Soulwork: Unlock Your Personal Success Blueprint

How amazing would it be to wake up every day and know EXACTLY what you needed to focus on to feel good and make opportunities, success, money, happiness, etc, fall into your lap with total ease? To wake up every morning with more purpose, intention, clarity and motivation than ever before. No more trying to figure things […]

It’s OK To Burn It All Down And Start Again

When I was in third grade I had to do a group project about Washington D.C. The project was to choose one of the important buildings, create your own version of it, and make a presentation to teach others about it. Pretty simple. But for some reason my group had a hard time with it. […]

What It Means To Be Born For Something

As a multi-passionate writer and creative entrepreneur, I stand for never choosing one thing. And it’s not because I think choosing one thing is a bad idea (well, okay, I do think it’s a bad idea, but only if you’re multi-passionate like I am). I stand for it because I can’t choose one thing. Ever. […]

5 Tips For Dealing With Your Upper Limit Problem

For the last couple of weeks things have been REALLY GOOD in my life and business. Like, REALLLLLLYYYYYY.  I’ve been feeling SO good every day. New opportunities and clients have been showing up in my inbox almost daily. And money has been so easy.  So, of course, I expected that at some point, I would trigger […]

An Open Letter to Adam Sandler

Dear Adam, You don’t know me, but you’ve been part of my life since I was a kid. First on SNL and then in the various movies you’ve made that I still watch, quote and refer to on a regular basis. I saw your new Netflix special last night, and it was some of the […]