31-Day Creativity Recharge: A Wrap Up

Wow—can you believe it’s August 1? You’ve just completed a challenge to recharge your creative batteries in 31 days.

So, how’d you do?

I hope well enough to realize the impact changes in your food and lifestyle make on your creativity. Because that really is the key.

When you nourish the core source of your creativity—yourself—you become an unstoppable creative person. Ideas come to you like a magnet, the words flow on the page when you sit down to write and you have so much more energy.

Don’t you want that to continue?

Where To Go From Here

Take some time to read back through all the challenge posts (I made an index page for them to make this task easier) and take note of the ones you really need to implement in your life. Try doing the challenges suggested and see what happens.

Now that you’re aware of how much your food and lifestyle choices affect your creativity, you’re in a better position to make a permanent change (as becoming aware is the first step).

How To Stay On Track

You’ve picked up a bunch of new, positive habits over the course of the last month. Don’t let them go now!

You can stay on track by repeating the challenges when you need to, and by continuing to experiment and find the foods, lifestyle habits and creativity habits that work for you.

It’s not an easy journey, but it’s a worthwhile one. Once you know what works for you, you’re set for life.

That means no more yo-yo dieting because you’re trying yet another diet fad. It means fewer moments of doubt because you have the tools in place that work best for you. It means more writing and creativity time, because you’ve learned just how precious that time is, and how much it’s affected by what you eat and how you live.

Sounds like a dream, right?

What’s Next For InkyBites

Over the course of the 31-day creativity recharge, I learned a lot about my readers. I’ve discovered what keeps them (and you) up at night and what they’re (you’re) really looking to change in your life and in your writing.

I’ve had something brewing for a few weeks now, and while I’m not ready to share it quite yet, I will share it with you soon. I promise.

Share With Us

What was the best and worst part of the 31-day creative recharge for you?


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