Are You Ready to Finally Write (Or Finish) Your Novel?

jen_47I get it–you have an idea for a story you want to write. Maybe you’ve even started working on it.

But for whatever reason you stopped (Or you never even started).

Something got in the way of you writing this story:

  • Negative thoughts–“It’s too late for me” or “this story sucks”
  • False beliefs–“I’m not good enough” or “I’m too old, why bother?”
  • Distractions–family obligations, other hobbies and interests, like reading and watching movies, the internet, lack of focus, procrastination
  • Fear–I can’t do it, no one will read it anyways, I’m running out of time
  • Disorganization–lack of structure, not enough conflict, no Premise or Concept

But regardless of what has stopped you in the past, you can choose to turn the page right now, today.

I’ll help you kick that shit to the curb so you can finally write (or finish) that novel you’ve been dreaming of writing.

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