When The Desire Is Strong Enough, You’ll Move Mountains With Total Ease

After my divorce went down at the beginning of 2019, I planned a cross-country trip to visit a guy friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in years. The only problem was, I still had my pre-divorce body.

And that was not a body I would ever let him see me in. My desire was for him to see me and think I looked hot AF.

So I had 45 days to get myself into the shape I wanted to be in when I saw him again. That desire was so strong, it overrode all of my previous bad habits with food and exercise.

For those 45 days leading up to my trip, I cut out all carbs, stopped eating all forms of sugar, and exercised daily for 30-60 minutes. I did all of this with total freaking ease, even though I struggled for YEARS previously to do exactly that.

And, because my desire to look amazing was so strong (and there was a ticking deadline), it was the fuel to my fire.

It was the motivation not to eat sugar and carbs. It was the driving force behind every exercise session I completed. It was the Why for me getting into the best shape of my life.

Best of all, that desire even overrode years of BS limiting beliefs I had around having the body I wanted and what it would take to get there.

I literally just stopped believing and buying into those thoughts. I just decided to believe that whatever I chose to do over those 45 days would be enough to get me into hot AF shape because it had to be enough.

There was no other option. I was fully unwilling and unavailable to go visit him in any other shape.

So, of course, when the day of the trip came, I not only looked amaze, but I was back in my pre-marriage body AND all of my favorite jeans fit me again. It felt like a total win in all ways.

Now, I have to throw this in here, so you don’t get the idea that I think it’s a good idea to be motivated to change because of someone else. I definitely do not condone that.

You should always and only make a change because you want to and because it will feel good to. I had both of those reasons underpinning my desire to change as well, it was just the deadline of seeing him in 45 days that motivated me to do it faster.

And now back to my original point. Which is this: your desire, when strong enough, will always override ALL of the limiting beliefs and conditions and rules and stories and bad habits you’ve had up ‘til that point.

But you have to desire whatever it is bad enough for that to in itself be a motivator.

Is that the best way to create lasting change? Not really.

But if you’re just so freaking ready and so freaking over it and know that your time to receive is NOW, then a simple decision to believe more in your desire than you do the BS that tries to stop you (and then taking action from that place) can make it happen faster than you previously thought possible.

So, what desire is fueling you?

Dream life or bust,


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