Live A Life That Feels Good To You And You’ll No Longer Care What Anyone Else Thinks Or Says Or Does

Back when I had a day job, I used to commute to an office. And like so many other people in the world, I used to drive aggressively (mostly because I was always running late).

I would fly past cars that were going too slow and weave in and out of traffic to get a tiny bit closer to where I needed to be (the opening scene from “Office Space” comes to mind). I would yell at other drivers (to myself) while stuck in traffic. It was ugly. And it definitely didn’t feel good.

But then I quit my job in March 2012, and I decided something: I would never again drive that way.

I had stepped into the freedom life and no longer had any reason or need to rush. I no longer cared how long it took me to get somewhere. I was no longer bothered by traffic.

I drive at a leisurely pace, no matter where I’m going. And I never rush—even if I’m late.

This way of driving feels really good to me.

To this day, I still drive like this. Leisurely. Never in a hurry. Always just feeling good and happy to take a drive.

Now, most people who drive with me say I “drive like a grandma” or I’m “a slow driver” (untrue—I drive the speed limit or 5-6 miles over). But I could care less. This is what feels good to me.

But that may not be true for everyone.

Other people might feel good driving faster or rushing or whatever. And they’re allowed to feel that way (although I’d argue if you’re in a hurry you’re probably not feeling very good).

The thing we often forget is that we don’t have to do things just because other people want us to or because other people don’t approve of the choices we make for ourselves or our lives.

You get to live a life that feels good to you. Period. And so long as you’re being fully honest with yourself about what actually feels good to you and you’re giving yourself permission to live your life that way, you never have to concern yourself with what anyone else thinks or says (now if you’re lying to yourself or pretending things feel good when they don’t, well, that’s a whole other thing).

I love driving leisurely. I love being able to enjoy my time in my Jeep, jamming my music. I am grateful for the privilege of driving and owning my own vehicle. And I want to be safe and make sure other people are safe too. That all feels good to me.

And when you choose to feel good and live a life that feels good to you, you no longer care what anyone else thinks, says, or does.

Dream life or bust,


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