2 Exercises That Can Literally Change Your Life Overnight

I’m big into personal development and have been for most of my life, so I’m always coming up with and doing different journal prompts and exercises and things to go deeper and learn and discover more about myself and the life I want to create. ⁣

And of all the exercises I’ve designed over the years, there are two that have hands-down always helped me to see things clearly and start making immediate changes. ⁣

These are both alignment exercises, and when you do them, they will show you the truth of who you are and what your life is meant to be about. These are not for the faint of heart or if you’re unwilling to know or see the truth. ⁣

But if you are, these can literally change your life overnight, mostly in the sense that you will no longer be able to hide from yourself or your soul, and from there will be able to take action to create something different. ⁣

Before we dive in, be sure to grab your journal. I’ll wait.

Exercise #1: If I Had $1 Million Dollars

Inspired by a 90s throwback I love, this exercise helps you get to the core of what actually matters to you. ⁣

And here’s how it goes: Imagine you have $1 million in your bank account and you know with guaranteed certainty that you would be receiving $1 million per month for the rest of your life, what would you be doing with your life? How would you spend your day? Most importantly, what would you stop doing?

Whatever comes up that feels like a true from-your-heart-and-soul response is what you’re meant to be doing and being. ⁣

Whenever I did this exercise, and I’ve done it many times, the answer that always came up for me was I would stop being a coach and I would just write books. It never once occurred to me that I should do that right now.

Not until I did this second exercise.

Exercise #2: Fast-Forward to the End

This one is kinda gruesome, but the day this exercise came to me in a meditation and I got brave enough to actually do it, things shifted for me in a huge way. ⁣

And here’s how it goes: Fast-forward and imagine it’s the last day of your life (as who you are this time around). You’re looking back on what you created, achieved, lived, experienced, learned, saw, etc, BUT based only on having stayed on the path you’re currently on right now.

Now ask yourself: am I happy with what I’m looking back on? With what I’m seeing? With the outcomes I got? With what I created? With what I did or didn’t do?

When I did this exercise at the beginning of 2021, I finally saw clearly something I hadn’t allowed myself to see up til that point. ⁣

What I saw was me having created a coaching business that made multi-millions of dollars and helped millions of people. What I didn’t see was the thing I’ve always known it was meant to be about for me: writing and publishing hundreds of books, being one of the highest-paid writers in the world, turning my books into movies. ⁣

And I felt like my entire life had been a fucking waste.

In that moment, the responses from these two exercises collided and I FINALLY got it. I wasn’t meant to be a coach. That was supposed to be a side effect of me being the author I’m meant to be. ⁣

I immediately shut down my coaching business. I decided in that moment I was now a full-time author and that would be my main focus from here on out. ⁣

And so much has already begun shifting and opening up. I am finally living in my highest alignment, for real. ⁣

Not a sorta alignment. Not a mostly alignment. Actual alignment, where I am living fully from soul and doing what I know I’m meant to be. ⁣

These two exercises changed my entire life practically overnight. I continue to go back to them time and time again. And I know you will too. ⁣

Well, that is, if you’re brave enough to do them with an honest heart.

Dream life or bust,

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