How To Write An eBook, Part 9: Launch Day

This is the final installment in a nine-part series on How To Write An eBook: From Idea to Launch. You can read part one here, part two here, part three here, part four here, part five here, part six here, part seven here and part eight here.

It’s the day you’ve been writing toward for months now: launch day. The day your eBook will finally reach the hands of readers.

It’s time to blow this thing out of the water! Here are some things to keep in mind and prep for come launch day:

Launch Day Basics

There are some basic things you need to do to have a successful launch day, this includes:

  • Clear your schedule for the entire day—unless what you have planned is launch-related, like an interview. 
  • Expect that something will go wrong—when it does, don’t panic. Take lots of deep breaths and correct the problem however you can.
  • Be available to field emails, answer questions, etc.
  • Get up early—you’ve got a lot to do!
  • Decide on your promo ahead of time—will you offer a discount for the first week your book is available? Will you include a bonus for purchasing your book? Decide on this ahead of time so you can build it into your launch plans.
  • Set up all guest posts, blog tours and interviews ahead of time—don’t try doing this the week of launch. Most blogs have a two to three week lead time. Set these up during the planning phase of your launch so you’re ready to go the week your book comes out.

Plan Your Launch Day: A.M.

Use the morning of launch day to do the most important tasks related to the launch itself:

  • Flip the switch—make your book sales page live and ready for purchases
  • Test everything once more—you should have tested everything, like your buying and payment process, email follow ups, etc, ahead of launch day. But the morning of when you flip things to “live,” it’s always a good idea to test everything once more. (I didn’t do that during my original Badass Writers Bootcamp launch and it turned out the sign up process wasn’t working.)
  • Focus on marketing and connecting—your book is officially launched, now it’s time to spread the word! Use social media, connect with your readers and market your book.

Plan Your Launch Day: P.M.

Once the morning is over, you’ll be through most of the craziness of the day (I said most). Next you’ll want to use your afternoon/evening to:

  • Respond to emails—by this point in the day, you’ll likely have emails piling up that need to be responded to. Keep your focus on the launch and only respond to book-related emails (or really urgent emails that can’t wait).
  • Continue to participate in whatever launch activities you planned—interviews, social media chats, webinars, etc.
  • Do Giveaways of your book to keep the momentum going—You can do this via social media, your blog, other people’s blogs and also via your email newsletter list.

Post Launch Activities

Whew! Launch day is over. Now you can breathe and relax, right?

Not quite.

You have to keep the momentum going, and you do this by continuing to focus on promoting your book and yourself. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Keep up with your marketing—writing guest posts, creating bonus content and other activities of that nature aren’t just for launch day. You need to do them weekly to keep building your audience and getting your book in front of new people.
  • Manage your Amazon Author Page—if you’re selling your book through Kindle, you should update your Author Page from time-to-time (and if you don’t have an Author Page, set one up pronto!).
  • Follow up with your buyers—send a personalized thank you email. Invite them to share their feedback. Ask them to write a review on your book’s Amazon page.

Writing, publishing and launching your eBook can be a fairly quick and fun process if you stay focused and dedicate yourself to getting it written.

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