Update Your Annual Writing Goals on Your Birthday, Not For New Years

By Jennifer Blanchard Today is my 26th birthday. And I’ve decided to do something a little different this year than most other years. I’m pretty typical when it comes to setting New Year’s goals. I, like most people, have big plans at the beginning of the year. And I, like most people, also abandon my goals […]

“I’m A Writer”–How to Say It With Confidence

By Jennifer Blanchard A few days ago on Twitter, I tweeted the following: Are YOU A Writer? http://tinyurl.com/oqzaoh. I’m proud to share those 3 little words with the world: “I’m a writer!” Are you? Recently, I noticed that many writers don’t like to tell other people that they’re writers. Why is this? When I was […]

Focus On One Writing Project Until You’re Done

By Jennifer Blanchard Yesterday on Zen Habits, Leo Babauta wrote a post called, How Simplicity Can Help Creativity, Briefly. In this post, he listed 11 ways simplicity can solve the problems you have with creating. Number five is a-typical advice, but dead-on. Especially for beginning writers or writers who really struggle to finish their writing. Babauta […]

Are You Starving for Writing Success?

By Jennifer Blanchard Yesterday at my company’s annual “Fall Campaign” kickoff event, former NBA player, Walter Bond, gave a motivational speech to help encourage the sales people (and everyone in the room, for that matter) to be confident and go out there and make sales. Bond’s speech was very in-your-face with truth and reality. This […]

Stop Letting Your Fears Keep You From Writing

By Jennifer Blanchard This morning, I attended my company’s annual “Fall Campaign” kickoff event. The event was created more than 21 years ago as an attempt to motivate the sales team to make a big effort for the remainder of the year. The company’s management team gave a report on where the company is currently with […]