13 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Writers And Creatives Back

In the Spring of 2016, my book, Align Your Writing Habits to Success, hit #1 in my category on Amazon and I became a bestselling author. That same year, two more of my books also hit #1. It happened again the next year and again two years later. 

Now, it’s pretty common for me to release a new book and have it hit #1 in my category.

But before that, being an Amazon Bestselling author was a pipe dream. Something I knew was possible for other people, but I didn’t think it was for me.

Why did I think it was a pipe dream? Two reasons:

> I didn’t know How to make it happen 

> I had a limiting belief that said it wasn’t possible for me

Then in February of 2016, I met an author who had written and published 47 books, 46 of which hit #1 in her category on Amazon. Meeting her got me thinking: if she could hit #1 that many times, surely I could do it once. 

That thought shifted everything for me, and less than four months later, I joined the ranks of Amazon Bestselling authors. 

Limiting beliefs run rampant in your subconscious mind, and these beliefs stop you from pursuing your desires and believing your dreams are not only possible but inevitable. And if you don’t deal with your limiting beliefs, they will hold you back from ever having the writing career and the life you truly want.

I’m over on Positive Writer today sharing 13 limiting beliefs that writers and creatives struggle with.

You can read the full post here: http://positivewriter.com/13-limiting-beliefs-that-hold… 

Dream life or bust,

P.S. If you resonate with any (or ALL of) these limiting beliefs, be sure to join us for From Hobbyist to Pro: a mindset + identity shifting workshop for writers and creatives. See the first comment below.

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