Every year for God knows how long now, you've told yourself, "This is the year I publish my novel." But then you reach December of that year and you still haven't finished writing your novel, let alone publishing it.

Or maybe you started the year off strong, but somewhere around 25,000 words you fell off (and never got back on). 

Or maybe you made some progress, but at the pace you're going, it'll be half a decade before you're finished. And that's if you don't give up or get distracted along the way.

Any of this sound familiar?

Now imagine this year is different. Imagine starting the year strong, sticking with it, making consistent progress every week and finishing the year holding your book in your hands. 

How would it feel to be able to shout from the rooftops that you finally published your novel? How would it feel to call yourself a published novelist? 

I know exactly what it takes to write, revise, self-publish and launch a novel--and all the drop-off points along the way where you're likely to get stuck, give up or get distracted. 

How do I know all of this?

Because I struggled with my story for a long time. In fact, it took me 18+ years to finally publish my first novel (even though I had no problem publishing nonfiction books). 

So, what changed that finally pushed me over the edge?

I got out of my own way. I learned the craft of writing good stories. I studied the principles of storytelling. I hired a team of pros to support me. I created a process to go from story idea to finished novel. And I worked on my mindset.

The truth is, self-publishing a novel isn't all that hard.

There are tons of companies out there that will publish your novel for you, if you buy one of their publishing packages. But does that mean you'll be publishing a novel that's worth publishing? Or that you'll now be able to successfully go out there and sell copies of your book?

Hell no.

And those self-publishing companies? They don't really care about the quality of what you're publishing or if you have the mindset and skills that it takes to actually make sales. They just want your money.

I want to help you write and publish a great book. A kick-ass book that readers in your genre will L-O-V-E. A compelling story that hooks and engages from page one. 

A book that helps you build a readership and have staying power as an author in an ever-changing marketplace. 

I want to help you cultivate the mindset and skills you need to be a professional writer and get your book into readers' hands (and money into yours).

The self-publishing part is a cinch. Especially when you have a totally amazing team of people supporting you every step of the way.

Meet Your Team

This is the team of publishing pros who are going to support you every step of the way, and whip your novel into shape before you launch it out into the world.


Author, Story Coach

I'm your guide and mentor for the entire program. You get 30 one-on-one sessions with me (up to 60 minutes each) to be used throughout the year, plus content reviews and edits as needed. 

Value: $7,500


Cover Illustrator

Adam will create your custom-illustrated book cover (front, back and spine), and handle all the
pre-publication set up

Value: $1,500



Kris will edit your novel twice: once for content edits and then a line edit before the final version is published

Value: $2,500




Kristin will write the copy for your website and the back cover of your book

Value: $750


Beta Reader #1

Mary will read your novel from the perspective of a reader and give feedback on improvements you can make

Value: $250


Beta Reader #2

Deanna will read your novel from the perspective of a reader and give feedback on improvements you can make

Value: $250

And they're not just publishing pros, they're all writers too. 


Story planning and development (6 weeks) 
Final review and revision of story roadmap (1 week) 

Writing the first draft of your novel (8-12 weeks) 
Weekly feedback and content edits on the draft as it develops 

Take a break from your first draft (4-6 weeks)
Author website and social media set up (4-6 weeks, during first draft break) 
Custom marketing plan for starting to build a following

Read and review your first draft (1-2 weeks)
Revise your draft based on your notes and the feedback and content edits from Jennifer (8-12 weeks)
Cover illustration and design begins (4-8 weeks)

Revised draft goes to editor for developemental content edit (4-8 weeks)
Revised draft goes to Beta Readers for read and feedback (4-8 weeks)
While draft is in edits, you'll work on continuing to build your author platform

Using your notes, the developmental edits and feedback from the Beta Readers, you'll do a final polish on your novel (4-6 weeks)

Interior formatting, setting up book for publication (2-4 weeks)

Your novel is now self-published and ready to launch (4-8 weeks)


  • Get a custom press release about your novel and distribution to media outlets online (created and distributed by Kristin Lesko, your copywriter)


  • Custom social media images of your book cover (created by Adam Maxwell Townsend, your illustrator)


You will walk away from this program with a published novel (print and eBook versions)

Here's a breakdown of everything that's included with this program:

~Idea to draft, revision and publishing support from a pro author and story coach (Jennifer Blanchard)
~30 one-on-one sessions (up to 60 minutes each), plus weekly content reviews and edits, as needed (Jennifer Blanchard)
~Two rounds of pro edits: 1. Developmental 2. Line edit by a pro editor (Kris Ross)
~Custom illustrated cover (front, back and spine) from a pro illustrator, plus pre-publication set up (Adam Maxwell Townsend)
~One round of Beta Reading from 2 Beta Readers (Mary DeRosa Hughes and Deanna Scott)
~Website and back book cover copy by a pro copywriter (Kristin Lesko)
~A 3-page author website (Jennifer Blanchard)
~All self-publishing costs
~10 printed copies of your novel (you also get an eBook version)
~Pro Writer Mindset (Jennifer Blanchard)


Client Testimonials

"Jennifer is my guide, my light. She kept me from getting lost. This is my best novel to date. Now I won't write one without her."

Stephanie Raffelock, Emerging Novelist

"Having someone to bounce ideas off of and the feedback I received in the first 6 weeks was critical. I found the feedback to be the most valuable part of working with Jennifer" 

Glenn Dyer,
Emerging Novelist

"The weekly coaching calls are by far the best thing about working with Jennifer. The calls are fun, informative, and there is a high level of collaboration with respect to the story itself. It's awesome. This experience has been invaluable."

Johnna Hutnick,
Emerging Novelist

(OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $1,085)



Why Is the Program One Year?

Writing, revising and publishing a novel takes time. It's not a process that can be done overnight, and it's also not something you want to rush. Twelve months is typically what it takes to get it all done (it can be done in 6-9 months, but there's no need to rush it and overwhelm yourself). 

By making the program 12 months, you only need to have 3 to 5 hours per week available and you can successfully write and publish your novel.

How Does This Program Differ From Other Options Available For Me to Write and Publish My Novel?

I'm not aware of any other program that is as high-touch or hands-on as this one. This program literally includes everything you need to write, revise, self-publish and launch your novel.

The program price is all-inclusive. (Just like when you go on vacation where you stay at a fancy resort and all of your drinks, food and entertainment are covered. Except in this case we're talking about publishing.) 

If you piece-mealed together a team of people to help you write, edit and self-publish your novel, or if you added on all of these services a la carte with a self-publishing company, it could cost you upwards of $10,000. And you still wouldn't get as much value as you do in this program.

What If Life Gets In the Way During the Program?

I totally expect it to. That's why the program is a whole year. I've self-published 5 books, so I know all of the drop-off points or potential places where life will get in the way (it's a very common occurance). I'm here not just as your mentor, but as your guide, to keep you focused, on track and making progress every single week. Even on the weeks when life gets in the way. 

What Does the Price Include?

The price is all-inclusive, which means it covers the cost of everything. 

How Long Have You and Your Team Been Doing This?

I've been in the publishing industry for more than fifteen years (holding various jobs in all different sectors). I self-published my first book (a nonfiction writing guide) in 2010, and I've published 4 more since (and counting), including my debut novel, SoundCheck. One of my eBooks reached #4 in its category on Amazon. My team has been in their respective industries (combined) for more than 50+ years. This isn't our first rodeo and it won't be our last.