17 Things Publishing A Nonfiction Book Can Do For You (And Why You Should Write And Publish Yours Right Now)

In my world, books are EVERYTHING. And right now–more than ever before–book writers are needed.

Not only have book sales gone UP in the past few weeks, but readers are HUNGRY for more!! NOW is the best time EVER to write your book and publish it on Amazon (or wherever).

So I thought I’d make a list of all the things writing and publishing a book can do for you:

1. Be your legacy
2. Generate leads for your business
3. Build your Know-Like-Trust factor
4. Create a passive income stream that grows over time
5. Filter your audience so only soulmate people end up in it
6. Educate and/or entertain your readers
7. Showcase your knowledge, expertise and/or the results you’ve helped your clients get
8. Make you stand out as a leader and expert in your industry
9. Give you instant credibility
10. Spread your message and/or brand story far and wide, 24/7/365
11. Help you help more people
12. Make you feel good
13. Give you confidence
14. Fulfill a dream you’ve had for years
15. Reach and help the people who can’t afford/aren’t ready to invest in your higher-priced services
16. Cause a ripple effect in the world
17. Impact those you feel called to serve

I could go on.

Having a book out in the world, especially as a heart-centered entrepreneur, coach, healer or lightworker, is SO important.

You have a message to share, and that message can so easily be shared when you write and publish a book.

If you’re ready to write and publish yours, join us for Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book in 30 Days. We start April 1.

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