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Does My BOOK Suck?

Be honest.
You know you've asked yourself this question.

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Problem is, you may not know the answer. 

That's when you'll want to get another opinion. The opinion of a professional author, editor and book coach, who will give you unbiased feedback on what's working, what's not and how to fix it.

The "Read and Feedback" Program

You have a manuscript that you've been working on. You really want to finish and publish it, but you're worried it's not any good. You're wondering if it's even worth your time.

Whether you're halfway through or finished with the first draft, it's never too early to get a second opinion. The faster you know what's not working and how to fix it, the faster you can finish your revisions and publish your book.

This is a CONTENT EDIT ONLY--I'm not looking at spelling or grammar. 

I'm looking at your structure, characterization, whether or not there's a central conflict, a core story, a message, and a reason for the reader to be along for the ride.

I'm looking at the stuff that matters. The stuff that either attracts readers--or repels them.

Let your Beta Readers handle the line editing.

Are you ready to find out exactly what's working, what's not and how to fix it?

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"Jennifer Blanchard gives you the background and the tools you'll need to design and construct your story structure. She coaches you with questions and suggestions to point out story holes or weaknesses that you may not have seen."

Ken Auteur 

Coaching Client 

How Does It Work


Send an email to Jennifer

You will need to send an email to Jennifer to let her know you want to register for the "Read and Feedback" program. She will need to know the word count total for your manuscript (whatever you currently have). 



You'll receive an invoice

Jennifer will send you an invoice so you can pay for your program (payment amount is based on word count total). She'll also email you a questionnaire to fill out.



Submit your payment and manuscript

Once your payment has gone through and you've submitted your manuscript and questionnaire, you can sit back and relax. Jennifer will read your manuscript, put together a feedback document, and in 30 days (or less), you'll know exactly what works in your story, what doesn't and how to fix it.

Your program also comes with a 45-minute call to disucss your feedback with Jennifer and get your questions answered. 


Investment: Two Cents per Word

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Your investment also includes a 45-minute call with jennifer blanchard, to discuss your story feedback and get your questions answered