It's hard to sell books. 

That's the #1 complaint I hear from emerging authors who have poured their hearts and souls into writing and professionally self-publishing a book, only to find no one is buying.

Maybe you can relate?  

You've tried to do some marketing, but you don't know what you're doing and so it's not working the way you hoped. All you do is feel more and more disappointed. Your book means so much to you and you just want to get it into the hands of people who need it AND get paid for it, so that you can fund your freedom to keep writing and publishing more books. 

You dream of making a living from your books--of walking away from a day job you're sick of to do something you actually care about. Maybe even creating a retirement income for yourself. 

But at this rate, you'll be dead before it happens. 

While it may be true that it's not the easiest thing in the world to sell books. It's also not impossible.

And if it's not impossble, that means it's doable. You just need the right foundation, strategy and mindset. 

Online marketing is a skill I mastered over a decade of working in publishing and Corporate America as an editor and a social media marketing and content strategist. In 2009, I began applying these skills to my growing side business, and in 2012, I quit my job to take my business full-time. Six years later, my business has fully replaced my day job income, and it increases every year.

But all I've ever really wanted was to make a full-time income from my books.

In 2016, I took charge of my book-writing career, amping up the number of books I'm producing in a year and starting to focus on actively marketing my books so I can make a real income from it. 

I got the wheels rolling BIG TIME last year, and am now making upwards of $1,000 a month from my books. And while $12,000 a year would be a nice little side income, it's not enough. Because I dream of making $100,000 a year from my books. 



But I believe anything is possible, and i know other authors who are out there doing it. And if they can do it, so can I (and so can you).

What if YOU were making $100,000 a year from YOUR books? Imagine how your life would be. Take a minute right now to really think about it... 

And if your life as a six-figure author inspires you and makes you want to step up and create that reality for yourself, I'm inviting you to join me on a journey. 

A journey to making $100,000 a year from our books. 

Introducing the Six Figure Author Society--for emerging authors who want to make a living from their books. 

The biggest probems I see with emerging authors is they don't have the right marketing foundation, strategy or mindset in place. And it's costing them BIG TIME. Because every day your book sits on Amazon (or wherever) and doesn't sell, the less likely you are to get motivated to do something about it. 

But with the right foundation, strategy and mindset, you can be an author who sells books AND makes a living from it. 

The Six Figure Author Society will give you the foundation, strategy and mindset you need.

I've created an interactive experience where we will tackle one area of marketing each month as a group, doing various activities to build (or solidify) your marketing foundation, implementing a strategy that works, and creating the success mindset to support it all. I've also invited some of my industry pals to join in as guest experts--giving you advanced marketing techniques that you can use to sell even more books. (I even snagged an expert to teach you how to sell more NOVELS.)

I'll be doing all of the monthly activities along with you and will be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what I'm doing and how it's working. 

You'll also have accountability in the form of a private Facebook group with access to me, plus monthly checklists of what to do, to keep you on-task and ensure your success with the program. (You can check out a schedule of the first 6 months below.)

The Six Figure Author Society membership site and community has everything you need to become a six figure author and beyond. 

Meet Your Leader and Guest Experts

Here's a sample of the guest experts you'll be hearing from in the Six Figure Author Society--industry players who know quite a bit about how to market and sell books.


Bestselling Author, Book Marketing Strategy and Success Mindset Coach

Jennifer Blanchard is the creator of the Six Figure Author Society. She is also a bestselling author, a speaker, and a book strategy and success mindset coach for emerging authors who want to create their dream writing lives and careers all on their terms. She's online at:


Success Mindset Coach

Jennifer Scott is a success mindset coach who helps solopreneurs create a business and life they love. You can find her at


Professional Copywriter

Lisa-May Huby is a Senior Copywriter and Conversion Strategist with a background in marketing and over a decade of experience writing money-making words for freedom-seeking digital marketers.
Visit her website here:


Marketing Outreach Coordinator

Mary Morkes is the Marketing Outreach Coordinator for Insurgent Marketing, a division of Insurgent Publishing. She coordinates outreach campaigns for authors and entrepreneurs who want to expand their audiences and develop relationships with key industry players. 


Kindlepreneur Founder

Dave Chesson is the creator of, a website devoted to teaching authors advanced book marketing tactics. And when he’s not creating how-to guides to help sell more books, he’s usually sipping tea with princesses or having lightsaber duels with little Jedi. As a father of three and a husband, Dave served 11 years in the military, but from his book sales, he’s now able to live and work at home and be with his family. 


Self-Publishing Coach

Derek Doepker is committed to empowerment, enlightenment, and compassion. He's a self-publishing coach, certified NLP practitioner, and author of over 6 bestselling books in personal development, self help, fitness, and authorship.



Shana Rhinehart is the author of Because My Mother Did It!: Resolve Relationship Communication Issues and Heal the Generation Gap. She also works with authors on their book marketing, including teaching them how to create and manage a book marketing street team.  


