33 Books Writers Need On Their Bookshelves

By Jennifer Blanchard All writers have bookshelves filled with a variety of books about writing–from writing reference books to writing idea books to editing books. I, myself, am no stranger to books about writing. In fact, my bookshelf is loaded with them. Each book about writing signifies not only how far I’ve come as a […]

Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

By Jennifer Blanchard Yesterday, Mary Jaksch (of Write to Done) wrote a guest post on Copyblogger that listed 73 tips for becoming a better writer. Here are some of my favorite tips: Become a blogger. Use self-imposed word limits. Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from it. Take a break between writing […]

A Lesson for Writing and Life: Do What Works for You

By Jennifer Blanchard I had a revelation a few years ago that I need to share with you all…You have to do what works for you. Growing up I usually got flack for doing things “incorrectly,” like when my third grade teacher would take the pencil out of my hand and fix my fingers so […]

A Weekly Progress Report Will Keep You Updated and On-Task

By Jennifer Blanchard Do you ever feel like you’re always busy doing something with your writing, and yet you never feel like you’re accomplishing anything? I often feel this way; especially lately as the burnout has crept in. I brought it up to my writing coach and she suggested I send her a weekly progress […]

Break Your Writing Into Manageable Pieces

By Jennifer Blanchard When you first came up with the idea to write a novel, I bet you were just a little bit intimidated. You thought: Can I handle this? Will I make it to the end? How am I going to do this and everything else in my life? Before you start feeling too […]