A Little Inspo for You Big Dreamers

I cried through Ke Huy Quan’s entire Best Supporting Actor speech at the Oscar’s last night. The truth is, I’m a sucker for dreamers–the ones who see a vision and who believe in it enough to move toward it, sometimes for decades, until it shows up in their real life.

The ones who know they’re meant for more than the average life and refuse to settle. The ones who want to not only make a living doing what they love, but also make an impact.

Those dreamers inspire me, they motivate me, they help me to believe more in my dreams and in myself. And they remind me that even against all odds, everything is possible when you believe.

Ke Huy Quan is one of those dreamers. And last night in his speech, I saw a little bit of myself in him.

Because I’m also a dreamer. A BIG dreamer.

I’m a doer. I take action on what I want, always have always will. I’m a believer. I trust the vision I see inside of me and I go for it with everything I’ve got.

And in those moments when it seems like nothing is working and that it probably never will, like Ke Huy Quan, I choose not to give up.

Not saying it hasn’t ever crossed my mind to quit–it has. It’s crossed my mind A LOT at times.

But then I just keep on going.

Keep on believing. Keep on trusting. Keep on taking action. I also do the inner work, the mindset work, the stuff that makes things happen a whole lot easier and faster.

And it all eventually adds up.

No matter how long it takes. No matter how big or crazy or out there the dream or desire may seem.

Ke Huy Quan’s wife told him every day for 20 years that one day his time would come. Now it has.

And so will yours. You just have to believe, trust, and keep going until then.

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P.S.S. Watch Ke Huy Quan’s speech and get inspired (warning: you may bawl like a baby LOL)

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