An Open Letter to the 1% Of Writers–The Ones Who Actually Write and Publish Their Books

Where did the 1% come from? It came from the statistic that 81% of the population wants to write a book… BUT only 1% of those people who want to ACTUALLY DO.

Are you the 1%? Then I’m talking to YOU.

And LISTEN UP, because you NEED TO hear this.

You have what it takes. You’re the exception. The writer who doesn’t just talk about it, but acts on it.

You’re a rarity in this world of writers where 80% talk about writing a book, but don’t actually do it. You’ve got the goods. The stuff that success is made of.

But you’ve gotta go all the way. And you’ve gotta do it right.

If you’ve written the book, but not published it, you’ve gotta go all the way. That means investing in revising, polishing and readying it for publication. Professional self-publishing, so you put the best possible book out there.

If you’ve already professionally self-published, you’ve gotta go all the way. That means investing in learning how to do the marketing required to sell your book and grow your audience. Become an author who’s an online marketing pro, so you give the Universe more opportunities to reach you with its magic.

Pretty obvious stuff, right? But so many of the 1% writers still get it wrong.

They’ll write their books, but never publish them. They’ll spend the money and time professionally self-publishing their books, but then they don’t do any marketing or they refuse to move outside their comfort zones and learn how to do marketing, and so the books sit and collect dust.

And investing doesn’t always mean financial. You can also invest your time, energy, effort, focus, attention, belief.

Your writing deserves that. Your book deserves that.

You deserve that.

That’s how you build a writing career. That’s how you start to make money from your writing. That’s how you take control of your writing destiny.

Investing in yourself. In whatever ways make sense for you.

So far I’ve invested more than six-figures in my writing career. Everything from a 4-year journalism degree to hundreds of books, workshops, courses, programs, and private coaching and mentorship. Plus, thousands of hours of my time, energy, effort, focus, attention and belief in myself.

What are you currently investing in your writing career? And is it enough to get you where you want to go?

My guess is, no, because if it was, you’d be there already.

So stop second-guessing yourself. Stop trying to act like being a writer doesn’t matter to you and you’d be OK never making it happen.

You know you’d be miserable without writing. You know writing is one of the only things that makes you feel alive and like life is worth living. You know you’d feel like you failed in life if you never got a book out there or made your writing dreams happen.

Own that shit.

Own it like you’ve never owned anything before and use it to create the writing life you dream of having. One where you’ve got a catalog of professionally self-published books, a raving fanbase and Hollywood is knocking on your door for the movie rights.

It can happen. And it will. So long as you step up to the plate.

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Are you the 1% of writers? If you’re not now, how can you step up to be? 

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