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I get inspired by hearing about where others are at along the journey. I devour Jennifer’s suggestions and mini-videos. I like listening to her talk! She gets me going.

What I like best is the sincerity and tenacity of the members. It’s like having a group of “writing pen pals.” I like being a witness to our members successes and dreams.

Since joining the group, I’ve become a Featured Contributor to the blog,–I write a bi-monthly post for them now; I’ve created 1/2 of a new novel. Got a lot done on creating an author’s platform. Don’t check in as much as I used to–but am busy writing. Always holding a heart space for our group and the love of craft.

Stephanie Raffelock


The Bestselling Author Mastermind is a high-level, all-access writing community and mentorship group with 3x Amazon Best Selling Author, Jennifer Blanchard.

Being successful as an author comes down to the things you do every single day. If you’re not doing your writing every day, finishing your writing projects on a regular basis, hitting “publish” and getting your writing out in the world, it’s time for a serious reality check.

The WHOLE POINT of being a writer is to BE READ.

So if your ideas, your stories, your books never actually get published, it’s a loss. The world is missing out and, most importantly, you’re missing out.

If you ever want your ideas and your stories to go beyond the hard drive on your computer, it’s time to do something different. (Unless, of course, you prefer to just leave all of your writing on there for your relatives to find when you’re dead.)

The truth is if you don’t make a change now, you’re never gonna make a change, because all you ever have is RIGHT NOW.

One day may never come–you’re not guaranteed tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. And you’ve locked in a pattern thanks to years of not doing and not finishing, which will only continue to build the momentum of not doing, not being and not having the writing life you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll never create the success you want in your writing life if you don’t put a STOP to the pattern you’ve been living up ’til this point.

It’s time to OWN that you’re a writer and finally GO PRO. It’s the only way.

The Bestselling Author Mastermind helps you become the writer and author you’ve always dreamed of being, by creating the habits, mindset, craft-knowledge, consistency and follow-through that a successful author has. Being a member of this group will turn you into a FINISHER.

The thing that has most helped me is the unique and powerful mindset practices that Jen teaches in this group. I always thought I had a good handle on right thinking. But joining BAM made me see how much I was missing in terms of using my mind to create the writing life I really wanted. Jen is not lying when she says that her “Write Your Reality” practice is a game changer. And that’s just one of the tricks she has up her sleeve. If you learn and use them all, you will be unstoppable!

It’s difficult to choose one “best” thing about this group! But I will say what really made me fall in love with it is the genuine spirit of support and goodwill between the writers here. And that is a direct result of Jen’s philosophy of “there is no competition.” BAM offers not only the tools and motivation you need, but that feeling that everyone else is truly rooting for your success. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Since joining BAM, I’m absolutely committed to writing every day, no matter what else is going on. I’ve finally accepted the fact that small chunks of time add up, and I am seeing the results in terms of increased productivity: more blog posts, more time spent on my novel revisions, and gearing up to write/produce another film. And I was so inspired by seeing Jen become an Amazon best selling author, I just hit ‘publish’ on my very first eBook.

Mary DeRosa Hughes


What Your Membership Includes

  • Three Weekly Live-Virtual Work Sessions–three times a week we come together as a group and work alongside each other (virtually, that is) on our writing projects. Work session times vary each week to accommodate multiple timezones. 
  • Three Accountability Check Ins Each Week and Two Each Month–we do group check ins three times a week, and on the first and final days of the month, to help you stay accountable and motivated to keep going.
  • Unlimited Access to Jennifer In the Facebook Group–I’m in the group daily, checking in and responding to member posts. I’m here to support you all the way to the finish line (whatever that means for you). Post your story plan or writing for feedback, whatever you need, I’m here to support you on your journey. 
  • Monthly Story Deconstruction and Trainings in Writing, Revision, Publishing, Marketing, Mindset and Productivity–every month you get access to new content, including: story deconstructions, trainings that cover everything you need to write, revise, self-publish and sell your book. PLUS…
  • FREE Access to All of Jennifer’s Workshops and Digital Products that Cost $100 Or Less–all of them! Plus you get 50% off any workshops or digital products that cost more than $100 (excluding private coaching, VIP upgrades and live in-person events and workshops)
  • Inside, Behind-the-Scenes Access to Jennifer–I give you an inside look at how I get my writing done, how I’ve written and published 10+ books and counting–including three that became multi-category best sellers, my processes and tools, and will be with you in the writing trenches every day, week, month, year, from here on out. 
  • A Private Member’s Portal–all of the monthly member content all in one place (see the list of what you get access to below)
  • A Private Facebook Group–this is where all of the group interaction takes place

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside the Bestselling Author Mastermind Member’s Portal: 



