Update Your Annual Writing Goals on Your Birthday, Not For New Years

By Jennifer Blanchard

Today is my 26th birthday. And I’ve decided to do something a little different this year than most other years.

I’m pretty typical when it comes to setting New Year’s goals. I, like most people, have big plans at the beginning of the year. And I, like most people, also abandon my goals by the end of January.

I think the main problem with setting goals for the New Year is that people tend to view New Year’s goals (also called “resolutions”) as fixing yourself or your life. And that’s the main problem, because there’s nothing to fix.

You are perfect exactly as you are.

If you’d like to continue growing, changing and reaching your goals, however, then you need to continute to make annual goals, but with a twist.

This year, as I celebrate being another year older, I am suggesting that we instead make annual goals that start the day after our birthdays. And that we continue to do so from here on out, instead of setting New Year’s goals.

Since your new goals will be associated with your birthday, rather than the new calendar year, they will feel more personal and you will be more likely to keep them.

When you set your goals for the year, you should think about what you want to achieve over the next 365 days. Be sure to think about all areas of your life, such as:

  • Your career
  • Your family/friends/social life
  • Your hobbies
  • Your health
  • And, of course, your writing

Once you have a plan, or at least an idea of where you want to be on your birthday next year, you’ll then be able to work backwards to see what you need to do to get to reach all your goals.

And when you set your birthday goals, don’t be afraid to aim high. It’s always better to challenge yourself then to allow your self-imposed limitations to stop you from reaching your dreams.

My writing goals for my next birthday are:

  • Finish writing my first novel, Celebrity Soulmate
  • Publish Celebrity Soulmate
  • Start and finish writing novel number 2
  • Finish and launch writing productivity eBook
  • Continue writing and growing Procrastinating Writers

What do you think of setting annual writing goals for your birthday, rather than for the New Year? What are your current writing goals?

About the Author: Jennifer Blanchard is founder of Procrastinating Writers. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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