Need Motivation? Hire A Coach

“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them,
but by building a fire within,” Bob Nelson

Sports teams, upon winning a big game, often thank their coach. But why? The coach didn’t even do anything…or did they?The job of a coach is to teach, mentor and motivate. And when they do this, they spark something inside that causes you to take action. That’s why a lot of people have life coaches and personal trainers and nutrition counselors. All of these people are doing, in essence, the same job–motivating you to take action and succeed. And most importantly, they care whether or not you succeed.

A writing coach is no different. Their job is to offer you insight, advice and motivation for completing whatever project you’re working on. And they’ll stick with you until the final chapter.

I just hired a writing coach of my own. She’s going to be helping me work toward completing my very first novel. And I am so excited and eager to get started!

If this sounds like an option that would help you, I suggest doing some research and finding a writing coach that you feel you can work with. A good way to do this is to interview potential coaches to find out what they’re all about. Then make your decision. Some coaches are better with certain writing styles or certain subjects, etc.

Here’s an article on “7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Coach,” to get you started.

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