12 Better Writing Habits Down, 19 More To Go

It’s 12 days into the Better Writing Habits Challenge. Have you been keeping up?

If not, you can follow along with the challenge on BetterWritingHabits.com (and you can find us on Facebook).

It’s the beginning of the year, a traditional time for self-improvement. So what better a time to improve your writing habits?

Here are the tips Suzannah and I have shared so far:

  1. Say Goodbye to Your Worst Writing Habits of 2010
  2. 5 Steps to Setting SMART Writing Goals
  3. Jump-Start Your Writing Productivity in 3 Easy Steps
  4. The Truth About Finding Time to Write
  5. How To Create  A Writing Space on a Budget
  6. How To Garner Writing Ideas From Your Daily Life
  7. How To Create A Simple Outline for Your Writing
  8. 9 Energizing Snacks that Will Keep You Writing
  9. The #1 Way to Get Inspired to Write
  10. The 3 Notebooks Every Writer Should Keep
  11. 5 Strategies to Un-Stick Your Stuck Words
  12. Do You Recognize the Top 7 Excuses Writers Make?

What writing habit change are you trying to make?

About the Author: Jennifer Blanchard is the founder of Procrastinating Writers. She is co-founder of the Better Writing Habits Challenge. For more great writing tips, tools and advice, be sure to follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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