Do You Fear Failure?

By Jennifer Blanchard Last week’s post discussed fear of success. Fear of success’ evil twin sister is fear of failure. So what exactly is a fear of failure? A fear of failure is often the most paralyzing of the four main things procrastinators fear. It causes people to avoid the things they want to do […]

How To Stay On Track With Non-Deadlined Writing Projects

By Devon Ellington It’s easy to stay on track for a contracted, deadlined project. You know when it has to be finished and to the client/publisher/editor/agent. You have a fixed date, and, whether you break it down into do-able bits or wait until the last moment for that adrenalin rush. it’s out the door on […]

Take 60 Seconds and Get Inspired by One Word

By Jennifer Blanchard The best way to become a better writer is to write every single day, no exceptions. Many writers have a difficult time getting started, however, because they just can’t seem to find time or can’t seem to sit down long enough. Do you have one minute a day you can dedicate to […]

How To Write A 250 to 300-Page Novel In 10 Weeks

By Jennifer Blanchard You’ve wanted to write your novel forever–but you just can’t seem to sit down and write. It’s going to take so much time, right? You’re going to have to write during every free hour of your days to get it finished, right? What if you could complete your 250 to 300-page novel […]

Do You Fear Success?

By Jennifer Blanchard The Things Procrastinators Fear post from last week discussed the 4 main things procrastinating writers fear: success failure rejection not being good enough So why do people fear success? “Many people fear success because it tests their limits and makes them vulnerable to new situations,” says Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, in the article How Fear of Success Works. […]