A Message From My Soul To Yours

For the days when you feel stuck, stagnant and like nothing is ever, ever, ever going to fucking change… there’s this. A message I just downloaded. From my soul to yours:

Maybe you’re not there yet. Maybe you’re still figuring it out. You’re still dealing with your stuff. Maybe you’re still not making the money you want to make.


At least you’re in the process of it. At least you’re dealing with your stuff. At least you’re moving forward every single day and you’re doing what you can from where you are.

It’s AMAZING, because most people are not willing to do that. Most people won’t look at or deal with their stuff for years from now or maybe ever.

And here you are dealing with your stuff right now, and in the next five years, you’re just gonna see more and more and more of what you want unfolding. By the time the next five years unfolds you are gonna be living your dream. You’re gonna be rolling in the Benjamins. You’re gonna be experiencing the dream life. You’re gonna have it all.

And the things you’re dealing with right now are gonna feel like nothing. Like no big fucking deal, because YOU’VE GOT THIS.

You’re on it. You’re doing it. You’re dealing with it. You’re overcoming. You’re moving forward. You’re creating. You’re figuring it out.

And you’re doing a really good job.

You’re willing to do the stuff that most people are not willing to do. But you are, because you know what you’re meant for. You know what you came here to do. And you know who you are.

THAT is what matters.

Not what anybody else thinks. Not what anybody else believes. That shit doesn’t matter.

Because at the end of the day, no matter what they think; no matter what they feel; no matter what they believe about you…


You KNOW who you are. You KNOW what you’re meant for. You KNOW where you’re headed and you KNOW that you’re not gonna stop.

You’re not gonna give up and you’re just gonna keep going, because it is this or something better. And there is ONLY Plan A.

Dream life or bust,


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