Reliability Buddy: A Procrastinating Writer’s Best Friend

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By Jennifer Blanchard

All writers—but especially procrastinating writers—need someone to rely on for support; they need someone they can be sure will hold them accountable for getting their writing done.

Enter your reliability buddy.

What Is a Reliability Buddy?
A Reliability Buddy (aka: RB) is a person who you can count on for support when you’re having a difficult writing time; is a person who will hold you accountable for getting your weekly chapters done; is a person who will listen as you let off steam about your writing.

Why Is A RB Important?
A RB is important because, as a procrastinator, it’s likely you need this person to stay on track, meet your deadlines and get your writing done.

I don’t know about you, but I know I always write more often and get more writing accomplished when I have someone to be accountable to. The idea of letting the person down keeps me writing.

How to Find A RB
A Reliability Buddy can be anyone you choose—your mom, your sister, your significant other. However, there are some guidelines you should follow when locating your RB:

  • Choose a person who will actually hold you accountable. So many of us have friends/family we can rely on, but not when it comes to relying on them to force us into getting our writing done. That’s why it’s important to choose someone who will hold you accountable and won’t let your procrastination or excuses get you out of hitting your deadlines.
  • Choose a person who will be consistent. You need a RB that will consistently check in with you to see how you’re doing and who will call you out for not hitting a deadline. You don’t want to choose someone who checks in with you a couple times and then never does again. You need someone willing to commit to your success.
  • Choose someone you can deal with objectively and continually. I know this sounds like no-duh advice, but you’d be surprised how often you’ll get irritated at your RB just for doing what you’ve asked him/her to do. Liking the RB you choose is important because you’re going to be hearing from the person a lot, so you definitely want it to be someone you can handle constant contact with.It’s also important for your RB to be someone you can be objective with, meaning he/she can advise you, nag you, call you out—whatever it takes for you to get your writing done—and you won’t get mad at him/her for it.
  • Choose someone you trust. Your RB needs to be someone you can trust. Someone you know will hold up his/her end of the bargain and hold you accountable for the writing deadlines you set for yourself.

Do you have a Reliability Buddy? if so, who is it and how does this person help you stay on track?

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