Consistent, Small Word Counts Will Get Your Novel Finished

courtesy of Bombardier By Jennifer Blanchard This post was inspired by fiction author Holly Lisle. Holly has been a full-time fiction writer for 17 years now and she’s been able to do this because she actually sits down and gets her writing done. A couple days ago, she invited the readers of her blog to join her […]

How To Deal with Conflicting Critiques

By Jennifer Blanchard A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how to get the most out of a writing critique.  After publishing this post, Procrastinating Writers reader, CathrynG, asked me what to do when you receive conflicting critiques (meaning one person says, “This character is flat” and another says, “I love this character; […]

“Bookending” on Twitter Can Keep You Accountable

By Jennifer Blanchard Yesterday, I read the article Bookending: Using Twitter to Beat Procrastination and Boost Your Writing, by Marla Beck. It really grabbed my attention. It talked about an accountability method called “bookending.” So what is bookending? “[It’s] the simple process of alerting a supportive friend when you begin and when you stop working on a project,” Beck […]

I’m Not Ashamed of Affiliate Income–It Keeps Me Blogging!

By Jennifer Blanchard Yesterday, Brian Clark of Copyblogger wrote a post called How to Turn Affiliate Marketing Disclosure Into a Selling Point.  The post discussed that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will soon be monitoring bloggers and filing claims against any who receive money for writing reviews or talking about products without sharing that information with their […]

How to Form A Writing Roundtable

By Jennifer Blanchard Once you’ve written something and done an edit on it, you will probably want to have someone else read it for you. But where do you find this person? Well, you could just ask your mom or your brother or husband or sister-in-law–whoever–to read it for you. BUT, you won’t get as […]