How I Manifested My Divorce

Those who know me know I’m a badass manifester. I can make pretty much anything happen and fast.

I’ve always used my manifestation skills to create the things I wanted to have show up in my life (things like money, opportunities, new clients, etc). But I hadn’t ever used those skills to manifest myself out of a situation before.

Until the summer of 2018 when I decided to give it a go. And less than 6 months later, I got exactly what I asked the Universe for: my husband (now Ex) asked me for a divorce.

If you’re in a marriage/long-term relationship that you feel stuck in, but know deep-down you want out of, here’s an episode of my 35 and Divorced radio show you should check out right now:


Feeling good is the whole point of life AND it’s the path to receive the things you desire, which includes a fulfilling, feel-good relationship.

I hope this inspires you to stop settling for less than what you desire and know you’re worth. 💙

P.S. If you’re looking for coaching around making a transition in your life, from where you are right now to where you desire to be, send me a message and let’s chat about working together to make that happen.

6 Replies to “How I Manifested My Divorce”

  1. Why would you need to ask the universe to ask your husband to ask you for a divorce…why not just ask him in the summer of 2108?

  2. Was it a good divorce ? Was there any drama. I feel like this is a good sign I was just praying. And thought I’m going to Google this.

    1. @Judith Yes, it was a totally amicable, civil and peaceful divorce. Zero drama. It was just two adults who both agreed our relationship had expired. We even filed the paperwork together and then went and had lunch afterward. I know that was part of me manifesting what I asked for.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am trying to divorce my husband for last 10 years but it is him often saying he will change and we keep going through the same pattern. I want to apply these principles even more to trust the universe.

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