Learn to Accept Responsibility for Your Choices and Actions

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place  for the next moment,”—Oprah By Jennifer Blanchard Personal responsibility is the responsibility you have to yourself. It’s your ability to keep yourself healthy, manage your emotions, be respectful to yourself, […]

What Are You Losing By Procrastinating?

 By Jennifer Blanchard Have you ever really thought about why you procrastinate? When you procrastinate, you gain a lot. That’s the reason why writers procrastinate in the first place. Think about the last time you procrastinated—What did you get out of it? Did you avoid your writing by finally organizing your office? Did you skip […]

Believe in Yourself and the Writing Will Come

    By Jennifer Blanchard  That’s something you probably hear from people all the time. Just believe in yourself and you’ll be successful. You’ve seen other people adopt this philosophy and find success, but… How do you make it work for you? In order to start believing in yourself, you need to develop confidence. Writing […]

How to Create an Un-Schedule and Why You Should

    By Jennifer Blanchard Psychologist Neil Fiore, Ph.D., is famous for creating the “un-schedule,” which is basically the exact opposite of a schedule. Dr. Fiore created the un-schedule because he knew that all people—and especially procrastinators—often set up a schedule for themselves that is full of things they never end up completing. They then […]

Channel Your Emotions Into Your Writing

By Joe Williams Many writers are under the assumption that they’re head has to be perfectly clear to get into “writing mode.” They make excuses, such as “I’m too angry from having a bad day to write” or “There’s no way I can write now, I’m stressed out.” Something to remember, however, is that many […]