Finally write a story that worth’s publishing!

Write Your Damn Story is THE workshop for emerging storytellers who want to write SELLABLE Novels and Screenplays!

Have you ever written 25,000 words of a draft and then got stuck?

Do you have a clear idea of how your story has to begin and end, but the middle is always fuzzy?

Have you read every book on fiction writing and taken every workshop you could find, but you still haven’t been able to implement what you’ve learned into a cohesive, engaging story?

You’re feeling frustrated and blocked.  And too often you find yourself watching Netflix or reading books instead of working on your own stories.

When you do manage to get yourself to show up to the page, you easily get distracted and end up self sabotaging by wasting time on Facebook or checking email.

And after all these years of playing with story ideas in your head and writing first drafts you’re still not where you want to be. Not finished. Not finding an agent. Not published.

If you don’t get a handle on this right now, a year from today you’ll still be in the same place – continuing to feel frustrated and one day maybe even quitting because you’ve had enough of the struggle.

At worse, you’ll die and your story will die with you. But let’s not go there…

Instead, imagine if anytime you got inspired, you had a process you could use to develop the idea into an actual story, and then create a story plan, with structure and scene-by-scene roadmap you can use to write your first draft.

And not just any first draft, but a first draft that contains the bones of your story and that’s a revision and edit away from being self-publishable or ready to submit to agents, executives and publishers.

There are 3 part to writing a story: Find Your Story + Develop and Plan the Story + Write the First Draft. This course takes you through all three parts of the story development and writing process and supports you in finishing what you start through daily accountability check ins and weekly live virtual group work sessions.

“But I’ve already ready every book and taken every fiction writing course”

So had I. As an ambitious learner who is always ready for more, I spent years of my life reading books and taking every workshop and class I could find on fiction writing and storytelling.  And while all those books and workshops and classes were great, they didn’t quite get it right.

Because there were key things missing that makes the difference between a killer story and an episodic narrative of a character’s life.  They also missed key things when it came to actually doing the writing – crippling things that can stop you from finishing. Ever.

They biggest gap of all that I found was there is very little out there in how to IMPLEMENT these key storytelling and craft principles into your own stories.

It’s great to have the info about craft and to learn all the plot point names and definitions, but if you don’t know how to then take that craft and those plot points and actually bring them to life in your own story, then all that knowledge is for nothing.

So after teaching dozens of my own classes and workshop and coaching hundreds of writers and seeing where they struggled and got stuck the most, and paying close attention to my own process and how I take an idea and turn it into an actual story, Iv’e created a course that is the gap-filler.

That will help any writer who struggles with getting 25,000 words into a draft and then getting stuck, or knowing what to do for the beginning or end of a story, but having no clue what goes in the middle, or who has a story idea and wants to bring it to life on the page, but just doesn’t know how (and anything you’ve tried, it never come out quite right).

This ain’t no fiction writing 101 shit – this is deep-dive master-level shit that will transform your storytelling ability, allowing you to not only have a better understanding of story but also be able to implement it in your own stories and hav a repeatable process you can use over and over again for every story you write, forever.