Training in Craft

> Plan Your Damn Novel (video training series)
> Story Structure Kit (zip file)
> Creating Stakes In Your Story (audio training + worksheet)
> Cheatsheet for “Romancing The Beat” by Gwen Hayes (pdf)
> Concept and Premise (audio training + pdf)
> What To Write In The Middle of Your Story (aka: How to Connect Your Plot Points With Scenes) (video training)
> Writing Voice (writing voice, POVs and how to use them, etc.) (video training)
> Character Arc: Inner Demons and the Four Contexts of Character (video training)
> A Protagonist With a Goal (pdf + audio)
> An Antagonist With an Opposing Goal (pdf + audio)
> All About Story Structure – Live Call With Bestselling Author, Larry Brooks (audio)
> Writing Love Stories (pdf lessons, story deconstructions, etc.)
> The Structure of Love Stories (video training)
> Does Your Story Idea Suck? (video training)
> Idea, Concept, Premise (video training)

Novel Writing Resources

> Finish Your Damn Novel (pdf)
> Master Story Structure (toolkit)
> How To Know Which Story to Write (audio)
> Your Story on Steroids workbook (pdf)
> Story Roadmap Templates (beat sheet, roadmap, story circles worksheet, etc).
> Types of Scenes (pdf)
> Character Arc Worksheet (pdf)
> Character Arc Cheatsheet (pdf)
> The Story Structure Cheatsheet (pdf)
> The Movie Deconstruction Kit (toolkit)

Story Deconstructions

> Written and video-based deconstructions (pdf or video)


> Write and Publish Your Nonfiction eBook in 10 Days (self-paced eCourse)
> How to Write A Nonfiction eBook (blog post series)
> How To Write A Nonfiction eBook (eBook)
> Blog to Book (video training)


> Story Revision Kit (pdfs + audio)
> Revising your Story (audio training)
> Revision Checklist (pdf)
> Revision Notes workbook (pdf)


> How To Hire An Editor (audio training)
> Fiction and Nonfiction Editor Contacts (resource pdf)
> How To Design An eBook Cover (video training + resource guide)
> How To Format Your eBook (video training + resource guide and template)
> How To Publish Your eBook on Kindle (video training)
> How to Choose Your Key Words for Amazon (video training)
> How to Write a Story Synopsis (pdf)
> Story Synopsis Example: “SoundCheck” (pdf)


> The 5 Things to Do Daily to Sell More Books (audio + checklist)
> How to Sell Books Via Livestream or Video (video training)
> Sell More Books masterclass (video training)
> Make Money From Your Writing (audio training + worksheet)
> The Foundations of Growing Your Following and Selling More Books (audio training)
> Marketing Verticals (audio training + workbook)
> Grow Your Following (30 day self paced workshop)
> The Ultimate Guest Posting Kit (self-paced eCourse)
> Author Platform Training Series (video from live event + 10 Days of Mini Tasks)
> Authorpreneur Action Plan (pdf)
> Author Message Worksheet (pdf)
> Pen Name: How to Find Yours (pdf)


The Habits of A Pro

> Writing Habit Revamp (21-part audio training series)
> Writing Life Rehab (video training)

The Mindset of Success

> Manifest Your Writing Dreams to Life (30-part audio training series)
> Writer’s Confidence Boost (15-part audio series)
> Creating an “I Sell Books” Mindset (audio training + worksheet)
> The Pro Writer Mindset (video training)
> Journal Your Writing Dreams to Life (eBook + companion journal pdf)
> Write Your Reality – A Journaling Exercise (Facebook post)
> Amping Up the Feeling of Having It Now (audio training)
> The Evidence List: What It Is And How To Use It (video training)
> What To Do When You Don’t “Feel Like” Doing Something (Facebook post)

The Day-To-Day Writing Life

> The Go-To Tool For Being More Organized, Productive and Making More Progress – daily-weekly tracker (video + template)
> Daily Actions Checklist (pdf)
> How I Use Scrivener to Write and Organize My Novels (video training)

Writer’s Block

> Beat Procrastination Pronto (pdf)
> Unstick Your Stuck Words (pdfs)
> Writing Meditation (audio)
> Butt-In-Chair: A No-Excuses Guide For Writers Who Struggle to Get Started (eBook)


This group is AWESOME! The workbook we received at the start of the mastermind helped me clarify what I’m trying to achieve as a writer. I also like the accountability of telling everyone what they’re going to do for the week and then keeping on track to do it. The trainings and videos put together by Jen are awesome! I also like getting to know other members of the group. 

Since joining the group I’ve started working on the concept and premise for my next fiction work and I’ve also decided to write a non-fiction book based on my business blog. I’ve started brainstorming which ideas I most want to develop further and get out there.

