13 Things Abraham-Hicks Clarified About Being, Doing and Having Everything You Dream Of

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I spent four hours on Saturday morning attending a live Abraham-Hicks event in Austin. It was by far the best four hours I’ve spent at a workshop in a really long time.

And while I knew that there wouldn’t be anything brand new that I’d learn (as I’ve been studying Law of Attraction and the unfailing principles of our Universe for a decade now), I knew she would clarify lots of things I already knew, but could go deeper on.

For the first half of the first hour of the workshop I just enjoyed listening, taking in the scene and fully embracing the choice I’d made to spend my morning with Abraham and all the people who showed up. Then we got into the second half of the first hour and she began dropping so many truthbombs I had a hard time keeping up as my fingers hurried to type them into the Notes app on my iPhone.

It took me a couple days to really take in all that she shared, and then, of course, the challenges have been coming and hitting me hard. Challenging my faith. Challenging my trust in myself and in the Universe. Challenging my beliefs.

Now that I’ve better wrapped my head around everything, I wanted to share the 13 biggest insights I had while attending the Abraham-Hicks event:

1. Just don’t offer an opposing vibration

Period. Simple. End of story!! Just don’t offer an opposing vibration to the thing you desire and it will be yours. A-H was very clear on the fact that the past and what you’ve done up to this point doesn’t matter.

All that matters is your current vibration and what you’re offering your focus to.

So if you want to manifest something–big or small–all you have to do is STOP offering a vibration (which comes from your thoughts, beliefs and actions) that opposes what you want.

2. There’s no such thing as a missed opportunity

So many times people will say stuff like “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” or “opportunity only knocks once” or whatever other stupid shit comes out of the mouths of society. But the truth is, this is all just a load of bullshit.

You can’t miss an opportunity. Especially one that’s meant for you.

Sure, maybe you don’t act fast enough and lose out on an opportunity or you decide an opportunity isn’t aligned for you. But does that mean you lost your chance or that your once-in-a-lifetime chance has ended?

Fuck no!

If you miss an opportunity, ignore an opportunity or don’t even hear it to begin with because the noise in your head is still louder than your actual voice, sit tight. Another opportunity is making its way to you, and so long as you keep going, you’ll get it.

3. Respond to impulses (aka: Divine Downloads, aka: inspired ideas) immediately

When the Universe sends you an inspired action to take or a Divine Download about something, LISTEN! Stop thinking that you know better or that you have to be “realistic.” The Universe doesn’t care about realistic. It operates on magic and speed.

Think of it this way… the Universe is your higher self and it always knows exactly what you want and the quickest, fastest way to get you there. The Universe sees the BIG picture and has a bird’s eye view of your path.

You, the person on the path, can only see what’s in front of you, and even then it’s not totally clear because your vantage point is so limited.

This is where trust comes in. Trust the Universe. Trust the downloads or impulses you get. And when an inspired idea hits you, fucking act on it.

4. If it hasn’t shown up yet, there’s still more for you to uncover

Back in 2012 when I first quit my job, I thought I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted to create, I knew the type of business I wanted, and I went for it. But after a couple years of grinding away, I still wasn’t where I thought I should be.

I kept taking action anyhow and continued trusting the ideas and inspired actions and Divine Downloads, and doing whatever they told me to do. And then years later, I received a download of four little words that eventually became the business and brand I have now: Dream Life Or Bust.

If Dream Life Or Bust had come to me in 2012, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do with it. It wouldn’t have made any sense to me. And I definitely wouldn’t have acted on it.

I wasn’t ready for that kind of clarity yet. So while the business and life I’d been dreaming of hadn’t shown up yet, I was continuing to get further and further clarity on it, as I kept taking action and kept asking for guidance.

Now I see the full picture (or most of it, anyhow). Now I see what I’m meant to be doing and how I’m meant to be doing it. I now have the clarity I didn’t have in 2012 when I first quit my job.

Now I have the business and life I desire… and it gets better and better every day.

If what you want hasn’t shown up yet, there’s still more for you to uncover. Be patient and trust.

5. You must learn to trust the process and the journey or you’ll never get there

Wherever “there” is for you, you’ll never, ever get there if you’re constantly complaining about where you are, worrying that you’re too far behind, and saying things like, “this isn’t working.” Because that’s not at all the point.

The point is the journey. The point is the process of getting there. The point is to enjoy everything along the way.

There really isn’t a “there,” because once you achieve something, there’s always something more that you want. Desire never dies.

So getting “there” just becomes another “I’m still not there yet” if you’re not enjoying the ride.

6. Law of Attraction is as unfailing a law as gravity

You trust in the other laws of our Universe. You don’t go jumping off buildings just to see if gravity actually works or not. You trust it.

So why do you have such a hard time accepting that Law of Attraction–the law that says thoughts become things–is a law as true and real as gravity?

You’ve been using the unfailing principle of thoughts become things your entire life. You’re a goddamn expert at it. And maybe up ’til now you haven’t used it consciously or used it to create the things you actually desire, but that’s just because you’ve been telling yourself it’s a bullshit law that’s “not real.”

Guess what? You can continue to say that and believe that, but just like gravity, your thoughts will continue to become things and your mind will continue to create the reality you see around you.

