were born worthy.

You have always been worthy.

You will always be worthy.

And there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Your bank balance being at zero doesn’t change it. You are worthy.

Your lack of email list subscribers doesn’t change it. You are worthy.

The fact that you only sold two spots in your most recent program (both to people you already know) doesn’t change it. You are worthy.

You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy.

And as soon as you stop measuring your worth against ridiculous outside factors or the things other people are doing, you’ll start to see it too.

Dream life or bust,


How To Get Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of And More

One of the biggest reasons we don’t allow ourselves to want what we truly want is because we don’t know HOW we’ll get it. It makes sense, logically. After all, if you don’t know HOW you’ll do something, then you won’t know what actions to take or what to do to get there.


Except the thing is, the How is not up to you. It never is.

Your job is the “What” and the “Why.” The Universe handles the “How.”

But for some freaking reason, we still mistakenly think the How is up to us.

So what ends up happening is, you do nothing. You take no action. You push down the desire, the dream. You ignore it. You pretend it doesn’t exist.

You don’t even allow yourself to want it.

Thinking you need to figure out the How is what keeps you stuck or living a mediocre life that doesn’t really make you happy.

You don’t need to figure out How. The How is never up to you.




Now that doesn’t mean you can just know what you want or ask for what you want and then just sit there and wait for your dream to be delivered on a silver platter. ‘Cause that ain’t gonna happen.

If you wait for what you want to show up, you will always be waiting.

So what do you do? What do you do when you badly want something, but have no freaking clue HOW you’ll make it happen?

First, stop thinking you need to make it happen. You don’t. The Universe makes it happen.

Second, you get super CLEAR on what it is you want. Fully allowing yourself to want what you ACTUALLY want.

Third, you ASK for it. You put it out there to the Universe that you want this thing and you’re now officially asking for it.

Fourth, as Abraham-Hicks would say, the Universe answers immediately, and the answer is always yes, or something better.

BUT just because the Universe answers DOESN’T mean you will be able to hear the answer right away. Because hearing the answer comes down to tuning yourself to the frequency of the thing you desire.

When you get yourself into a high-vibe state; when you feel really good; when you’re on the same vibration as the thing you want, then the Universe sends you nudges. I like to call these nudges Divine Downloads or Inspired Ideas.

And if you follow the nudges and take action (even if it doesn’t make logical sense), you will get on the path to the HOW for receiving the thing you want.

That’s How it works. Everything is vibration.

But the How can only reach you if you’re doing the work to vibrate at the same frequency as the thing you want. Otherwise the misalignment will cause you to not be able to hear the nudges.

How do get into the vibration of the thing you want?

Feel good. Amp up your energy. Do things that make you happy.

When you’re feeling good, you’re vibrating at the same frequency of Source Energy and everything that you could ever dream of having, being and doing. And so the things you desire can’t help but be magnetized to you.

It. Is. Law.

Dream life or bust,