If You Want To Believe Something New, You Have To Figure Out What That New Belief Is And Then Live Into It

For the last few months I’ve been really committed to working through my old, limiting beliefs and creating new ones that better-support the direction I want to go in my life and business. And as I’ve begun to create these new beliefs, I’ve also begun to see them show up in my life.

But along with the new beliefs showing up in my reality have come a lot of tests from the Universe. Challenges that have gotten in my face and basically pushed me on whether I’m really committed to these new beliefs sticking or not.

One of the new beliefs I’ve created that has actually started to show up is “the more money I spend, the more money I make.” I’ve had many ridiculously awesome times over the last few months where this belief has shown up in my life and kinda blown my mind (like the night I went to a wine bar with my hubs, spent $50 and made $600 while I was there).

But there have also been challenging moments where I’m being tested on this belief. Because if I truly, 100 percent actually believed this new belief was true for me, I’d continue to act in ways that show I believe it’s true for me.

Spending money on fun stuff like workshops or books or dinners out is easy. That kind of stuff doesn’t take much convincing. You just spend the money and don’t think twice about it. Done.

But one investment I’ve needed to make for a very long time now has been tough for me. And that’s hiring a team of people to support me in my business and life.

And I’ve been triggered many times lately by stuff that’s come up for me. First, my current social media VA wanted to add more hours onto our agreement, so she can help me even more. Then I totally lost control of my inbox, way more than I usually do, and thousands of emails are piling up (which also means important emails are getting lost in the shuffle). And then I started to feel totally out of control with all the personal stuff I need to take care (phone calls that need to be made, appointments that need to be set, etc).

It was the first time I really felt totally out of control. Like no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get on top of things.

I was waking up in the morning feeling panicked with how much stuff was being left undone in my biz and life. And I don’t like that feeling.

So I asked myself, what would I need to believe to clean all of this up and feel back on top of things? And the belief that came to me was: the more money I spend, the more money I make.

And I knew right away what that belief related to: hiring a support team.

I’ve gotten to a point in my business where the clients are rolling in with ease and my workshops are filling up and I’ve got more and more offers on the table for additional projects to take on. It’s a good problem to have–don’t get me wrong!

But it’s also caused me to be triggered A LOT. Because I’ve always been a control freak. I have a very hard time asking for help. And even when I do get around to asking for help (when things start to get overwhelming), I hardly ever follow through with it and still just end up doing the work myself.

My business and my personal life have been suffering because of this. I’ve been spending way too much of my time on stuff that I’m good at, but that aren’t in my Zone of Genius (read The Big Leap for more on that).

My focus in my business and life should be on the following: writing, speaking, teaching, creating and being me. Period.

Those are the only things I should be doing every day.

Yet I was finding myself slogging through hundreds of emails, wasting hours of my time on the phone trying to make appointments or handle personal stuff, and doing all kinds of tech shit in my biz that, although I know how to do it and have done it for a decade now, I don’t really want to be doing anymore.

And last night, it all came to a head.

Because I’m exhausted. I’m stressed. And I’m burned the fuck out.

NOT on the stuff that fuels my soul–the writing, the speaking, the teaching, the creating and doing all the other stuff I love to do in my life. But on the stuff that was weighing me down: the admin and the tech shit.

Trying to do all of that and basically being a one-woman-show for so many years now has essentially meant that my business hasn’t grown nearly as much as it could have and should have by now. Because when you’re trying to do the admin and tech shit, you don’t have the mental capacity to handle the creative stuff and the growth stuff as much.

So while I’ve created A TON over the last 7 months–and WAY MORE than most people create in several years time–I’ve still felt like nothing was getting done. I still felt like I wasn’t accomplishing enough and I’d go to bed at night feeling disappointed that I didn’t get more done.

And this is coming from someone who has launched 3-4 new workshops, books and products EVERY SINGLE MONTH this year. (Trust me when I say creativity and doing the work is not a problem for me!!)

But as a control freak and as someone who has a very, VERY hard time letting go, it felt impossible to hand any of that stuff off to someone else. Even if it was giving me a huge headache and causing me to feel massively overwhelmed.

I don’t know if it’s my move to Austin (total life up-level!!), the solar ecllipse energy or all of the messages the Universe has been sending me lately, but this week I decided that I’ve had it. That I can’t keep operating like this. That if I ever want to be the multi-millionaire I KNOW I’m meant to be, I can’t keep this up.

I have to let go.

I have to ask for help AND actually allow myself to receive it.

I have to stop doing things how I’ve done them for the last decade.

Otherwise I’ll never get where I want to go. I’ll just continue to be stuck in the same place. Which is how I’ve felt in my business the last couple years.