Tracy Brenton


I love the accountability and being surrounded by other serious writers. The thing I like best about BAM is watching Jennifer kick ass! She’s an amazing leader and 100% walks the talk. Since joining the group, I’ve developed a daily writing habit. If I’m not actually writing, I’m planning, researching or developing my WIP.

Adam Bailey


The accountability and mindset work are what have helped me most. I was reluctant to go through aspects of the workbook, at first, thinking they wouldn’t help me, but I’d do it just because. But the mindset work has been tremendously helpful in making decisions about what is important. I am getting better at saying ‘no’ AND ‘hell no’ when people want to suck up my time. The accountability is exactly what I wanted. I’ve been able to complete three NaNoWriMos, but never a novel, and never more than a few written words in any other month. I’ve now got my first complete novel outline and 23,000 words written.

I like the collectivity of the BAM group. I get the feeling that we’re all rowing in the same direction in a flotilla of different boats. The group is supportive and focused and kind.

Since joining the group, I’ve written a complete novel beat sheet/outline, written 23,000 words, thought up ideas for two eBooks that will get outlined in the fall, and edited/partially rewrote a political issue fact sheet targeted at the US presidential candidates and edited/partially rewrote a political issues video script–things I’ve never done before and wouldn’t have dared to do before creating my ‘pro mindset‘.

Kym Kettler-Paddock


This mastermind group is for emerging writers and authors who want to: 

  • FINISH writing projects, and then start new ones and finish those too
  • MAKE PROGRESS consistently every week
  • SELL MORE BOOKS and learn how to build a successful author platform
  • HAVE ACCESS TO a success mindset and story coach (Jennifer) for questions, feedback, guidance and anything else you need along your journey
  • BE AROUND a community of like-minded writers and authors who are achieving their goals along with you
  • CREATE the habits, mindset, consistency and follow-through of a professional author 
  • PARTICIPATE in Jennifer’s workshops for FREE (*workshops and products that are $100 or less)

Who Is Jennifer Blanchard?

  • I’m an award-winning blogger, a 3x Amazon Best Selling Author, and a book strategy and success mindset coach for multi-passionate writers and authors who want to write and publish their books and create their dream writing lives all on their terms.
  • I’ve written and published 10+ books and counting, including 1 novel (My second novel is currently in revisions, and I’m gearing up to write a screenplay). 
  • I used to be the Queen Procrastinating Writer… I even had a blog called Procrastinating Writers. Back then I put everything before my writing, and I suffered. Today writing is the #1 priority in my life and I write anywhere from 5,000-7,000+ words a day. I give away all of my secrets in the Bestselling Author Mastermind.
  • I’m in the trenches alongside you, day in and day out, getting our writing done, achieving our goals, and being the writers and authors we dream of being. I get shit done and I will motivate, inspire, educate and empower you to do the same. 


Monthly Investment: $49

Pay-For-A-Year: $588 (and get an extra super awesome bonus)


This time around I’ve got two MEGA BONUSES for when you join the group (and an EXTRA-AWESOME BONUS if you pay for a year up front):

  • The Six Figure Author Marketing Content Library–this library has trainings on EVERYTHING from launching your author platform to creating Amazon ads for your books to building a book launch street team to figuring out your author message to finding your ideal readers to launching your book to creating a book sales funnel and MORE!
  • The 100-Day Writing Sprint workshop–on September 22 there will be 100 days left in 2017… which means it’s time to step the fuck up and light a fire under your ass to finally do what you said you would at the beginning of the year. This workshop is gonna create MASSIVE accountability and ass-kicking motivation for you to achieve your 2017 writing goals so that you don’t get to the end of December and feel disappointed in yourself. This year, you do things differently.
  • Pay-In-Full Bonus–and if you pay for a year of membership in full, you get a FREE 90-minute story development call with Jennifer so we can work through your story idea, plan out your Concept, plot, structure and build a scene roadmap for your story.


Monthly Investment: $49

Pay-For-A-Year: $588 (and get an extra super awesome bonus, see above)

Most helpful with the group has been the subtle way I’m held responsible to my writing goals. It’s good to read about everyone’s direction and priorities and difficulties. Makes the process more content-driven. What do I like best about the group? Because everyone in the group is at a different stage in either starting or bolstering their writing life it gives me a wider view onto the scope of what I need to accomplish.

My accomplishments since joining the group are evident: I have finished the concept and premise for my novel, nearly completed the outline and I’m just about to finish off, once the outline is complete, the first three chapters previously written but made better by the aforementioned work so critical to story, character arc, etc. I particularly like and am inspired by Jennifer’s coaching and very positive videos and blogs. They keep me going.

Howard Fishman 


My favorite parts of this group are the calls to action, training vids and daily reminder-like accountability posts. Since joining the group, I have 3 poetry compilation manuscripts put together and now in Beta Reader mode. I love the energy and spirit of the group too.

Roseanne Schmidt