If you’re reaching out about Developmental Book Editing, please make sure you’ve first checked out my Developmental Book Editing page here.

Some things to know before you reach out to me:

  1. I do not do sample edits–the reason I don’t do them is because Developmental Editing requires me to read your entire manuscript as a whole before I can properly give you feedback. So only reading a sample of your manuscript would be doing a disservice to you. (Sample edits are for Line Editors/Proofreaders NOT for Developmental Editors.)

  2. I do not hold editing spaces–I only have 5 editing spots a month and they are reserved for paying clients. I do not hold spots for anyone unless you’ve signed up already or paid a deposit.

If you have questions or are ready to get started with your Developmental Book edit, or if your message is about anything else, please use the form below to contact me: