The Best of 2018: Free Storytelling Resources

Whew! I still can’t believe we’ve already almost completed another year of life. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun and doing what you love 🙂 

Every year I feel like I could’ve done more, but then when I look back at the end of the year, I’m always surprised by how much I actually did (and just didn’t remember that I did!). 

So I thought it would be a lot of fun to create a few “Best of 2018” posts that share with you my best content from the year, so you can have it all in one place to reference whenever you need it. 

This post is covering the best storytelling stuff I created this year. Without further ado, I give you:

  • The Story Secrets Audio Series–without a doubt this is the most powerful storytelling content I created this year. In this 11-part (short) audio series, I covered the top 11 issues I see with writers stories. After 10+ years as a Developmental Editor, these are by far the most common things writers get wrong.
  • Story Deconstruction: 47 Meters Down–this past summer I did a story deconstruction for Larry Brooks’ blog, StoryFIx. The story I deconstructed was one that I found on Netflix (it’s available on Amazon Prime Video right now too) and fell in love with. The structure is amazing and it really shows you how you can take the craziest things and make them into a story when you apply the principles of storytelling.
  • Common Signs You Have An Episodic Narrative and Not An Actual Story–yes, this is the BIG one. The #1 most common problem I see in writer’s stories… they don’t actually have a story! (‘Cause a story has to meet certain criteria in order to count as a story; watch the training for more).
  • Handling Backstory In A Novel–dealing with backstory in a novel is a big issue a lot of writers have. So I created a video that explains exactly how to handle backstory in your novel.
  • How To Write Better Dialogue–this training goes over how to write dialogue that actually adds to the story as opposed to just being a conversation between characters. 
  • The Difference Between A Novel, A Memoir and A Nonfiction Book–this is actually a question I get asked A LOT, so I made a video explaining the differences. 
  • The #1 Thing Writers Miss When Writing A Romance Or Love Story Subplot–ah, love. It shows up in most stories, but not every writer gets it right (it took me a while to learn how to do this one!). Here’s how to get it right.

And this is only the best storytelling stuff I created this year!! There are still several other categories of “Best Of” to come. 

For now, check these resources and trainings out in this blog post. They will help you to write better stories. 

Oh, and if you want actual help from me to write a better story, here are two ways you can work with me right now:

  1. Developmental Editing—I’m booking Developmental Editing clients for 2019. If you’re ready to hire a Developmental Editor to read your manuscript and tell you what’s working, what’s not and how to fix it, check out my Developmental Editing page for info on this service.

Dream life or bust,


New Freebie: The Story Secrets Audio Series

I’ve been a story coach and content editor for almost a decade now. I’ve seen thousands of stories at all different stages, from just an idea to a draft that’s already been written and rewritten a few times.

And there are several bigger issues I see writers having with their stories. I see these same issues over and over again, in almost every writer and every story I work with.

What it comes down to is not having a complete understanding of the elements of craft or how to actually implement those elements in their own stories.

I once suffered from the exact same problem, back in 2008 when I wrote my first novel and afterward discovered I didn’t know enough about craft to make my story work. And I was missing structure (HUGE issue!!)

So I’ve created my FREE Story Secrets audio series where I share my insider secrets on the things I see writers getting wrong in their stories, so you can get it right.

The FREE Story Secrets audio series will introduce you to the things that most writers get wrong in their stories and give you tips and examples for how to do it better.

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