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FINISH Your damn novel

30 days of kick-ass motivation, inspiration and getting-writing-done for writers who have started a novel (first draft or revision) and want to finish

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Become A Finisher.

Last year I wrote the first draft of a novel. And then I started the revision. But somewhere along the way, I got distracted and never finished. 

Sound familiar? 

Or maybe your version goes more like this... started the first draft of a novel and never finished it. Or started a story plan or brainstorming an idea, but never actually wrote the first draft. 

Either way, there's a serious problem going on... you're not finishing. 

Finishing is a huge part of success as a writer. You have to be able to not just start things, but actually FINISH THEM.

Now over the years, I've trained myself to become a finisher. And one of the ways I finish is to force myself into a set deadline.

I'm ready to FINISH the revisions of my second novel, so I can hand it over to my editor and Beta Readers and get their feedback. So starting April 1, I'm challenging myself to FINISH the revisions of my novel in 30 days

And then I thought... why not invite you to join me? 

There's something super motivational and empowering about participating in a challenge along with other writers. Which is why I decided to create this workshop... 

FINISH Your Damn Novel



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Daily accountability

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In this workshop, you will get the first draft or revision of your novel FINISHED!

Here's how:
> Daily accountability check-ins 
> Daily virtual writing sprints with Jennifer and the rest of the group
> Daily motivational emails to inspire you to keep on writing

> Weekly livestreams where you can interact with Jennifer live to brainstorm, get feedback, ask questions--whatever else you need to keep writing and finish your novel

*All content and interaction (minus the emails) will take place inside the private workshop Facebook group

This workshop is perfect for you if you: 
> Started a first draft and want to finish it
> Started revising a draft and want to finish it
> Like fast-paced environments where everyone is taking action and getting writing done
> Want to be in the company of like-minded writers who are all finishing a first draft or novel revision, including the workshop leader (Jennifer)
> Are sick of not having a completed draft or revised manuscript ready for the next step in the process (editing and Beta Reading)

how amazing would it feel to have your novel finished?! 


Since the workshop starts on a Saturday, we're doing a 'Kick-Start Your Word Count' Kick-Off Weekend that includes livestream trainings on busting through writers block; overcoming fear, doubt and distractions; how to write faster; and setting yourself up for success during the workshop (and the rest of your writing life). 

Everything will be recorded in case you can't attend live. 



1. Does it matter how far along I am?
Nope! This workshop is for writers who have started a first draft or revision of a novel, regardless of how much you have completed so far.

2. Are there set times I need be around for?
That's up to you. There will be scheduled livestreams during the week, but everything will be recorded if you can't attend live and you can pre-submit questions for me to answer. 

The virtual daily writing sprints will happen inside the private workshop Facebook group at varying times each day, to mix things up and try to hit as many timezones as possible. During the workshop kick-off weekend, we'll figure out the best time(s) that work for the group. 

3. What do I need to participate?
You need the draft of a novel you'v either started writing or started revising, as well as access to Facebook. You'll also receive daily emails sent to the email address that you sign up with (if you need to change/update your email address, contact:

4. What if I have a nonfiction book I need to finish?
Great! You can absolutely join us. The workshop content is meant to motivatve, inspire and empower you to FINISH your book, regardless of what type of book that may be (I just called the workshop "Novel" because most people in my audience write fiction). 

*If you have a question that's not listed here, send an email to: and we'll get it answered for you.