Stop Fooling Yourself…If You’re Not Unleashing Your Creative Work, You’re Not Fully Expressing Your Soul

I see you sitting there. The course creator. The coach. The leader. Doing all the things.

Messaging and selling every day, like a good little entrepreneur.

You’ve got a following. Your community is engaged, always commenting on your ranty posts and livestreams. You sell spots in your programs with ease.

On the surface, you’ve got it all. Or so it seems.

But inside, your soul is dying a little more every day.

Because what you’re really doing, is creating yourself a shadow career. A business that, on the outside, appears to be everything you think you’ve always wanted.

Yet if you’re really honest with yourself, you know it still doesn’t feel how you thought it would.

Even though everything you’re doing is a HELL YES! Even though you’re selling stuff you actually care about. Even though you’re helping people.

Even though you’re making money.

Because while you go about your day, doing the livestreams, writing the messages, creating the content, selling the offers, your true soulwork, the creative work you were born for, is being snuffed out.

Silenced. Pushed down. Ignored.

You know the thing you really want to be doing. It calls to you, day in and day out. From deep inside.

The stories. The screenplays. The novels. The songs. The paintings. The skits. The dance routines.

The ART.

It’s all being shoved aside, so you can build your shadow career. The business that allows you to sort of do the thing you really want to be doing, but without any real risk.

And you somehow manage to convince yourself that you’re doing your art. That your self-expression in the messaging and the ranty blog posts and livestreams is enough.

Yet that hole is still there.

That unfulfilled desire to do the creative things. Your true soulwork. Your actual art.

The real reason you came here.

You feel it, every time you watch a movie on Netflix or see a beautiful dance number or admire a painting. It tugs at your emotions. It pierces something deep within you.

Something that’s been untouched for so long you’re not even sure how to access it anymore.

I totally get you. I was once in your shoes.

I had built a thriving business as a Story Coach, while my own stories went unwritten. Stuck in my head as thoughts and dreams. Never seeing the light of day.

When I finally woke up to what I’d done… built a shadow career helping people to do the thing I really wanted to be doing but wasn’t, everything changed.

My stories, my creative work, became a daily priority. It became the first thing I focused my time on when I sat down in front of my laptop each day. It became an obsession.

To finally do the writing, create the characters, tell the truths of life through a fictional story.

Publishing my debut novel was 18 years in the making. And for so many creatives, just like you, it’s even longer.

Because most never realize what they’ve really been doing. Most never see the shadow career (and life) they’ve built. Most have deluded themselves into believing their own bullshit about what really matters.

But that’s just what it is… bullshit.

You didn’t come here to be a coach. You didn’t come here to create transformational programs. You didn’t come here to message and sell and create valuable content.

That all may have become part of your mission here, as you took a look at the world around you and realized that you could help. But you came here to do your true soulwork–the creative work–the stuff that most people die with it still inside them.

The stories. The screenplays. The novels. The songs. The paintings. The skits. The dance routines.

The ART.

That’s what you really came here for.

Dream life or bust,


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