One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Done for Myself is Spend Time with People who Think Like I Do

I just got off a team call with one of my clients who’s in the middle of a launch right now. Her team is amazing and all of us think very similarly about life and business. Every time I spend an hour on the phone with these women, I’m reminded of something I decided I […]

This is Why You Must do Your Work in the World

Between the senseless tragedy in Vegas, the unexpected death of the wife of my husband’s friend, and the loss of a musical icon, October 2 really gave us a lot to think about. My thoughts, as usual in situations like this, traveled to purpose and soulwork and legacy. Losing Tom Petty was hard. His music […]

When Was The Last Time You Actually Finished Something?

Over the weekend I wrapped up two big client projects. It felt good to get them finished and be able to call it done. And it got me thinking about finishing. If you’ve ever actually finished something–and by finished I mean, gone all the way until it was DONE and then hit “publish” and put […]

There is Never Anything to Fix, You’re Perfect Exactly as You Are

I just made a seriously bold statement: that there’s never anything to fix because you’re perfect exactly as you are. An extremely bold statement. One that most people probably wouldn’t agree with me on. But I stand by it. A big problem that so many people have is that they’re always trying to fix things […]

Yes, I Write Everyday and I Don’t at All Understand Writers Who Don’t

The other day one of my hubs’ bandmates was hanging out at our apartment. We were just shooting the shit about whatever, as we usually do when he asked me a question that almost caught me by surprise. He asked me: do you write every day? It took me a second to realize that he […]