Period. Period. Period.

So stop fighting it.

7. You’ve got to be ready for what you want, otherwise all you’ll attract are things and people who aren’t quite ready

Stop worrying about the timing. Stop telling yourself you’re not far enough along or you should be further.

Trust in the timing of your life, because everything is and always will be working out perfectly, in perfect Divine timing.

Feel easy-breezy about the things you desire. Know that you’ve asked and are taking action and it’s all working out for you.

You will never, ever know just how much magic and awesome is happening behind the curtains of time and space in the unseen. You’ll never know how many strings are being pulled and connections are being made until they pop into your reality.

So this is why you must ready yourself for what you desire to have. And then trust that you’ll have it in exact perfect timing.

8. Preparation for Receiving is the way to live your life

If you call Pizza Hut and order a pizza and breadsticks, you know your pizza and breadsticks are coming. You don’t worry about it. You don’t freak out and panic and then come up with a backup plan.

You just prepare for it.

You get out the dishes and napkins. You ready your table for dinner. You pick out the movie you’ll watch as you eat. You do whatever you do to prep to eat.

Because you know the pizza and breadsticks are coming.

Well, same goes when you ask the Universe for something. If you just asked, and then prepared yourself and your life for the thing you desire (aka: acting as if), it would show up so fast your head would spin.

But while we’re willing to do that with things we feel certain about, like pizza delivery. We’re less willing to do it with things that seem uncertain from our current vantage point.

That’s where trust and faith come in. You must have the same faith in the Universe that you have in your pizza and breadsticks showing up.

Prepare in whatever ways you can right now. Prepare in faith. Risk in faith. Take action in faith. And that faith–however big or small–will move mountains.

9. Start with things you have less Resistance about to gain confidence in the bigger things

Let’s face it–while having a million dollars show up in your bank account tomorrow would be amazing, it’s very unlikely to happen. Not because it couldn’t actually happen–as it could, everything is possible–but because you currently have way too much Resistance to it (resistant thoughts, beliefs and unwillingness to act in faith).

So start with something smaller, that you have less Resistance about. Start with things that are easy to believe in, so you can build up your belief and trust muscles.

Start with a free cup of coffee or having someone hold the door open for you. Start with asking for $5 or $50. And go from there.

The less Resistance you have, the easier and faster you can manifest and receive the thing you desire.

Don’t mess with the subjects you’re stubborn on. Focus on the stuff that’s easy for you and grow from there.

10. You’re not being tested!!

The Universe does not test us! It simply shows us the path of least Resistance, which sometimes looks and feels like a test. But it’s not.

You create the “tests” by offering so much Resistance to the thing you desire. You create the “tests” by believing you have to prove you’re worthy or deserving.

Stop trying to prove worthiness to something that’s not asking for it!!!

You were BORN worthy. You were BORN deserving. There is NOTHING you have to earn. Not now, not ever.

11. Stop trying to defend where you are and how you got there

This one actually made me laugh when she said it. I felt myself start laughing inside and a huge smile came across my face.

As humans spend so much god-forsaking time telling the stories of how we ended up where we are right now. We wear hard work and struggle as a badge of honor. We believe that you must go through shit before you can shine.

But all of that is, again, TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!

Stop trying to defend where you are right now and how you got here and for the love of all that is holy just start focusing on where you now want to go.

12. You are always in the right place and you’ve done nothing wrong

This one hit me hard, because there are so many things I look back on and think, “If I just hadn’t of made that decision” or “If I just hadn’t made that investment or spent that money or [insert whatever other BS mistake you think you’ve made that has put you where you are right now]” I’d be where I want to be.

How about, your path is perfect and you’ve made all the right choices and decisions. Everything you’ve ever done and said was right. EVERYTHING.

Try that one on for size!

If you’ve done everything right and you’re in the exact right place, then there’s nothing more you need to do except keep going, feel good and enjoy the journey.

13. Just fucking feel good!!!

What it ALL comes down to—and it’s so freaking simple that it’s mind-blowing and it’s also why we try so hard to complicate it—is just feel good. FEEL GOOD!!!

That’s it!!

That’s ALL you have to do to be, do and have EVERYTHING you desire and dream of!! Just feel good.

Feel good!! Do whatever it takes to feel good inside.

Drop the stories, ditch the people, start over, move, clean up your environment, find high-vibe friends, take a risk, do things that are fun for you, say no, say yes, take a break, push through… whatever you need to do to feel good.

Focus on how you feel and make feeling good a priority over everything else.

Feeling good is the most important thing–always and in every circumstance and situation. How can I feel better about this? How can I feel even better?

What can I do today to FEEL GOOD???

And if the subject doesn’t feel good, don’t focus on it.

There’s probably SO MUCH MORE I could share from what was clarified for me at the Abraham-Hicks event, but this is the stuff that was most impactful. So there it is.

Now it’s your turn… which of these clarifications helped you the most? What are you going to act on right now? Share in the comments.

Dream life or bust,


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  1. Absolutely genius! You’ve broken it down to such obvious terms. Love the pizza analogy. I will never forget that. And your use of course words, it’s like I wrote the damn thing myself. you’re awesome. Thank you for writing this.

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