How To Use Fiction to Create Anything You Want In Your Life

When I was a kid, I had a dress up box. It was made from cardboard and was filled with things that transported me to fictional realities, where I got to be anything I wanted: a singer, a dancer, an actor, a teacher, an artist.

I loved playing pretend. The thing I played most often was school. I had a chalk board and I used to make my brother, sister, cousins and friends sit and listen to me teach them stuff. (It’s no wonder I do the work I do today.)

I believed in Santa until I was 11. I remember being quite shocked when I found out he wasn’t real. Maybe I was a little naive, but I liked believing in magic and in magical beings.

I still believe in magic, even today. Just a different kind.

Because I’ve seen the power of the human mind and what it can create with enough belief. That’s magic of the greatest kind.

And the power to create whatever you want is available to you right now, in this very moment. You just have to get fictional with it.

You have to pretend whatever you want is already yours and then you have to act from that place, pretending your way into seeing it show up in your real life.

As a writer and creator, you’re good at making up stories and creating fictional worlds. So why not use that same creative power to CREATE YOUR LIFE?

There’s a journaling exercise I do every couple weeks where I ask myself: If I already had the success, the money, the body, the [insert whatever you want], I would… 

And then from there I complete the sentence over and over again, with the areas of my life that I’m currently focusing on (or you could do every area—up to you), until I have a whole list.

For example… if I already had the success I want, I would:

  • Be making a minimum of six figures a year from my books
  • Drive a blue Jeep Wrangler
  • Be disciplined around doing what matters every day
  • Be disciplined around food and fitness
  • Be a Hollywood screenwriter turning my novels into movies with big-name actors and actresses playing my characters and I get to make a cameo

So now that I have that list of what my life would look like and be like if I already had the success I want, I know exactly what I need to focus on and pretend about.

Because when you act as if something is already true—even if it’s not true at first—it will eventually become true. (This works for both things you want and things you don’t want.) 

Here are the actions—both practical, physical actions and acting “as if” actions—that I’d focus on:

  • Check my book sales numbers and income every single day (what you focus on expands)
  • Write and publish more books—nonfiction and fiction
  • Begin referring to my car as my Jeep (even though it’s not right now)
  • Go Jeep shopping 1-2 times a month and get into the feeling of already having it
  • Add all this stuff into my daily visualization
  • Create habits and discipline around the 7 activities (4 bare minimum) I’ve identified as daily must-dos
  • Create habits and discipline around making better food and fitness choices, and keeping the outcome/end results in mind when tempted to do otherwise
  • Write a screenplay from one of my novels

If I began doing all of those things, I would start seeing more of the success I want showing up.

Why? Because I’ve identified who I’d be and what I’d be doing if I already had the success, so if I step into doing those things and being that person NOW, then what I’m asking for has to show up.

So while it may feel like fiction at first and while you may have to do some pretending, you can get yourself where you want to go a lot faster if you step into that identity of the already-successful version of yourself NOW. 

That’s how I use fiction every single day to create the real life that I want to have. And that’s how you can too.

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How To Manifest Anything You Want (And Fast!)

Two Decembers ago, two days before New Year’s, my husband, Joe’s, grandpa passed away. We knew he’d been sick, but weren’t expecting him to die so soon.

Joe and I currently live in New York, but his family lives in Texas. Which meant we had to take an unexpected trip (we were planning a visit, but not ’til the next month).

Problem was, we didn’t have the money for the trip. Christmas had just passed and things were tight.

At the time I was doing a lot of mindset and manifestation work, and something I knew in my gut was, if we really wanted to go down to Texas for the funeral, we had to decide right then and there that it was a done deal and then we had to take action like it was.

I asked him: do you want to be there for the funeral?

Or course the answer was yes, so immediately I said, OK, then it’s done and now we need to act like it is.

So we pulled out our suitcases and started packing. I got on the phone and canceled all the appointments we had scheduled for the week. We knew we’d be driving down, so Joe took the car to the shop to make sure it was safe to drive it. He called to tell me there was a minor problem that needed to be fixed before we took it on the road. It was a $200 fix.

Even though money was tight and we still had no clue how we were even going to pay for the trip to go to Texas for the funeral, we just kept acting as if we already had the money. We got the car fixed. We called the vet and got my dog flea medicine (’cause them Texas fleas ain’t no joke!)

In our minds, going to Texas was a done deal.

So later that day when I received an unexpected payment of $2,500 from a prospective client I spoke with weeks prior, I wasn’t totally surprised.

