There Are 6 Milestones Every Story Must Have. These Milestones Are Known As Story Structure, The Core Element That Turns A Story From "Eh" to "Can't Put It Down."

The Story Structure Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to Creating Stories Like the Pros

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Who Am I?

Hey there--I'm Jennifer Blanchard. I'm a bestselling author, professional novelist and Story Coach who helps serious emerging novelists clean up their writing habits, master story structure and create a pro writer mindset.

I used to be an editor, journalist, marketing writer, and corporate social media strategist for a Fortune 500 company. But then I decided I'd rather be a pro writer. So I quit my job and began my full-time writing career.

Since then I've self-published 6 books (and counting), including my debut novel, SoundCheck, and helped hundreds of writers structure their stories. So I know a thing or two aboout what it takes to write a good book, publish it and get copies into readers' hands (and money into yours). 

Learning about story structure changed my entire life and writing career. I can't wait to see what it does for you.