Eight Words That Are Guaranteed To Change Your Life: Feeling Good Is The Point And The Path

In December 2018, I made a decision: I was no longer available to not feel good.

At the time, my business wasn’t making much money (and hadn’t been for most of that year), I was in a marriage/relationship that was no longer aligned for me, I was emotionally in a very negative place most days, and it felt like everything around me was starting to crack.

I didn’t know what to do anymore.

But even with the overwhelming feeling that nothing was ever going to change and I was destined to spend the rest of my life living the wrong life, I stuck with my daily mindset and spiritual practices. I continued to tune in, reconnect and listen for guidance.

And one morning, in early December 2018, I heard that guidance loud and clear.

I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks audio on YouTube. She was talking about money and how if you don’t have enough money or money is a problem area for you, the best way to improve it is to ignore it.

She went on to say you can improve every single area of your life that’s “going wrong” by ignoring those areas and instead focusing all of (or most of) your energy and attention on the area(s) that are going well. As you do that, she said, you will raise your vibration, which automatically has to improve the other areas to meet that new vibration.

Interesting, I thought. Is it really possible to improve something that’s not working by focusing on something else that is?

And then I had a thought… what if I just focused all of my energy and attention on doing what felt good to me? For most of 2018, I had been focused on figuring out how to feel good and how to sustain that feeling, so this thought sparked inspiration in me.

What if I just focused as much of my time every day on feeling good and ignored everything else? Interesting.

As I was having these thoughts, the Abraham-Hicks audio was still playing in the background. And then I heard something that literally changed my life.

It wasn’t the words she said that changed things, but her words were the catalyst for the thought that came next.

I don’t even remember her exact words; she was talking about feeling good, and suddenly I heard a message in my mind that was so clear, so concise and so dead-on-balls-accurate (thanks, Marisa Tomei) that I will never, ever forget it.

That message was… feeling good is the point and the path.

I had no clue how much those words were about to transform my entire life as I then knew it. All I knew was, there was something about the message that resonated with me at a deep level.

I decided in that moment to commit FULLY to feeling good every single day, for as long as I possibly could, no matter who or what was going on around me.

And then I started to take action on it.

I focused my day on feeling good. I would check in with how I was feeling throughout the day. I intentionally looked for things to do that would make me feel good.

I spent more time outside. I walked to Starbucks and Whole Foods (across from my apartment at the time) and worked on my books and my business. I listened to positive, high-vibe music. I played Abraham-Hicks audios all throughout my day. I pulled out my list of things that make me feel good and started to incorporate more of that into my daily life.

I only took action if something felt good. If it didn’t, I waited ’til it did or I found a way to make it feel good. I only made decisions from a feel-good place (no more fear-based decisions allowed). I went home to see my family for the holidays (jumped a lot of hoops to make that happen). I got to meet my niece and nephew for the first time (they were born that summer).

When I got back to Texas after Christmas, I amped up my feel-good as much as I could. I wrote a list of all the things I needed to release and I burned it in the fireplace. I thought more about additional ways to feel good.

At this point, I was feeling really freaking good. Every day, more and more, I was finding things to do that made me feel good. I was sustaining that feeling longer and longer each day.

First weekend in January 2019, I came across a docu-series on Netflix called, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The series is based on her insanely bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

The premise of her tidying up process is that you only keep things that spark joy. So you literally go around to every single item in your closet, in your house, in your car, etc., and you hold it and see if it sparks joy for you. If it does, you keep it, if it doesn’t, you get rid of it.

Being that I was so focused on my feel-good commitment, this felt right up my alley. I binge-watched the whole first season, and then I got inspired to tidy up my apartment.

I followed her process and went through everything in the apartment that belonged to me, including all of my clothes, books, the papers I had filed away, my kitchen, living room, etc. I finished it over the weekend and by Sunday night, the energy in my apartment was feeling very joyful and high-vibe.

Not only that, but I was feeling super joyful and high-vibe. I was feeling soooooooo good, better than I had ever felt before. It was working. While the outside hadn’t changed much at that point, I could feel that my internal world had made a major shift.

And two days later, I received evidence in my physical reality that confirmed all of the work I’d done to feel good AND further solidified for me the message that feeling good is the point and the path.

I woke up that morning, did my usual feel-good mindset practice, and was in a particularly high-vibe state. And then my husband (at the time), sat down in a chair across the room for me and said: I don’t know how to say this, but I want a divorce.

For most people, this wouldn’t be a positive thing. For me, it was the answer to something I had been asking for, but hadn’t, until that point, known how to bring it into my reality.

By choosing to feel good in spite of everyone and everything going on around me, and making that more of a priority than anything else, I raised myself to a vibrational frequency that no longer matched with his, and so he moved out of my life experience.

That event was enough evidence for me to commit my life to living this message and sharing it with the world.

You can have anything you want or desire. ANYTHING.

But you have to get on the same frequency as the thing(s) you want. And the frequency of the thing(s) you want is always the feel-good frequency.

That’s what feeling good is the path means. It means you can’t receive what you want until you get yourself on the feel-good path.

I wanted my marriage to either transform into the relationship I wanted or for it to dissolve with him breaking up with me. That is what I asked God for in the summer of 2018, when I was fed up with living the wrong life and yet too afraid to do anything about it.

And for months, I didn’t receive anything except for more of the same. Why?

Because after I asked for what I wanted–which, when you break it down, was to feel good in my relationship or for my relationship to end so I can feel good alone (that’s what “feeling good is the point” means)–I didn’t do anything to put myself on the path to actually receiving it.

I continued to stay on the same path I was already on. And as years of my life will show you, that path did not get me the result I was looking for.

It was only when I got myself on the feel-good path that the thing I wanted could come to me. I was finally on the same frequency it was on.

A year later… in December 2019, my life looks completely different. I am finally living the right life.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I feel the best I’ve ever felt, I’m the most aligned I’ve ever been, I am the most connected and in tune with myself and with the Universe/God than I’ve ever been.

Most importantly, I’m in the most loving, deep, connected, truthful, accepting and loyal relationship I’ve ever been in… WITH MYSELF.

And that has also allowed me to man-ifest into my life the most loving, deep, connected, truthful, accepting and loyal man and relationship I’ve ever had.

When you make the same decision–to feel good every day for as long as possible, no matter what–and then hold yourself to it, I guarantee your life will never be the same,

One year from today, you will be standing in a whole new life. You will be looking out at a future that feels expansive and full of endless possibilities.

That’s exactly where I’m standing right now, one year after making the decision and then committing my life to feeling good.

Dream life or bust,


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