Go Ahead and Break the Rules…They’re Just Made Up Anyhow

Follow the rules. Do what you’re told. Respect your elders. Listen to authority. Stop thinking that you know what’s best. Don’t take stupid risks.

This is how to live your life. This is how to run an online business. This is how to make money. This is what to do after college. This is how to climb the corporate ladder. This is how to get them to buy from you.

We spend our lives being barraged by rules and guidelines and beliefs that other people and society have set as the standard for life and business.

But rules are just made up things that another human created. They’re not real. And the thing that’s really keeping you stuck right now is that you continue to buy into rules and beliefs that:

> No longer serve you
> Don’t feel good to you
> Don’t resonate with you on a soul level

You know what I say to everyone else’s rules and beliefs for how to live and run an online business? FUCK THAT SHIT.

I’m a risktaker. I’m one of the crazy ones. I’m a rulebreaker. And it’s the way I’ve always managed to end up getting exactly what I want in my life and business.

They told me: “Don’t quit your $70k a year job! You’re making more money in one year than most people ever dream of making. You have health insurance and benefits and vacation time…”

… Yet in March 2012, I quit. Walked away from it all. Left the money, the benefits, the health insurance on the table. Danced out to my car and knew that even though I had no plan and no money saved up, I would somehow be just fine.

They told me: “Choose one thing. Focus. Become an expert. Get known for something specific first and then branch out. You’ll never make the money you want to make being so scattered…”

… Yet in 2017 I managed to make $82,707 CASH in my business by not choosing one thing, by focusing on all of my passions and interests, by being an expert in the only thing you’re ever really an expert in–being yourself. I’m scattered AF in my business according to most people, and yet I still pulled in enough money last year to replace my former day job income AND then blasted past it.

They told me: “You can’t do it all so you should stop trying…”

… Yet here I am, running a growing empire where I get to spend time doing all the things I love to do, focusing on the things I’m passionate about, and creating whatever the fuck I feel like creating, from books to group workshops to self-paced eCourses to coaching programs to my own t-shirt line. And I know when something else interests me, I’ll find a way to fit it all in. #MultiPassionateForLife

They told me: “You have to grow your email list if you want to make a lot of money. It’s all about the numbers…”

… Yet I still managed to make $82,707 in 2017 with an email list of 3,500 people (with only 500-600 of those people actually opening my emails regularly) and an online following of less than that.

They told me: “Getting your dream job out of college isn’t likely. You should just take whatever you can get and work your way up from there…”

… Yet in 2005 when I graduated from college I stepped right into what was, at the time, my absolute dream job: working as a magazine editor in Southern California.

They told me: “Don’t move across the country by yourself! You’re crazy! You’ll be all alone. You’ll have no one to turn to…”

… Yet in June 2005, I packed 5 bags, got on a plane and flew 3,000 miles to a state I’d never been to, where I knew no one, and started a brand new life.

Any time anything totally badass has happened in my life, it always started with me breaking the rules. With me consciously choosing to trust what I feel inside and to make that more important than all the external noise going on around me.

I have a lot of respect for the rulebreakers and the risktakers and the rebels of the world. We may be called “black sheep” by society and our families. We may be treated differently because of how we think and because of the actions we take. We may be viewed as insane by everyone else around us.

But we don’t care. Because we know the truth.

That the only way to live your dream life, to achieve your goals, and to be, do and have all of the things you desire, is to get comfortable with breaking the rules, busting through the status quo and fully believing in your own insanity.

Dream life or bust,


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