OK, that’s a lie. I was freaking blown away! After only a few hours of acting as if our Texas trip was a done deal… it was. We had the money we needed to go to Texas for the funeral.

This is still one of my absolute favorite manifestation stories (and I have a lot of them). And when I look back and think about what I really did to make it happen, this is how it breaks down:


If you want to make something happen, it absolutely starts with deciding what you want. Once you know what you want, then you need to decide that it’s a done deal.

You have to decide you want it, it’s yours and that getting it is a non-negotiable. This is really the first step.

Acting As If It’s A Done Deal

Now you can’t just decide something and get it. You have to actually take action. And the actions you take need to be FROM the place of it already being a done deal.

If my hubs and I had decided we were going to Texas for the funeral, but then instead of taking action in that direction we just went about our usual day, there’s no way the money would’ve manifested. It manifested because we took action in that direction.

We packed our suitcases. I canceled appointments because we were going to Texas–we decided it–so we wouldn’t be there for the appointments. We spent money we didn’t have to repair something on our car that didn’t really need to be fixed, but it would be better for it to be if we were going to drive it 3,000+ miles to Texas and back.

We did this because if Texas was already a done deal, and the money was already in our hands, those are the exact actions we’d be taking.

So we took those actions… in faith.

The money wasn’t in our hands yet, but we knew it would be if we just kept moving in that direction. Because Texas was a done deal.

Which brings me to…

Take A Leap of Faith

In order to make the leap from where you are to where you want to be, it requires a leap of faith. You have to be willing to risk being wrong and go for it. You have to be willing to believe that it will happen.

Otherwise it won’t work.

A friend of mine recently announced on Facebook that she had applied for a temporary job, which she was really excited about. After her interview, she decided she wanted the job.

Even though she didn’t know for sure that she had it yet, she decided to act like she did. She dyed her hair a more normal color (’cause they didn’t allow blue in the workplace) and she bought some work clothes.

These actions sent powerful signals to the Universe, signals that said: I got the job. The job is already mine.

So not long after when she posted a status to Facebook sharing that she did, in fact, get the job, I wasn’t at all surprised.

Because she acted as-if. And acting as if is the most powerful way to manifest anything you want.

But it took a risk. She dyed over a hair color she really loved and spent money on new clothes. She did this in faith, believing that if she took action in the direction she wanted to go, she’d get what she wanted. And so she did.

Sounds too easy, right?

Can you really just decide you want something, move in that general direction and then get it? Yep.

Problem is, most people aren’t willing to take the risk, to deal with the uncertainty of not really knowing if it was going to work out. So they don’t take those actions. They just decide they want something and then sit around hoping it will happen, or they take tiny actions that are comfortable, but don’t push themselves to take the bigger, scarier actions.

And so they don’t manifest what they want, even though they want it.

If my friend had applied and interviewed for the job, but then didn’t get prepared to actually have the job–by dying her hair and getting some new work clothes–do you think she’d have gotten the job? Probably not.

Getting what you want requires a leap of faith and taking a risk–even a small one.

Be Open to the How Showing Up

So often people think they have to figure out how they’re going to make something happen before they can take action. And that couldn’t be more wrong.

The how isn’t up to you. The how is up to the Universe.

What’s up to you is the what and the why.

You don’t have to know how something is going to happen to make it so. You just have to decide and then move in that general direction.

We didn’t know how we’d get the money to go to Texas, we just believed that we would and moved in that direction. So of course the money showed up.

We were open to taking action. We didn’t know which action would make it work, so we just took whatever actions we could think of.

And that’s all you need to do too.

What Does This Have to Do With Writing?

Everything, really. Because this process of deciding what you want and then acting like it’s already a done deal, it works in all areas of life, not just with jobs and money.

It works with being a bestselling author, it works with getting your writing project done, it works with any result-based writing goal you can come up with.

You just have to decide what you want, know it’s a done deal and then move in the direction of it.

For example, when I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to hit #1 on Amazon, I had no idea how I’d make that happen. I just knew I wanted it to happen. And then I went to work moving in that direction, I:

  • Made a decision to write and publish one eBook a month for the rest of the year (because the more books you write, the better your chances are of hitting #1, right?)
  • Wrote my new eBook (in 15-minute increments over the course of 30 days)
  • Got inspired to create a high-level accountability group for emerging authors who were ready to make big things happen
  • Named the new group the Bestselling Author Mastermind and I actively told people they could watch me as I became an Amazon bestseller (a big risk–considering I had no idea when it would happen or if it even would, I just believed that it would)
  • Published the book
  • Paid $32 for a promo to a list of book lovers 
  • Posted stuff on social media and sent emails to my list

Those were the actions I took in the direction of becoming an Amazon bestseller. Again, I had no idea how it would happen or even which book it would happen with. But I knew it would eventually happen. So I acted like it.

