3 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

This is a guest post by AmyYoung of HowDoesRentToOwnWork.org

If you want to excel at writing and in life, self-motivation is crucial. Staying motivated while working can be hard no matter what you may do in your job. So you may wonder how you can achieve a more consistent level of motivation.

I have come up with a few tips that have helped me stay motivated at work. Maybe, with a little effort, they can help you stay motivated as well.

Wake up Motivated
If you want to stay motivated throughout your day, it is important that you start every day with motivational thoughts. To make yourself feel good about getting out of bed, give yourself something to look forward to during your day and think of it as soon as you wake up.

This simple action can help you start your day in a positive mood and give you the energy you will need throughout the day. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something to look forward to, write them down the night before and look them over in the morning.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find anything to look forward to in your workday, but remember that your negative feelings don’t have to affect your whole day.

Not every day will be bright and sunny, but you will need to give yourself the right messages so that you don’t become discouraged.

Tomorrow is a new day. The past is gone, and now you have a chance to be better. Today, all you need to do is start.

Making these mental statements will help you improve you moon, and then you will find it easier to stay motivated.

Set Your Goals
Make a list of realistic goals. It may be helpful to limit your goals to three lists of three: three things you need to get done today, three things you would like to do today, but that can wait, and three things you’d like to get done eventually.

You could also make a master list of short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

Setting these goals every day and setting a deadline to complete each goal will give you the opportunity to physically see what you need to accomplish, and you will feel much better every time you can cross off a task on your list.

Also, tell someone about your goals. Actually saying them out loud will make them feel more real and achievable.

Review your goals as often as possible to remind you exactly what you want to achieve. It is easy to lose focus and get sidetracked when you don’t see your goals often. The more attention you give to a goal, the more motivation you will have to complete the task.

Reward Yourself
If you try to work for eight hours straight every day, you will probably go crazy. Rewarding yourself with breaks or a special treat at the end of the day will increase your motivation during the day. Your reward may be a night off with a movie or a play day with your kids at the park.

Use whatever will keep you going through the day and keep you motivated.

Put up a picture to remind you of the reward coming when you finish all of your tasks for the day. This could be the best way for you to find the self-motivation necessary to get through the day, but rewards can also be distracting.

A reward strategy has been proven to be a very effective way to increase motivation, but if you reward yourself no matter how you perform or give yourself a reward before you finish a task, it may just become another distraction. Don’t reward yourself for something you have not earned.

Without hard work and dedication, you will not be successful with a reward strategy.

Above all else, just have fun with whatever you’re doing.

If you truly enjoy your writing, you will be more likely to be able to motivate you.

Have a sense of humor, and don’t take yourself too seriously. A happy and healthy mind is the best tool for self-motivation.

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