And then last night it hit me–if I actually truly FULLY believed my new belief that the more money I spend, the more money I make, wouldn’t I have hired a team to support me by now? Wouldn’t I have not even worried about the cost and just made the fucking investment?

Because I know how much it’s gonna help me and I know how much I’ve needed it and I know that all the successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur friends in my life ALL have support teams.

No one gets to a million dollars all by themselves. They may be self-made, but they are supported behind the scenes.

Multi-millionaires aren’t making their own personal appointments or tracking their email inbox or doing tech set up in their businesses. And if they were, they wouldn’t be multi-millionaires.

Because time is a prescious resource and people who make that much money know that. And, really, investing in a team is what has allowed them to make that kind of money, because they’re able to just focus on the things they’re really great at (aka: their Zone of Genius) and let their team handle the rest.

I’ve said it before, but it needs to be repeated: you can NEVER EVER EVER EVER burn out on your soul work.

Your soul work is the stuff that energizes you and makes you feel alive. It’s the stuff that fuels you. And you know when you’ve hit on your soul work because after spending time doing it, you feel lit up and high-vibe and so fucking joyful.

It’s like you’re high, but without the drugs.

If you’re doing your soul work in your life, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That feeling of elation, of anything is possible, of YES!! I fucking LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Yeah. THAT feeling.

I know it well. But I haven’t felt it as much lately as I’ve been bogged down in admin and tech shit in my business.

And to continue creating that feeling in my life (because OF COURSE I want MORE of that!!), I know that it’s time to put my money where my belief is. It’s time for me to stop being a control freak and stop trying to do everything.

It’s time for me to hire a support team.

I used to wear the one-woman-show as a badge of honor. Like, see how awesome I am? I do everything in my business and life and I STILL create massive amount of content and courses and products and offers.

But then I started to wonder… what would I be able to create if I DIDN’T do everything in my business?

How much more on fire would I feel in my life if I WASN’T a one-woman-show? If I had a team of people to support me in doing the stuff that is not my soul work, so I can focus exclusively on the things that make me feel the way I want to feel in my life and biz?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that yet. BUT I’m about to find out.

Because I’m about to start FULLY living into that new belief I’ve created that has been showing up for me already… the more money I spend, the more money I make.

I’m adding the extra hours for my social media VA. I hired an Admin and Personal Assistant this week who’s gonna make all of my phone calls for me and handle admin in my business, including managing my inbox and making sure the important stuff doesn’t get lost. And I’m in the process of hiring a tech VA who is gonna do all the tech set up in my biz.

Because if the more money I spend, the more money I make was actually a solid belief that I have, there’s no reason for me not to hire this team to support me. And there’s no reason I should have to keep operating this way.

Continuing to operate this way–as a one-woman-show–really just sends the message to the Universe that not only am I not ready to have all the success I say I want, but also that I don’t actually fully believe the new beliefs I’m creating.

It’s really simple. To create a new belief you have to decide what that belief is and then you have to go live into it and act as if it’s already true, doing the things and taking the actions you’d take if you already held that belief.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna live into my belief that the more money I spend, the more money I make.

AND I’m creating another belief that will help me transition from being a one-woman-show to having a team who supports me… I allow myself to be supported.

Last night I posted the BEST JOB AD EVER to find a soul-sister VA who could help me with the tech shit in my biz. I felt incredibly high-vibe writing that post out and hitting “publish” on it.

Immediately after I did, I had several people hit me up for the position. AND I also felt this HUGE sense of RELIEF.

The things I’ve been doing and carrying in my business and life for so long now have been weighing me down and stopping me from showing up fully as the writer and author and creator and entrepreneur I know I am inside.

I’m finally ready to let that all go. I’m finally ready to create something new. I’m finally ready to BE the CEO of my business and life.

AND I’m finally ready to live into my new beliefs and to allow myself to be supported by a team of people who are better at the admin and tech shit than I am.

Freeing myself up in this way is gonna give me the ability to do more awesome stuff, like create badass content and trainings for my audience (aka: you). ‘Cause I’ve had so many ideas and projects gathering cobwebs because I haven’t had time to focus on them.

But no more!

I now allow myself to be supported.

I’m letting go of being a control freak. I’m done with that way of living and operating.

It won’t be easy. And I definitely have more limiting beliefs to release (like “no one can do things as good as I can”) and more empowering beliefs to create and continue to reinforce. But I know it’s time.

Where in your life do you need to be supported? How can you release some control so you can have more freedom to spend your time doing your soul work?

Whatever you need help with, I urge you to allow yourself to be supported. It really will change everything.

Dream life or bust,




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The One Thing I Attribute All of My Recent Success To

Ever since I was very young, I knew I was here for a reason. I always believed that I was meant for more. Meant to make an impact, meant to do big things in the world.

It’s a core belief I’ve held my entire life.

