10 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity

This is a guest post by Marty Kopriva

Did you know that the key ingredient to what may determine your success is the power of your creativity? Why not stimulate your ability to be more creative, starting today?

Here’s how:

1. Diversify Yourself
Learning about people of all different cultures, religions, races and countries is very educating, and fun as well. You learn how to be open to new things and ideas as you learn more from other people.

Don’t judge – just stay open to the differences that people have and enjoy it. Being a person that has a diverse center will allow your life to be enriched and you will find your perspectives broadening.

2. Spend Time With Children
Watching the way children play and interact is fun. Not only should you watch, but get your feet wet: jump in and play with them.

You will see that their innocence and the way they have no fear about life will make you be much more creative. Being an adult makes us hold back from being creative because we have fears. Children don’t have that.

Be like a child and forget the rules and fears. Play with life like a child and have some fun!

3. Try New Food and Drinks
Think about it. You probably eat the same foods over and over again day after day. Get creative and try some new foods or try a few new recipes.

When cooking, get more creative and try some international foods from all over the world. Enjoy some new smells and tastes that will stimulate your creative thought processes.

4. Get A New Hobby
Start some new projects or new hobbies. Research something new that can be fun to work on and spend time with. This will get your mental skills going and spark some creativity!

Think, for example, about painting or building a pirate ship or a windmill in your yard. The possibilities are endless.

5. Fly a Kite
Do you remember flying a kite when you were younger and how relaxing it was? Do it again!

Pretend you’re a kid and find a kite to fly. Focus your mind on the sky and the wind and just the ability to be out in nature.

This will be fun and spark creativity.

6. Try Exercising
Remember that exercise helps to stimulate endorphins. When they become stimulated, you feel happier. You will feel more energetic and less stressed and it will get those creative juices flowing.

7. Relive Memories
Go back in time and remember the things that are special to you. Get out old scrapbooks from when you were younger. Get out some old videos, pictures and think about the old times and wonderful memories you have.

When you’re down or feeling low, this will help you remember happy times and get that feeling back in your body again. Relaxing and feeling happiness will regenerate some creativity in you.

8. Meditate
Meditating is also very refreshing and relaxes the body. Creativity can be heightened through meditation.

9. Be Social
Attending some fun social events can stimulate creativity. Arts festivals, chili cook-offs, fairs and carnivals are all changes of scenery that can stimulate your mind and creativity.

10. Visit Museums
Visit a museum and let yourself go back in time to appreciate the past. Look at the great strides we have made with inventions, look at the human body and discover things about the human race.

If you feel depleted of creativity, change things up and get that spark going back inside that creative mind of yours. Creativity sparks success. Nurture your creativity, starting today!

How do you stimulate your creativity?

About the Author: Marty Kopriva writes about self help, finance and insurance quotes

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