Getting Your Guest Posts Published On Big-Name Sites Like Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen or Requires 2 Things:
A Killer Guest Post (Idea +  Article) and An Attention-Grabbing Pitch

Sounds simple, but there's a lot more that goes into it. 

Introducing: The Ultimate Guest Posting Kit -- everything you need to write, pitch and get your guest posts published.

The Ultimate Guest Posting Kit includes:

1. A Step-By-Step Guest Posting Guide
Walking you through, from start to finish, everything you need to do it to get published, including sample guest post pitches that got accepted for publication.
2. The Guest Post Research Sheet
Use this to keep track of all the potential blogs you want to guest post on, so you can have the info available at all times
3. The Brainstorming Ideas Worksheet
This will help you come up with the perfect guest post idea, by walking you through an exercise that creates "gotta click" headlines
4. The Pitch Formula
This is the go-to formula for pitching your guest post and getting a "yes"
5. The Guest Post Article Outline
Now you can't blame not knowing how to write the article as the reason you're not guest posting. This outline tells you exactly what to write in the article, and even gives you an example article to help illustrate how it works.
6. The Guest Post Tracking Sheet
As you get more into guest posting, this will help you keep everything organized
7. The Day of Publication Checklist
Use this checklist to make sure you follow all the important steps on the day your guest post goes live, so you can look like a total pro and bond more with the site's editor
8. The Post-Publication Checklist
This checklist will guide you through what to do on the day after your guest post comes out, so you stay connected with the editor for future guest post possibilities 

BONUS #1: 25 Popular Blogs to Guest Post On
This list tells you the top 25 blogs for guest posting, and includes links to each site's guest post guidelines and contact info
BONUS #2: 10 Ways to Skyrocket Your Guest Post Exposure
Here are 10 ideas to help you get as much exposure for your guest post as possible
BONUS #3: The Anatomy of A Published Guest Post
A step-by-step walk-thru of an example guest post that got published on Huffington Post, from pitch to publication



The Ultimate Guest Posting Kit


The Ultimate Guest Posting Kit
Lifetime Access to the Guest Post Guru Facebook Group (so you can get feedback on your pitches and articles before you submit them)