25,000+ BOOKS and Counting!!!

Over the weekend I discovered something… I’ve sold almost 25,000 BOOKS (a combo of several of my titles)!!!

I was shocked!!

I self-published my first book in March 2010 as a PDF on my website. I didn’t even know you could sell books on Amazon at that point. I was just doing what I knew to do, how I knew to do it at the time.

In December 2012, I re-published those two books on Amazon, and I’ve added 14 books since then (with 2 more coming this year!).
I’ve never had an agent. I’ve never had a publisher.

I am truly a self-made author. All of the success I’ve had with my books I attribute to my mindset, manifestation skills, and taking practical action over and over again for years.

Self-publishing was always going to be it for me. Maybe one day I’ll also have a traditional publisher and/or an agent, but that will be an add-on to what I’ve built with my own two writer hands.

I’m sharing all of this with you today to remind you that, while nothing happens overnight, you can always have, create, and live the life you dream of. And I will continue to be a living proof example of that.🔥

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