Some Tips For Hiring An Editor

By Jennifer Blanchard If you’ve been working on your writing for a while now, it may be time to consider hiring an editor. Although it may seem like an unnecessary “purchase,” an editor is actually pretty important. Yes, if you get picked up by a publishing company, they will have editors who will edit your […]

How To Stand Out From the Writing Crowd

By Joe Williams You have to figure, in the writing world, there are millions of people trying to do the same thing as you, because there are. That’s why standing out from the crowd is necessary. Getting noticed can do amazing things, including lead to more exciting opportunities. Through preparation, attention to detail and self-improvement, […]

Three Roadblocks to Writing Success

By Annabel Candy We all procrastinate from time to time, but writers and other creative types seem to be particularly susceptible to procrastination. I thought it would be interesting to look at the root causes of procrastination and see if that can help us get over it. Watch out for these three, they can seriously […]

Are Your Writing Limitations Self-Imposed?

“The only limitations we encounter in life are those self-limiting ones we place on ourselves,”–Anonymous By Jennifer Blanchard Have you ever wanted to enter a fiction contest? Learn how to write a screenplay? Write a novel? What stops you? Do you think you can’t do it? Do you “know” you can’t do it? Do you […]

Here’s A Very Effective Way to Get More Writing Done

By Jennifer Blanchard I have a confession to make: I can’t live without my BlackBerry. My entire life is programmed into that thing–my doctor appointments, meetings I have at work, reminders I set for myself, etc. If I ever lost it, I’d go crazy and probably forget everything. For me, setting appointments is a huge […]