And I didn’t always know what that reason was or how I was going to fulfill it. But I knew if I always followed my heart I’d be OK.

Following your heart. Something that’s so taboo in this world. Society tells us to pick one thing and do what everyone else is doing and we’re wrong if we’re different or outside the norm.

But that’s the agreement I made with myself when I was growing up, that no matter what, I would always follow my heart. I would ignore what everyone else was doing and I would do things my way.

Now I haven’t always lived up to that. There have been times where I lost sight of what really mattered to me. But I was always quick to catch myself and refocus on my heart.

It was my heart that led me to being a writer, to choosing the writing life over all the other possibilities out there. I chose it because I believe so deeply that I have a message to share with the world. And that message is freedom and taking control of your destiny.

The truth is you can have anything you want for your life. ANYTHING. I am proof of it. I’ve lived so many of my dreams and my writing life has exploded (in a good way!).

Since I released my eBook, Align Your Writing Habits to Success and had it hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon, I’ve been selling a TON of books! In May, I sold 589. So far this month, I’m up to 658 (and there’s still a week and a half left to go!).

I’ve been getting new eBook ideas left and right. Ideas I’ve had for years are coming together into cohesive and engaging outlines right in front of my very eyes. And it’s all happening with ease and flow.

I feel more confident than I’ve ever felt before, expecting so much more awesomeness to come and feeling happy and fulfilled every single day. Joy like I have never known before.

And I attribute this success and the way I’m feeling to one thing: the Bestselling Author Mastermind.

I started this group because I gave myself a HUGE goal (back in April) to write and publish one eBook a month for the rest of 2016. It was time for me to stop being comfortable in my writing life. But I needed all the accountability I could get. Leading a group of people is pretty major accountability.

Being the leader of this group has forced me to step up and not just lead, but fucking own the writing life I want to have. To walk my talk consistently, like I never have before. To be fully in alignment with my divine gifts and what I came to this world to do.

It’s this alignment, passion and–most importantly–pro writer mindset that has brought me to this point.

But not just me.

Here’s just some of what members of the Bestselling Author Mastermind have achieved in the last month and a half:

  • Become a featured columnist on a big-name website
  • Ideas for eBooks
  • Outlines for novels 
  • Established a daily habit of writing
  • Written 23,000 words in a new WIP
  • Got first pro gig editing a video script
  • Completed revisions on a 100,000-word manuscript 
  • Put together 3 poetry compilation manuscripts and sent them off for Beta Reading
And that’s not even including the stuff I accomplished! Since May 2 I have: written one eBook, published 2 eBooks, 1 of which hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon, written 20+ blog posts, created 20+ videos, outlined 3 new books…I could go on.

Now these results aren’t typical for most writers, but that’s what makes this group so special. Because the people in it are not most writers. They’re writers who actually step up to the plate, do the work and see results. Who let their dreams be bigger than their excuses. Who create their own realities with their thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Writers who know they were born to write and share their message and stories with the world through the written word. And writers who want to create their dream writing lives on their terms. 

If that sounds like you–and if hanging out in a virtual space (Facebook group) with a bunch of inspired, fire-lit-under-their-asses writers from all over the world sounds like it’d be a good ‘ol time–we’d love for you to join us.

>> Learn more and sign up here

This is by far the best thing I have ever created. I hope you’ll join us and find out for yourself just how awesome it is to be surrounded by a community of like-minded writers.

Two Ideas For Motivating Yourself To Write

I’m always looking for creative ways to motivate, or “trick” myself into sitting down and writing. In the last few days, I’ve learned of and come up with some ideas that I think are worth trying. Here are two ideas to get you started:

  • Write a check to someone you hate–my creative writing professor said that when he was in desperate need of finishing one of his books, he motivated himself in an extreme, but helpful, way. He got out his check book and wrote a $1,000 check to a person that he hates more than anything. Then, he gave the check to one of his good friends and told them “If I don’t have my book finished by January 1, I want you to give this to the person and tell them to cash it.” Although pretty extreme, the idea of losing $1,000–and having it go to someone you hate–is a pretty good motivational tool to get your writing done.
  • Pretend like you’re already done with it–last night while I was sitting on the couch watching Jimmy Kimmel Live and not writing, I had a moment of inspiration. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I just made a book cover for the book I’m trying to write and then used it to cover up one of the books I own? So I did just that. I made a mock cover for the book I’m trying to write, then I cut it apart and taped it over one of my Stephen King books, making it look like I wrote the book. Then I placed it on my coffee table so that I could look at it all the time. I figured seeing my name “in print” would make me more likely to sit down and actually write the book.

So take a few minutes this weekend and try one of these motivational tactics out. Which one motivated you the most? And how much writing did you get done because of it? Got any motivational ideas of your own? Drop me a line and let me know!