I Live In A Magical Writer World… Care To Join Me?

There are two main types of writers: the ones who buy into the lack thinking and limitation spewed by the writing industry and many of the writers and authors in it, and the ones who know you create your own reality. Which one are you? I admit, there was a point in my life where […]

How To Become The Next-Level Version Of You

Yesterday morning I woke up to discover that somehow a glass of iced tea had been spilled on the table where my MacBook Pro was and no one thought to look underneath it when they cleaned it up, so my poor MacBook sat in a pool of liquid all night long. Needless to say, when […]

Are You Paying Attention To These Signs?

When I was 17 years old, I had a really difficult decision to make: which college was I gonna go to? At the time, I’d applied to the two colleges I visited that I actually liked, St. Bonaventure and Utica College. Both schools had their pluses and their minuses, but overall I could see myself […]

The Journaling Tweak That Helped Me Manifest A $10K Writing Project

So I’m always telling you guys about my daily mindset practice that I do, which includes freestyle writing and then doing a journaling exercise called “write your reality” where you write intentional statements using “I” and written in the present or past tense. (The final part of the practice includes visualizing what you want as […]

This Is Why You Need Like-Minded Friends That You Connect With Regularly

Several months ago, my good friend, Mary DeRosa Hughes, and I decided to be each other’s accountability buddies. It totally made sense–we’re both writers and authors, we both have big dreams that we’re taking action on daily, and we both think very similarly. Most importantly, she gets me. She gets the way I think and […]