13 Signs You May Be Multi-Passionate

1. You’re good at and passionate about so many things you’re starting to lose track.

2. You can’t choose one thing…ever. And trying to just gives you anxiety.

3. You’ve attempted to choose one thing, many, many times before, only to feel completely boxed in; suffocated; and bored AF.

4. You love the idea of building a life and business around ALL of your passions, not just one (or some) of them.

5. Someone has told you any or all of the following: “You’re too much,” or “You can’t do everything,” or “You need to stop trying to do so many things.” (Total BS, by the way!)

6. You’re kind of like a Jane/Jack-of-all-trades because your skills and interests are so wide-ranging.

7. You have a really hard time explaining what you do or who you are.

8. You’re constantly surrounded by piles of stuff dedicated to your multiple passions, projects and interests (or maybe it’s just me)?

9. You always have at least 3-5 projects going on all at the same time (and you mostly manage to juggle them just fine).

10. You have a really hard time finishing things sometimes (or maybe all the time).

11. You feel misunderstood and even judged at times because everyone around you seems just fine choosing one thing.

12. Your “one thing” is “everything.”

13. You’re on social media bio update #5,367 (and you’re still not sure you’ve covered everything).

I could keep going… 🙂

Any of this resonating for you? If so, then you are most likely MULTI-PASSIONATE.

Welcome to the crazy creative-and-chaotic world of not choosing one thing. You’re gonna love it here.

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