Everything I’ve Done (Or Everything I Can Remember That I’ve Done, Anyhow) During This Decade

✅ wrote and published a novel

✅ wrote and published 12+ books

✅ wrote 4 screenplays, one of which placed as a semi-finalist in a prominent script contest

✅ wrote and published 1,000+ blog posts

✅ created hundreds of videos and livestreams

✅ had my writing featured on some of the biggest name blogs in the world

✅ launched dozens of digital products and online workshops and programs

✅ hit #1 on Amazon in my book category (and other categories) numerous times

✅ created and launched two podcasts

✅ created a live weekly online radio show

✅ recorded hundreds of audios

✅ created a t-shirt collection

✅ helped thousands of writers plan their stories and write their books

✅ spoke on dozens podcasts and online summits

✅ created thousands of social media posts

✅ built a dozen serving boards

✅ refurbished several pieces of furniture

✅ taught a 4-day in-person story development workshop alongside my mentor

✅ taught dozens of in-person writing and storytelling workshops

✅ became an expert on story structure

✅ interviewed hundreds of experts on a wide range of topics

✅ wrote hundreds of freelance articles

✅ sang backup vocals to cover songs for a live party band

✅ launched an Etsy shop selling handmade reclaimed wood serving boards

And I know there’s a whole lot of other stuff I’m just forgetting right now (I’m keeping this as a running list so I can add to it as I remember stuff).

All of this to say three things…

1. You’re probably getting a whole lot more done than you think you are, and you’d see that if you took more time to pay attention and celebrate your wins.

2. Absolutely ANYTHING is possible if you know what you want, take consistent action on it and finish what you start.

3. If there’s anyone on this planet who can help you make your dreams a reality, it’s ME 🙋🏻‍♀️(PM for the current opportunities I have to work with me).

That is all. Carry on with your badass self. 🔥

Dream life or bust,


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