Bestselling Novelist, Book Coach

Rocky Callen is a bestselling novelist and book coach who pulls on her writing, publishing, and extensive behavioral therapy experience to help women finish their manuscipts and create the confidence they need to become published authors.  Check her out at: 


Month 1--March 2017: The Foundations of Online Marketing

What We'll Be Covering:
> A worthwhile book/catalog of books
> Mindset 
Author message
> The expert in you
> Email list
> Freebie opt-in

Guest Expert: Jennifer Scott, success mindset coach 
Topic: Creating a success mindset 

Monthly Activities:
> Set up and/or finish setting up your online marketing foundation 


Month 2--April 2017: Content Marketing and Creating Value For An Audience 

What We'll Be Covering:
> Content creation
> How to create value
> Content repurposing
> Content marketing 

Guest Expert: Lisa May Huby, professional copywriter 
Topic: Writing copy for your author brand and books 

Monthly Activities:
> Creating valuable content that’s aligned with your target readers 
Repurposing the content into multiple pieces of content 
Doing the content marketing actions 


Month 3--May 2017: Guest Posting 

What We'll Be Covering:
> How to find blogs and podcasts 
> How to research 
> How to pitch the guest post/podcast
> Idea generation

Guest Expert: Mary Morkes, marketing outreach expert from Insurgent Marketing
Topic: Finding blogs and podcasts to pitch 

Monthly Activities:
> Go through the entire process of guest posting/podcasting from start to finish 


Month 4--June 2017: Book Optimization 

What We'll Be Covering:
> Categories 
> Keywords
> Description
> Adding print and audio books 
> Front and back matter of your books

Guest Expert: Dave Chesson, creator of keyword research tool KDP Rocket 
Topic: Keywords 

Monthly Activities: 
> Updating your book categories
> Updating your book keywords 
> Optimizing your book description(s)
> Optimizing the front and back matter of your book(s)
> Turning your eBook into print and/or audio books 


Month 5--July 2017: Book Launch/Relaunch

What We'll Be Covering:
> Creating a book sales funnel
> How to launch your book
> Doing a relaunch for a book that’s already out 

Guest Expert: Derek Doepker, self-publishing coach 
Topic: Amazon ads 

Monthly Activities:
> Setting up a book sales funnel
> Doing a book relaunch/launch 


Month 6--August 2017: Hosting A Multi-Author Book Promo 

What We'll Be Covering:
> Outreach
> Deciding what to do for the promo
> Timelines
> What to do

Guest Expert: Shana Rhinehart, author 
Topic: Building and managing a street team 

Monthly Activities: 
> Putting together a multi-author book promo from start to finish 

TOP 10--FAST ACTION BONUS: "Build Your Book Marketing Plan" Session (a $997 value)

  • The first 10 people who sign up will get a FREE one-on-one session with Jennifer (via phone or Skype) where we'll create a custom book marketing plan centered around doing the things you enjoy doing, so you can grow your following and sell more books. 

BONUS #2: How To Sell More Novels--A Masterclass with 3x Bestselling Novelist, Rocky Callen (a $497 value) 

  • In this masterclass, guest expert, Rocky Callen, will teach you her marketing tactics and tricks for selling more novels and creating a bestselling book launch. 


Here's a breakdown of everything that's included as part of your monthly membership:

> Guest expert training (see schedule)
> Trainings and group activities focused around the monthly topic (see schedule)
> A checklist for that month's activities, so you can stay on track
> A live group call with Jennifer 
> Private Facebook group to get feedback and support from Jennifer and the rest of the group
> Accountability--so you get shit done 
> Motivation--the whole group (including Jennifer) is working on the same activities every month, so we're all in this together 

Investment: $99/month



How does this whole thing work? 

This program is focused on the most important things an author needs to do to make a living from their books. Each month we'll tackle one marketing topic as a group, with trainings from Jennifer Blanchard and her guest experts, that will walk you through what to do and how to do it.

Then the group will focus on taking action on the specific activities for each month, keeping each other motivated and accountable for doing the work. Jennifer will also be doing the book marketing activities along with you, and will be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at her book marketing efforts and results. 

You also get a live group call with Jennifer each month, so you can ask questions, brainstorm, get feedback, and whatever else you need to move forward. 

If you keep up, by the end of each month you will have completed a section of your marketing. 

What if I'm not currently making any money from my books? 

That's OK! The goal of this program is to get you making money. Consistent money. And moving up to a six figure income eventually. 

What if I haven't published a book yet? 

This program is for authors who have at least one book published. That being said, if you're close to having a book published or want to use this as motivation to finish your book and actually build your marketing foundation, that's totally up to you. You will get the most out of this if you already have a book published. 

But Jennifer hasn't made six figures from her books yet... 

That's right, she hasn't---YET. But she has made five figures from her books and she's actively pursuing that six-figure book income every single day. She's letting you in on the journey to not only watch her create a six-figure income from her books, but to also create your own income from your books along the way.