Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

By Jennifer Blanchard Yesterday, Mary Jaksch (of Write to Done) wrote a guest post on Copyblogger that listed 73 tips for becoming a better writer. Here are some of my favorite tips: Become a blogger. Use self-imposed word limits. Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from it. Take a break between writing […]

A Lesson for Writing and Life: Do What Works for You

By Jennifer Blanchard I had a revelation a few years ago that I need to share with you all…You have to do what works for you. Growing up I usually got flack for doing things “incorrectly,” like when my third grade teacher would take the pencil out of my hand and fix my fingers so […]

A Weekly Progress Report Will Keep You Updated and On-Task

By Jennifer Blanchard Do you ever feel like you’re always busy doing something with your writing, and yet you never feel like you’re accomplishing anything? I often feel this way; especially lately as the burnout has crept in. I brought it up to my writing coach and she suggested I send her a weekly progress […]

Break Your Writing Into Manageable Pieces

By Jennifer Blanchard When you first came up with the idea to write a novel, I bet you were just a little bit intimidated. You thought: Can I handle this? Will I make it to the end? How am I going to do this and everything else in my life? Before you start feeling too […]

Reliability Buddy: A Procrastinating Writer’s Best Friend

By Jennifer Blanchard All writers—but especially procrastinating writers—need someone to rely on for support; they need someone they can be sure will hold them accountable for getting their writing done. Enter your reliability buddy. What Is a Reliability Buddy? A Reliability Buddy (aka: RB) is a person who you can count on for support when […]