Here’s how the Universe showed up for me, it:

  • Found 113 people to buy my book over a three-day period (and then another 476 over the rest of the month!)
  • Inspired a results-based title that helped the book to pretty much sell itself
  • Aligned the timing so that my book outsold all the other books in its category long enough for it to be at #1 for a day and a half (and then it went back to #1 again a few days later)
  • Dropped in my inbox a half-price sale for a software called Bestseller Ranking Pro (which I purchased and used as a research tool for how many books I’d need to sell to hit #1 and what category to put the book in–which turned out to be the one all my eBooks are in: authorship)

And on May 4, 2016, I became a bestselling author on Amazon. The how showed up because I was willing to take the actions I could think of and stay open to getting inspired ideas for additional actions to take.

You can have anything you want for your writing life and your life in general. Anything.

But you’ve gotta be willing to decide and then move in that direction until it takes.

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Why You Should Act From, Not Towards, Your Writing Goal

“Act from, not towards”–Kat Loterzo 

When you think about what it is you really want for your writing life (and your life, in general), you probably think about what you want to move towards. You want to be a bestselling novelist. You want to finish writing and publish your book. You dream of seeing your novel turned into a movie.

But where you’re making a huge mistake is in what you’re focusing on. You don’t want to focus toward, you want to focus from. Let me explain.

When you have a goal you’re trying to reach, you’re often thinking about what you need to do to move closer to it. What steps or actions you need to take.

But doing that will keep you on the chase, constantly striving but never actually arriving.

And the reason is because you’re taking action TOWARD the goal, rather than FROM the goal.

When you take action from a place of already having what you want (even if you don’t yet have it), you send a powerful message to the Universe: I believe that what I want is mine. From this place, it’s impossible for what you want to not come to life. 

Yes, impossible. And I never say things like that because nothing is impossible.

But this is.

Because acting as if is the key to bringing your dreams to life.

When you act from a place of already having what you want, you will start to see it manifest in your reality, and faster than you can imagine at this point.

An Example

I’m all about examples to illustrate a point, so here’s an example of the difference between acting from having already achieved a goal versus acting toward a goal. The goal? Being a bestselling novelist.

When you’re acting toward that goal, here are some of the actions you’d likely take:

  • Write a novel
  • Publish the novel
  • Figure out how to market the novel
  • Try to sell as many copies as possible

But when you’re acting from already having achieved that goal, here are some of the actions you’d likely take:

  • Write and publish a novel you’re so proud of you can’t wait to shout from the rooftops to everyone about it
  • Get started on your next book because you’re too excited to wait
  • Send emails to your email list several times a week, sharing information about your novel, your process, where you get your ideas from, what you’re working on now, etc., and getting people as excited as you are
  • Show up every single day and take actions to spread the word and sell more books
  • Give up all excuses

See the difference?

One version is taking actions that feel generic and uninspired. The other is coming from a place of knowing that you’ve already achieved your goal, so every action you do take feels inspiring and intuitive.

Alright, so maybe you’re not seeing much of a difference. Maybe we need another example that’s more specific.

Let’s say your goal is to get 5,000 people on your email list.

When you’re acting toward that goal, you might:

  • Send an email out once a week (you’ll wait to send emails more often when you actually have 5,000 people reading them, right?)
  • Mention to your friends and family that you have an email list
  • Find ways to grow your email list

When you’re acting from already having 5,000 people on your list, you would:

  • Send several emails out every single week, no exceptions
  • Pretend that every email you write is being read by 5,000 people (even if right now it’s not)
  • Never, ever miss an email because you know people are waiting to hear from you
  • Write every single email like it’s being sent out to 5,000 people
  • Create tons of freebies for your website that get people subscribed to your email list
  • Write several guest posts for blogs with more traffic than you have, so you can get their readers on your list

See the difference?

The first version is taking action toward the goal, and the second is acting as if the goal is already done and you already have 5,000 people on your list.

The whole point here is energy. When you show up with the energy of “I have to work hard to reach my goal,” you’ll feel uninspired and make excuses for why you’re not consistently taking action. But when you show up with the energy of “I have already achieved this goal,” it feels totally different. It feels inspiring and motivating and you’ll be more consistent with your actions. 

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the energy you put into what you do. So stop taking actions toward your writing goal, and instead take actions from already having reached it. See what happens.

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